The telecommunication sector has gained more importance; it emerged as a vigilante in the last few years. The telecom industry and the international cloud providers helped keep the economy intact and move forward. This enabled various businesses to run with the availability of resources for remote collaboration and maintaining adequate productivity.

Communication is made easier than ever before due to the advancements in the telecommunication industry. When all of us were stuck inside the four walls of our homes due to the pandemic restrictions, the digital and telecommunication industry kept us connected regardless of the distances.

Did you know that Graham Bell wanted the telephone greeting to be AHOY! But, later, Thomas Alva Edison changed it to the word “hello” in 1877?

However, the issues in the telecom sector are posing a challenge to the innovations. Some are innovative challenges, whereas others are industry gatekeeping that again delays the innovation process. In this blog, we'll discuss some of these issues and other topics you may use to conduct your industry research.

challenges faced by the telecom industry

What Are the Top Five Challenges Faced By The Telecom Industry?

5G is opening the doors for various telecom firms to introduce new technologies with low latency and higher processing speed. Still, issues like the complexity of end-to-end IoT connectivity, antenna design, and implementation of cloud computing continue to prevail. Here are some more issues in the digital ad telecom sector:

1. The Need for Quick and Personalised Customer Service

A telecom company receives hundreds or maybe even thousands of requests per day. Now, with remote working opportunities, the customers demand more personalised and swift services. The need for customised services that meet users' needs has grown exponentially in the last few years. Since this is still a new venture for the industry, many research topics in the telecom sector need improvement.

2. Complex Operational Processes

Millions of people subscribe to products and services seeking personalised, customised solutions, making the task more complex. The primary reason for providing effective solutions is due to remote service. Every task - customer assistance, configuration service, order tracking, invoicing, and payments - can now be executed remotely.

3. Remote Working

During the pandemic, the digital and telecom industry played an important role in connecting people not just with each other but to their work, education and other needs. The majority of the population was able to work remotely, yet, the issues in the telecom sector prevailed due to telecom employees working from home as well. Cloud services help, yet such services aren't widely available.

4. Network Security

New innovations entail new threats to network security. Such issues especially affected the workforce in a remote working environment. All systems are protected from cyber threats with a single firewall in the work network when working from the office. But, when working remotely, all systems aren't protected from network threats and data breaches.

5. Leverage over-the-top players

Over the last decade, we've witnessed the rise of communication platforms/apps like WhatsApp and Facebook. Such applications pose a threat to the telecom companies as they've decreased the need for text messages and even successfully increased the need for data packs. It has become harder for telecom companies to compete with such services.

Texting is the easiest and most convenient way of communicating, and 5 billion out of the total world population - 7billion - are regular texters.

The need for improvement in the telecom sector is especially surfaced due to the rise in the remote working environment. It can be resolved through newer technologies and better implementation. To stay on the top of technology trends and efficiently strategies the advancements in the industry, such improvements are necessary.

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What Are Some Research Topics in The Telecom Sector?

Besides industry issues, it is also important to know the various venture and innovations happening in the industry. Here are some research topics from the digital and telecommunication industry that you can use for your research:

  1. Is NFV the Future of Communication?
  2. Radio communication methods for improving green cognitive mediums?
  3. How does mobile IP-oriented, wireless communication work?
  4. 5G Architecture based on NFV/SDN.
  5. Analysis of smart grid and power lines in communication.
  6. Broadcasting and wireless multicasting functioning.
  7. mmWave and 5G network communication in vehicular network
  8. The architecture of the Novel Communication
  9. Development and functioning of small cells and mobile base stations
  10. Future of communication via Low Latency and Ultra-Reliable networks
  11. Cellular communication resource management
  12. Hybrid Spectrum Access through licensed assistance
  13. Huge 5G Hetnets
  14. Network planning for ensuring low exposure
  15. Unmanned location and underwater communication

Did you know that the longest telecom optical fibre called FLAG (Fiber-Optic Link Around the Globe) is nearly 16,000 miles in length? It is the sole telecommunication source between Japan and the United Kingdom, apt to handle over 600,000 phone calls simultaneously.

These topics are based on the industry's ongoing research. You may use one of these for conducting research and developing your research paper. The scope of the telecommunication industry is huge as the innovative process never stops. Telecom companies spend tremendous amounts developing low latency and high-speed networks, yet new challenges arise more frequently. So improving the issues in the telecom sector is more important than ever.

research topics in the telecom sector

From 5G to AI (Artificial Intelligence), the industry is changing at a fast pace. More innovations and scope for improvements are the primary reason why tech trends change rapidly. But the opportunities for improvements arise from the user behaviours and a need for better technology. So here are the top five industry trends in the digital and telecommunication industry:

1. Internet of Things

Internet of things or IoT is devices with built-in processors, softwares and AI that can connect to the internet and exchange data. Smartwatches, TVs, AI controllers, etc., are a few examples of such smart devices. These technologies have become part of our everyday lives from Amazon's Alexa to smart TVs with internet access which are now extensively used. It is a popular research topic in the telecom sector.

2. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning

Despite AI being an extensive part of our daily lives, it continues to be among the most important trends in the IT sector. AI technology is akin to machine learning; it's just a more supervised version. Our requirements, especially our reliance on technology assistance, are shaped by AI.

3. Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

This technology helps automate various tasks; it works similar to AI and ML. RPA automates corporate activities, analysing apps, executing operations, managing information, and responding to emails. RPA optimises processes that formerly required human intervention.

4. 5G

Following the Internet of things, 5G is the upcoming technological wave. 4G innovations allowed us to access the Internet and improved bandwidth for streaming music or videos online and more. The 5G functions will transform our lifestyles completely due to improved services based on sophisticated technology such as AR, VR, and cloud-based real-time gameplay. You can stop being anxious about saving your game.

5. Edge Computing

As the amount of data in business processing is increasing by the day, organisations are learning about the limitations of cloud technology for various reasons. Edge computing address some of these issues by avoiding delays in cloud computing.

"Merry Christmas" is exactly what the first-ever text message read, which was sent by Neil Papworth in 1989. - Wikipedia

Knowing the scope and trends in the industry will be useful for you as a student, especially if you are pursuing your tertiary studies in the field of information technology, telecom, or computer science. Trends might be something that is bound to change, but they do provide various scopes to resolve issues in the telecom sector.

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