CNA347 Practice Enhancement Streams Assessment Answers

CNA347 Practice Enhancement Streams Assessment Answers
December 12, 2019
Author : Keith Morris

The University of Tasmania (UTAS) extends a nursing course for students that is highly beneficial for them.Transition to practiceorCNA347 practice enhancement streamsis a course that is a combination of several areas of nursing. A student who is enrolled in this course gains a comprehensive knowledge of different areas of specialisation, conducting a research-focused approach and an amazing experience in nursing practice in their respective fields. If you are finding it challenging like several other nursing students, then don’t worry. We have covered it all for you.My Assignment Servicesmaintains a steadfast panel ofnursing assignment helpexperts who have been guiding students with both the assessments that come underCNA347. In this blog, we shall discuss the assessment tasks in brief so that you get a decent idea of how to approach them.

An Overview Of Practice Enhancement Streams Course

This course helps a student explore various fields of nursing and then make use of their knowledge in professional practice. There are three streams in the course among which students have to select anyone.These are:
  • Specialisation

Those students who opt for this option get to study a lot of nursing specialisations and then choose the most desirable one for themselves.
  • Research focus

Those students who choose this option would mainly focus on identifying a researchable question within the chosen nursing field of study.
  • Fieldwork experience

Only a few students get the opportunity to choose this option as this is the most interesting option to choose from. Those students who get the privilege of choosing this are bestowed with the facilities of performing fieldwork and gain practical knowledge as well.

CNA347 Assessment 1: Contextual Paper Proposal Writing

The assessment 1 ofUtas transition to practiceis a contextual paper that must be written in an area underspecialisation in a health setting. It is a proposal for the education tool. In this, a student has to think of any instance or experience that he/she has come to terms with that has happened due to thegap in education. So, in this assessment, a proposal has to be written for an appropriate education tool that would help to cover this gap. With the help of a sampleCNA347 Practice Enhancement Streams Assessment Answer, let us see how to do this. Assessment Task As you can see, this is the question file for which ournursing assignment helpexperts have drafted a reference proposal document. We make sure to keep certain points in our mind, which are as follows:
  1. Agap in educationunder the area that has been chosen is justified with proper references to the chosen article.
  2. The way this educational gap has impacted is discussed in this proposal.
  3. We make sure to define the proposed education tool based on the target audience.
  4. This proposal is written in an academic style wherein, the language is concise, clear and has no grammatical errors in it. Also, we make sure that the entire proposal is referenced in Harvard style as asked in the question file.

CNA347 Assessment 2: Evidence-Based Project

This is the assessment problem that frequently comes to us from students. Not only because this task constitutes most of the weight of marks for this course, but also because several areas need to be considered for doing this project. This 2500 word assignment is capable enough to give nightmare to students, isn’t it? Realising this, ournursing assignment helpexperts would now assist you in understanding this assessment. Assessment 2: Evidence-Based Project This is theCNA347 Assessment 2that asks students to either make a poster, pamphlet or powerpoint video to depict the research question. There are certain elements that you need to take care of when you are crafting the solution for this file. If you are looking for the guidelines to solve this assessment task, then read further.

Target audience

Be it a PPT, poster, pamphlet or even a video, you must have a clear idea of the target audience. Based on the requirements of the ‘target segment’, you would be able to prepare the project better.


As per ournursing assignment helpexperts, accuracy is an important term when it comes to solvingCNA347 assessment 2. This is because you have to be accurate in accessing what your target audience wants. Whether the facts need to be stated or an elaborate description of the learning tool is needed, you will get to know everything from the target audience and then express it accurately.

The element of a message and academic presentation

Whichever learning tool you choose, the message that you want to convey must be clear and concise. When the objectives of the presentation are easy to understand, only then your audience would be able to comprehend it. Whichever learning tool you choose, it must be used in an academic style that has a fixed format and structure.

CNA347 Assessment 2 Solution

There are several parts that ournursing assignment helpexperts cover under this assessment task. Let us briefly talk about each of them.
  • The introduction

Two sub-parts are discussed under the introduction. These are:
  • Medication error
  • Various stages of medication error
  • The causes

As per the given marking rubric with the question file, the poster that you will make need to focus on the causes of medication error. For theCNA347 Assessment 2, we have used some causes like inadequate theoretical knowledge, the dearth of professional training, work pressure, lack of workforce, etc.
  • The impacts

The final section of this assessment task must talk about the impacts that the chosen causes have on the patient. When all the impacts are justified with proper evidence, you will automatically be able to properly answerCNA347 Assessment question. This is just the brief of theassessment 2 of CNA347 Practice Enhancement Streams. In case, you require the complete solution of this question, or of any other similar kind of question, then you can talk to us directly and hand us over all the requirements of the assignment.

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