Nursing is way more than just providing safe care to patients. It also requires one to respond to the various individual needs of patients and supporting them in their daily living. This is exactly whatthe unit, CHCCCS011deals with.

Meeting the personal support needsof individual patients is one of the prime roles of a nurse. The unit is specially designed for students who find their niche in the context of delivering community services. And the assignments that fall in this category demand discretion and judgement. This is where ournursing assignment helpexperts come into the picture to guide them.

My Assignment Servicesis an age-old firm that has worked upon several such assignments and drafted reference assignment solutions that are written strictly followingCommonwealth and State/Territory legislation, Australia and industry codes of practice. In this blog, we shall talk more about the assignments that fall under the unit,CHCCCS011: meet personal support needs.

3 Types of CHCCCS011 Assessments that our Nursing Assignment Writers Have Mastered

Under this unit, students are given three types of different assignments that test several skills in them. If you are unclear on any of these, then you can straight away come to us and we will help you solve all your doubts. Let us discuss each of the assignments in detail now.

Assessment 1: Underpinning knowledge questions

In theCHCCCS011 assessment task 1, there are different types of questions based on the area of expertise. Students are required to work individually or as a group and assess the given questions.

Based on the Care Plan for Edith Citizen, students are required to enlist the equipment, processes and the aids that the nurse would require. Our experts mention a wheelchair, physic programme, pelican belt with FASF, Therapeutic massage, safety belt etc. Talking about the processes involved, some of those that we mention here are mobility, medication, continence, antipsychotic behaviour handling etc.

Among all the processes, the next step is to make note of those that are outside the scope of qualification. PRN, Antipsychotic behaviour handling and TENs therapy do not fall in this category.

Personal Care needs

Based on the given scenario, ournursing assignment helpexperts now answer the given questions. Here, the concept of health and hygiene is introduced and grooming is explained that help patients in personality enhancement.

Several such questions fall underCHCCCS011 assessment task 1. If you wish to procure the entire reference assessment solution from us, then you just need to submit all the requirements and we will get back to you with answers for each of them.

Assessment 2: Research work/project (Q/A)

Dementia case of Carla

As you can see, there is a scenario provided as the question file. You have to write a detailed answer highlighting the organisational requirements. In answering this question, ournursing assignment helpexperts demonstrate the difference between different approaches to personal care as depicted in the scenario.

Also, the concept of ‘one-size fits all’ approach is explained in context with the patients who are mentioned here.

The main objective of this second task is to demonstrate command over certain parameters such as:

  1. Personal support and services based on them
  2. Roles and responsibilities of personal support workers
  3. Enablement and re-enablement
  4. Privacy, work health, and safety, the duty of care
  5. Basics of oral hygiene, human body system, grooming
  6. Infection control procedures
  7. Organisational reporting technologies

All these sections are written separately, exhibiting a concrete knowledge in each of these parameters. Similarly, there is another scenario that has been given to ournursing assignment writers. For more information on it or to procure a complete reference solution for it, contact us now.

Assessment 3: Workplace observation

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For theCHCCCS011 Assessment 3, your main focus must be on the practical experiences encountered in specific workplaces.

When you have exhibited your practical skills in the clinical setting wherever you have worked, you can approach this question.

The tasks that have been mentioned in the question file like bed bathing, showering, oral hygiene, etc, are the ones in which the health practitioner is supposed tomeet personal support needs. With the help of real-life examples, you are to underline the method of how you supported the patient on these activities.

Here are Additional Points to Remember While Writing the Assignment on Personal Support Needs

The secret to flawlessCHCCCS011 assignmentsis some vital aspects that you need to focus on while writing them. Our panel of scholarly academicians emphasis on certain elements when they write these reference assignment solutions.

Below is a list of those points that are a must for drafting perfectmeet personal support needsassignments.

  1. The answer that you write must be able to determine the requirements that are needed for providing personal support
  2. You must be able to maximise participation in your clinical setting
  3. As per ournursing assignment help experts, knowing the equipment, aids and appliances are crucial for these assignments.
  4. In addition to providing support to the patients, the solutions that you write must also be efficient enough in reporting and documentation. This way, it will abide by the policies laid by recognised nursing bodies in different regions of the world.

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