Risk management is a crucial concept that is applicable in all domains of study. Be it management, economics, business or any other subject, managing risk is one of the key factors that decide the development of an organisation.

Talking in the contest of investments,201010 property investment and risk managementis a unit that talks about the investing procedure related to contemporary property (both local and international) and all the risk management steps associated with it. The assignments that students receive cover income-producing property and its performance with the help of numerous investment techniques. In addition to this, ourmanagement assignment helpexperts also familiarise them with the concept of green property.

AtMy Assignment Services, we have been guiding students on a number of risk analysis techniques that help them understand income-producing properties and create portfolios for them with ease.

Let us discuss the unit, 201010, and talk about the assignments in a detailed manner.

201010 Property Investment And Risk Management Assignment 1

The first assessment that you are required to complete under this unit is a report writing task. In this task, the main aim is to carry out aratio analysisfor a hypothetical client who is looking for the prospects of buying an income-producing property within Sydney.

For this report writing task, ourmanagement experts first decide the property that they will choose and find some information related to the property. This includes:

  1. Property data - The actual price of the property and the included cost legal fees etc.
  2. Income data - All the details related to the data income such as the vacancy rate, existing rent, outgoings in the form of operating expenses and more.

Format of the Property Investment and Risk Management Report Writing Task

Property investment and risk management

To write a flawless report, the most vital thing to consider is an appropriate format. Only when you have a fixed outline in your mind, you will be able to channelise your research to find the required information.

Hence, ourmanagement assignment writersstick to this format and include 5 sections while drafting the reference report writing:

Part 1: Introduction

The first section in the report has to be some information regarding the property. Here, we first identify the type of property chosen and then describe it elaborately.

The introduction serves as the thread which connects the readers to theproperty marketand the conditions prevailing in it. It also sets up the scenario forratio analysis.

Part 2: Property market

In the next section of the report, ourmanagement assignment helpexperts present an analysis of theproperty marketbased on the information described in the introductory part. Here, we establish a connection between the chosen property and the conditions that are prevailing in the market.

For this, we include several aspects like the vacancy rate and demand, investment activity, yields, rentals and incentives and more to support our analysis.

Part 3: Mortgage requirements

After highlighting the details of the property, the next step is to mention the details of the client and the requirements for mortgaging the property.

This step is crucial as it requires us to identify the total loan that the client needs for mortgaging the property, frequency of repayment and interest rates for the same, etc. Using all this information, ourmanagement assignment writerscalculate the loan repayment.

Part 4: Ratio analysis

When we find the loan repayment, it becomes easier for us to conduct an in-depth ration analysis based on the calculated information. For this report, we talk about several ratios such as loan to value ratio, debt to income ratio, net income multiplier, rental yield, the capitalisation rate and formulate each of these in the form of a table as shown below:

ratio analysis

With the help of this table, it gets easier to describe each of the above-mentioned parameters that have been used forratio analysis.

Part 5: Conclusion

In the last conclusion section of the report, ourmanagement experts make sure to include the recommendation that can be used in the future. In addition to this, this section acts as a closure to the entire report by presenting all the calculations and data for further reference.

Points to Remember While Preparing the Report

While writing these reports, you must consider certain aspects without which your report would not fetch you the desirable grades.

Have a look at these points that our writers include in the report so that you don’t forget to talk about these in your report writing assignment.

  1. Several financial theories related to property investment need to be included in the report
  2. Financial models that talk perfectly about the corporate capital structure, sources and capital cost are a must
  3. Ourmanagement assignment help experts also calculate key financial metrics that fit in the broader sphere of corporate estate lending
  4. Spreadsheet project financial analysis
  5. Depiction of leverage impact

In addition to these, our experts also guide students on working effectively within a team, in order to complete various other assessments that fall underproperty investment and risk management.

However, the approach that we have given you for assignment 1 is not complete. There are several aspects that need an in-depth explanation for better understanding. If you wish us to guide you with those, then you can simply turn to ourmanagement experts for help.

Need More Information for Drafting a Flawless Report on Property Investment and Risk Management?

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