It can be quite demoralising to know everything about your dream job when you don’t have it, isn’t it? However, all of you who already know where you want to get must have begun drafting an effective resume for impressing the recruiters. This is because producing a concrete resume is the first stepping stone for job seekers.

As per ourresume writing experts, the word “resume” stands for a brief document that recapitulates all the qualification and employment details for every potential job applicant. While drafting one, students face a lot of challenges in maintaining a balance between keeping it creative and professional.

This is whereMy Assignment Servicessteps into the scene and provides expert guidance on the nuances of resume/CV writing to students all across the world.

In this blog, we will be sharing 6 easy hacks that will help you acquire your favourite job with ease.

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With These Six Tips by Experts

As discussed, drafting a CV is the first step for getting into the shoes of those employees you had dreamt to be a part of once. Owing to its importance, ourresume writershave got something in store for you!

Have a look at the infographic below and use these tips to draft impeccable CV for your recruiters.

The tips that have been discussed in the infographic are the general ones that are used all over the world. Now, ourCV writing expertswill shed some light on some lesser-known resume hacks that can really give a boost to your resumes and help you get off the edge instantly!

1. Rely on your own research

We know that it is quite convenient to send the same resume over and again to every recruiter for whose company you are applying for. But it is even easier for the recruiter to spot the same resumes being carried forward.

In this situation, a resume that is designed especially for that specific job profile and that has been tailored to suit the requirements of the organisation is what attracts their attention! We don’t think it would be worthless if you spend some extra time in tweaking the resume as per the business role you are applying for.

For this, you need to conduct extensive research on the screening procedure of the company, job description, company background etc.

2. Be selective

Talking about tailoring your resume according to the job requirements, being selective is really crucial here. Why? That’s because you have to filter out only those accomplishments which match the skill set required for the job profile.

For instance, you are applying for the job profile of a data analyst in a company. So, you will include details about the mathematical ability to analyse data, programming skills, etc. Aim to highlight unique skills that will help you stand apart in the pool of equally qualified candidates.

3. Quantify your success

Mostly, people focus on the tasks they have performed previously. However, our resume writing experts suggest to emphasis on the number and details. The recruiters might not get as impressed if you write “led a sales team” as they will be when you write “led a sales team of 12 members to 34% of sales growth in two years”.

The latter depicts a picturesque image of your capabilities forth the recruiters. Therefore, you must always focus on specificity over generalisations.

This hack might look simple but contributes immensely in bringing your resume at the top of the stack of thousands of resumes!

4. Tweak your verbiage

In the process of condensing all your work experiences and skills that you have gained over a span of many long years into one or two pages, each and every word contributes. Therefore, buy a fine-tooth comb and eradicate every vague word that seems to be generic. Instead, use verbiage that will give you a clear picture.

Try replacing words like “was” or “did” with something like “initiated” or “designed”.

5. Make it legible

As per our CV writing experts, even the best content in the world can’t help you land your favourite job designation if it is not readable. If the format of the CV is confusing or disorganised, no recruiter would make extra efforts to decipher it.

Thus, you need to focus on the font size, spacing, word limit, etc. When you pay attention to every detailing in the resume, it ends up being legible enough to impress the recruiters.

6. Enlist some help

Even if you have got a decent idea onhow to draft an effective resume for your next interview, getting help from experiencedresume writersalways adds up to your resumes.

Over the years, we have gained experience in drafting a variety of tailor-made resumes as per the requirements of students. This is why we are capable enough of helping your draft impeccable resumes that will help you shine among others in the crowd.

Impress Recruiters With Tailor-Made Resumes Drafted By Our Resume Writing Experts!

My Assignment Servicesconsists of highly-qualified and experiencedCV writerswho have excelled in the field of drafting praiseworthy CV for candidates all over the world. Be it a chronological or a job-specific resume, we have helped students by providing answers to all their queries within no time.

For more than ten years now, we have maintained a strong grip over this industry and contributed to the overall development of our clients. In addition to this, there are a lot of lucrative discounts and offers that we offer to you. To know more about them, give us a call right away!

Our Experts can answer your Assignment questions instantly.

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Amelia Mia

Amelia Mia completed her masters in human resource management from the Deakin University in the year 2006. She worked as a human resource manager for a small firm in Adelaide before becoming a freelance hiring expert and recruitment manager. By the end of the year 2017, Amelia had taken thousands of interviews and had become a resume writing expert guiding freshers and professionals alike with their resumes. She is a resume writing expert at My Assignment Services and prepares resumes that match the industry standards and impress the recruiters.


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