Looking for a bibliography generator that can generate all the citations for your assignment?

But do you know that these so-called free software and websites are prone to spam and phishing?

Or maybe you are worried that the bibliography generated by these websites may not be reliable.

A bibliography makers looked for by many students not only in Australia but across the globe. But there are a few things that students do not know about this freeware.

So, I present to you 5 things that you should know before you start using a bibliography generator online.

#1 There is a difference between a reference list and bibliography

Any source of information that you have checked and gained insight from is called a source of reference.

All the sources that you have used to form the base of the argument are called bibliography.


Imagine that I am looking for a Harvard style bibliography for an assignment. All the sources; books, journals, articles, blogs, videos, etc.; that I have mentioned in my assignment answer as supporting evidence will be there in the bibliography.

On the other hand, all the sources that I even referred to but have not used as supporting evidence, they will make the reference list.

A bibliography creatoris not used to this difference, right? It does not know whether you are making a reference list or a bibliography. The formats might even differ for these two!

#2 A bibliography generatorworks on a program

What do you think happens when you enter all the details?

Does the website work on magic? An actual person notes down the details in a diary, compares it with the actual format that has to be used and while the website shows you a loading sign, it writes down the correct citation.

Is this the way the Harvard bibliography generator works? Anyone? Do you think it works like this?


There is a program inside which is working. It reads the details that you have mentioned. Then, on the basis of the instructions fed, it works the details and arranges the data in the specified format. The program has the format stored in the instructions, APA, Harvard, or any other.

#3 Harvard bibliographymaker may be outdated than the latest edition

All these generators work on a program. And programs are written by humans who can make mistakes. These mistakes can be made by anyone. The most common mistake is that the owner of the website does not update the guidelines of the Harvard bibliography generator.

Don’t you wish it was this easy?

These organizations always make sure that the guidelines are updated regularly. That is why the versions and editions are released from time to time. But it happens that the website does not update the guidelines. As a result, what reference and bibliography you get might be based on a previous edition.

Using such bibliography creators will only lead you to get the wrong citations. Wrong citations mean the wrong format in the reference list or bibliography. The wrong format means loss of grades. Loss of grades means a poorer score on the assignment.

#4 Your university might be following a customised referencing format

These customized formats are not available with the bibliography maker. As the legend goes, the customized format is made to make the lives of students easier. Or is it so?

A lot of student unions argue that universities prepare these personalized formats so that students cannot use online bibliography producers. This is true to some extent. The universities want online Harvard bibliography producers to stop and allow students to use their understanding.

As a result, it might happen that the online tool you are using does not take into account the guidelines by your university. Before you go all happy mode and start copying the bibliography prepared, check if your university’s bibliography Harvard style follows the standard format or not.

How will you do this? By downloading the guide from the university website and comparing it with the actual referencing guide that is released by Harvard University. After all, that is where the Harvard referencing style originated from.

#5 Check that the online bibliography generatoris secure or not

The best way of doing is to install an internet security application software in your system. This software monitors your web activity and prevents you from opening any website that might harm the computer.

If the same “WARNING” error pops up when you open the website, close it. Kaspersky, Norton, Quick Heal, etc. do not hold a personal grudge against Harvard-style bibliography maker or any other format generator.

Some of the websites also ask you to disable the ad blocker that you are using to view the content you. Such websites are also not secure. This is because most of these websites operate on free funds and earn from the advertisements they display. Your online bibliography generator in Harvard style cannot control what advertisements the third party is displaying. You do not want to end up playing poker over the dark web with terrorists and mob bosses.

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