The students often look for a Harvard referencing generator. These generators are easy to use, no doubt. But have you ever wondered if ‘’cite this for me Harvard’’referencing is correct or not? Have you thought to ask if the Deakin Harvard referencing generator you are looking for actually exists or not? Have you asked yourself if you will get the correct information from a Harvard reference generatoror not? No, you have not. And I am going to tell you why it is better to use a Harvard referencing guide over a generator.

You do not get the latest edition of referencing always

A Harvard reference websitethat offers you free referencing tool is probably outdated. They are not displaying any advertisement or you will close the tab. It is not asking for money in exchange for every reference citation it generates. If the guy is not earning from anywhere, how is he going to keep the website running and updated? As a result, the Harvard style referencing generatorbecomes outdated still hung up on the older editions. The students should refer to a Harvard referencing guide here. Keep in mind that your referencing guide should also be updated. There is no point in disowning a Harvard reference generatortool if you are using an old and discarded edition of the referencing guide. That is how it all changes. The students, however, think that taking guidance of a referencing guide is time-consuming. If you are also in that category of student fraternity, listen to me kid. It is perfectly alright if you are not feeling comfortable. You will take time to get the hang of the guide. You will not be able to memorise the entire guide overnight, that is also understandable. But please, do not use Harvard referencertools like cite this for me and others. Always download a referencing guide.

The referencing tool may not always give you the right citation

The free tools like I said, are not always updated. Moreover, how do you think Harvard citation generatorworks? That is right, kid. They work on a program. A script. A code. Have you wondered why it asks for so many details that even US immigration authority would feel ashamed? This is because the program needs all these details. When you feed the information, it combines it according to the instructions stored. These instructions do all the mumbo jumbo of the information; sort it and presents it. Thus, you get your Harvard in-text citationand reference. Is there someone who thought there was an actual person online generating the reference for you as you enter the details?….Okay. But what will happen when this program generates a problem someday? After all, it has been prepared by a human offering you the free tool, right? What if the program became outdated? Or what if the Harvard reference stylewere overwritten by a wrong one by a hacker fooling around? The website will lose nothing but you are going to lose really important grades. All because you were a little bit lazy. Harvard referencing guide cannot be overwritten by a hacker. They are free from any virus attack. The only problem is that they become old when a new edition is released. But you do not have to worry about getting the wrong referencing ever. Harvard in-text referencingor any other written from a guide is your responsibility. And I am sure you will not write it wrong, will you?

The generator is not authorised by the university but a guide is.

Many universities tell the students to download the Harvard reference guideavailable for their assignments. What motive do they have to make the students download a guide other than to give them the right resource? None. But the students are more interested in the free stuff, right? Here is what you are doing wrong by using the free Harvard referencing generator. Many universities have their own reference guide. They follow a format of their own. They do this to make the referencing really easy. Also to tell the students that they do not have to use the free online tools. This is the reference guideline of Harvard reference guideby Western Sydney University for a book with the single author. The same type of source is with a different guideline in Brunel University London. How can you expect that you will get the same type of reference every time you are using when the Harvard referencing format is generally different for universities? You will get nothing but a zero because of wrong referencing. The free Harvard referencing generatordoes not consider that universities may have their own and different format. The students copy the citation blindly and end up losing grades for wrong referencing.

Will You Use A Guide From Now?

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