ACF3900 Assignment 1 Reflective Writing Answer

April 09, 2019
Author : Jess Healy

Money is a global language and accounting professionals speak it fluently. That is why accounting students are prepared to critically evaluate and analyse real-life scenarios. For that, they are given ACF3900 assignments where they face various problems. This is why accounting assignment help from My Assignment Services brings to you this ACF3900 assignment 1 reflective writing answer guide.

Let us see whether we are traveling in the same direction, savvy

Here is the question I prepared for ACF3900 assignment 1 reflective writing answer for - Task As you can see, the assignment is pretty simple. You have to watch a movie. Ain’t that exciting? Yeah, it would be if the ‘Living Without Money’ was an action-packed thrilling ride. On the contrary, this movie is a little inclined on the boring side. And the protagonist is a 68-year old woman. I mean, what can you actually expect, right? Anyway, the task is to watch this 52 minutes long documentary and then write a reflection that is two-page long. Yeah, 1 page for the first half and 2nd for the other half of the documentary.

How to write ACF3900 assignment 1 reflective writing answer?

When I prepared the solution, there is a series of steps that I followed while writing my ACF3900 assignment 1 reflective writing answer. I am going to share them with you as well -

Refer to your Task 1 poster again

Remember the poster you prepared in Task 1 about what an account of the society would look like? Yes, you need to see that once again.

Watch the documentary, of course

Search the web for the documentary ‘Living Without Money’. I could give you the links but I am not going to promote piracy, right? So, yeah, you have to do this one on your own.

Discuss your overall feelings and reaction

While writing this section, begin off with a brief of the plot. And do not write it titled as ‘PLOT’. No. Relate the plot with what you observed in the movie. And yes, if you are writing this without actually having watch the movie, the professor is going out.

Feeling Reaction

Compare the poster you created and the movie

Yeah, this one is a bit tedious. Let me put it right, this one is very tedious. Had accounting assignment help providers like me were not available, god knows what would have happened to kids like you. And be realistic, please. There was one ACF3900 assignment 1 reflective writing answer sample that I saw which said the movie made them question factors affecting the GDP. Like really? Be thoughtful after watching the movie about which parameter do you want to go forward with. For example, the primary motive of the movie is to show how money hinders us and that we can actually expand by letting go of it. So, you can use this to compare the per capita income of the country or maybe the uneven distribution of the income among the population. You feel me, right?

Bring out the difficulty you faced

No reflection is complete unless you talk about the shortcomings as well. While writing the ACF3900 assignment 1 reflective writing answer, make sure that you also mention where you faced problems while comparing the poster and the movie. When I wrote the answer, I faced a challenge in defining the line between what actually is happening (poster) and what actually can happen (movie). And if your comparison parameter is not realistic, you are going to face lot worse problems than that while comparing, trust me.

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