COMP5212 - Machine Learning Assignment Answer Guide
April 09, 2019
Author : Julia Miles

The students at the University of Sydney please bring their attention here. Are you studying a unit COMP5212 and have to write the COMP5212 machine learning assignment answer? The one with 5 different questions? Well, today must be your lucky day because IT assignment help expert of My Assignment Services is explaining how to write COMP5212 machine learning assignment answer.

We will approach every question one by one and then work our way around how to solve each of the given questions. Sounds good to you? Let us begin with COMP5212 machine learning assignment answer.

Question 1

As you can see, the assignment is pretty simple. You need to create a new console application and all the details are mentioned in the question. For this, you need to be aware of how to create the console application.

Creating a console application is really easy with ‘Hello World’ but this is not what you have to do, right? You will use various functions that will give the information as specified by the user. If you want any help in understanding how are you going to do this, our team IT assignment experts is available.

Question 2

The second question is not so easy. Yeah, this one is a bit tricky than what you did above. Had I not been an IT assignment service provider, I would have put my hands up against this question.

So, to redesign the entire UML class diagram, you need to be one good IT student. See those little requirements at the bottom? They are not to be trifled with. UML is made to be used as a blueprint for the design of the program. Therefore, when you use auto-implementing properties, you have to make sure that overall architecture does not change.

And if you face any trouble, you can always come up to an IT assignment help Australia service for help.

Question 3

You created a console application in the first question, remember? That application was created as per the UML class diagram that was given already in the question file.

In the 2nd question, you just upgraded your UML class diagram and made some changes. You replaced the conventional functions ‘Get’ and ‘Set’ with auto-implementing properties.

So, here you now need to create a new console application that is based on the upgraded UML class diagram. Wondering how you going to do that? Simply connect with an IT assignment help online to understand the answer.

Question 4

Question - 4

For the lack of space, I mentioned the UML class diagram at the end of the sample question above. Anyway, the question wants you to create one more console application. This console application has to include the employee class.

This is not as easy as you may think because no program creation in Object Oriented Programming is easy. That is a fact. And trust me when I say this because I am an IT assignment expert.

Question 5

Question - 5

The question file clearly specifies that you do not need to create a new console application. You have to extend the one you created in the question just above. So, what you need to do? You have to make sure that the following things happen when you are extending the console application -

  • Give the users an option to select Y/N when they are trying to add an employee in the directory

  • The code should be compatible with lowercase as well as uppercase input

  • With ‘Y’, the user shall be able to add a new employee

  • With ‘N’, exit message will be displayed before exiting

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