ATSGC3850 Bureaucratic Management Assignment Answer

April 10, 2019
Author : Charles Hill

The students studying ATSGC3850 have to prepare their assignment task 1 which is a workbook. This is stretched over the duration of 8 weeks where you are given a task for each week. To write this ATSGC3850 assessment task 1 answers, you should be proficient with a Human Service Organisation. Get a detailed understanding by a management assignment help expert.

I am going to give a brief of each task in the workbook and explain how you have to frame your ATSGC3850 assessment task 1 answers.

Workbook Task 1

The task is pretty simple and straight forward. You have to define the above concepts. I am going to give a brief of them all.

  1. Bureaucratic management theory is a theory proposed by Max Weber. In this he defined an organisation as a series of organisational hierarchy where every member has a role defined.

  2. The relationships formed by the people and between people, particularly in the workplace, is called human relations. Having good human relation skills can help the individuals achieve success in their professional lives.

  3. McDonaldization is a concept defined by sociologist George Ritzer who says it is when the society starts adopting the characteristics of a fast food chain.

  4. Panopticism is the belief based on panopticon. It establishes a panopticon as the centre of power because the person at the power centre knows it all and sees it all. It instils discipline in the society and makes the power effective.

  5. Participatory management is when all the members of the team and the employees are encouraged to be a part of the decision making process. The management board takes into account the views of all the members before arriving at a conclusion.

  6. Taylorism is a management theory that was proposed by Frederick Taylor. It was one of the earliest attempts where science was used to optimise the engineering of the process. In a way, it was one of the first business process re-engineering.

Workbook Task 2


To write the ATSGC3850 assessment task 1 answers, you should be aware of what is the Lauffer’s task environment mapping process. In the layman terms, the environment mapping is a way to simulate the object by reflecting on its surroundings.

For this task, you need to select a Human Service Organisation. Remember to use the four step process -

  1. Process identification

  2. Gathering of all the information

  3. Interviewing and mapping

  4. Analysis

Workbook Task 3

You have to read the literature published by Jones and May in the year 1992. The information you need is available from page numbers 319 to 322. Here, they have talked about several strategies for making a human service organisation better. Using these strategies, you have to throw in your own ideas as well.

Workbook Task 4


There are a series of steps that you need to follow while re-designing the organisation. Organisation redesign takes place in 4 steps -

  1. Determining the direction of the design

  2. Develop the design further

  3. Plan an implementation model for the design

  4. Monitor the model and suggest improvements wherever needed

Workbook Task 5

To critically analyse the elements of organisational culture, you need to be aware of these elements -

  • Purpose

  • Ownership

  • Community

  • Communication

  • Leadership

Then, you have to lay down how each of these elements contribute to the organisation culture and what is their role in delivering effective service delivery.

Critical analysis of the elements means bringing out their positives as well as negatives. Moreover, you have to display how these elements affect the service delivery to the client and how can they be further improved.

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