Are you tired of browsing through the city of Google to find expository essay topics? Are you worried about the approaching essay deadline and you haven’t typed a single word? Is your professor taking a mental image of Surtur and you feel like Asgard that is being destroyed? Have you searched for topics for your essay and didn’t find them worthy enough to be qualified for the assignment? Is choosing expository essay topics giving you such feels? Then you, my friend, are in the right place.

Have an expository essay to write? What say you and I have a little talk over how I would write it if I were you?

I like your enthusiasm. The topics are going to greet you soon. Why hurry, eh? Here is how I would choose my expository essay topics, or for you if you ask me to write it for you

Let the creative monster unleash


When I am asked to write an expository essay and given the freedom to choose my own topic, I make sure that I let my creativity shine out. The students who choose expository essay topics having a tint of creativity are more likely to be read with interest. There are many experiments that you can have with your essay topics. I always like to explore new dimensions, new perspectives and talk to different people to understand more about the topic. After that, I choose my expository essay topics that are the result of the discussions.

Align with the question statement

When I say that you should be creative, students think they have hit the jackpot. Please, in the name of all that is holy, always keep the essay on the same page as the problem statement, do not write about something else entirely. img2 Expository essay topics that are out of the world from what you are studying are not a good idea. For example, you might be studying in a nursing course but are a huge fan of Marvel movies. You cannot choose a topic “How Avengers Could Have Defeated Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War” simply because expository essay topics can be creative (I said above).

Write down all the possible topics that you can think on a piece of paper

The best way to choose that one topic that you can write about is to note down all the topics that you can think of on a piece of paper. I always do this. All the expository essay topics that I can think after reading the question, I write it on paper. After the list of the areas of topics have been prepared, I rule out the topics that are absurd or are not up to the mark. You also can adopt this method of filtering. After you strike off expository essay topics that are unwanted, you will get a refined list of essay topics.

Always remember to be explorative

As the name suggests, expository essays are written to explain or explore a given topic. Expose means to uncover something that is hidden. Or has been purposely kept hidden. Anyway, the point is that you should choose expository essay topics since it is an expository essay and you have to expose. img3 The topic should make you explore some new thing, have you taking deep dives into uncharted waters. And if this diving is getting difficult for you due to any reason, I can help you.

I am going to tell you 60 best of the best expository essay topics that will make the professor go ‘Oh, yeah!”

That is the response you will get from your professor. 60 expository essay topics are what you came for, 60 expository essay topics are what you shall get.

Science and Religion

  1. Should the government intervene in religious matters and disputes?
  2. Triple Talaaq – should the UN implement a worldwide ban?
  3. Should religious monuments be preserved by the government or by the community it belongs to?
  4. Is the Roman Catholic Church still exercising uncontrolled power?
  5. Are religious teachings contradicting the way we live today?
  6. Should space travelling be banned because of increasing galactic waste?
  7. The Martian (2015) – how realistic are the survival techniques shown in the movie?
  8. How has the Hubble Space Telescope helped solve various mysteries of the universe?
  9. How are planets and stars named?
  10. Does science validate existence of supernatural or paranormal?


  1. What is the responsibility of a government for creating jobs?
  2. One world, one leader, one army – a boon or a curse?
  3. What influence does the US have in the Middle East?
  4. Do countries give foreign aid in the time of crisis out of responsibility or as a favour?
  5. Should the International Court of Justice be approachable by everyone?
  6. How safe is our country from any foreign invasion?
  7. If World War III was to happen right now, what will be Australia’s stand?
  8. What effect do China’s foreign policies have on the Australia-Chine trade relationship?
  9. Was Hitler a visionary or a maniac?
  10. Is it just for a developing country to give jobs to foreign nationals over their own citizens?


  1. Is treating mentally ill as different from us helping their healing process?
  2. How should we integrate autistic children into our society?
  3. Does confronting your fears have any psychological effect?
  4. Should a large population of people be killed to prevent a plague from spreading?
  5. The effect of various type of music on our brain.
  6. Why is the number of cases of heart attack and depression increasing?
  7. How to lose belly fat without dieting?
  8. How can a 15 minute run in the morning daily improve our health?
  9. Eating disorders – it is not something to be laughed about.
  10. How is a child affected being raised by a single parent?


  1. How has fast food contributed to increasing obesity in the youth?
  2. What will happen if the entire world becomes vegan?
  3. Does the food we eat affect our brain’s development?
  4. Why do women crave for chocolate during menstruation?
  5. Can a non-vegetarian person resort to cannibalism in the future?
  6. What will happen if the entire world starts eating meat?
  7. How chocolates make you feel better when you are sad?
  8. An analysis of the change in the eating habits of the people since 2010.
  9. Should pets be given pet food only?
  10. Is cooking a necessary skill that should be learnt by all?


  1. “Ok Google, why are we relying more and more on technology?”
  2. Is the internet the cause of growing intolerance among the people?
  3. Should there be more security measures on online dating apps for the users?
  4. Google Home and Alexa, how are we becoming more inclined towards automation?
  5. Is social media redefining the way 21st century parenting is done?
  6. How to curb the need of uploading an Instagram post daily?
  7. Should the governments install rehabilitation centre for social media addiction?
  8. Why is everyone trying to become an Instagram model?
  9. Social media influencers – what do they actually influence?
  10. What will happen if all social media websites shut down for a day?


  1. How do celebrities handle scandals?
  2. Is sibling rivalry healthy in a family?
  3. What habits do successful people have that makes them successful?
  4. What will happen if the students stop going to schools?
  5. The importance of health and fitness in one’s life
  6. How can you make the children value things?
  7. Western parenting style v/s eastern parenting style
  8. Being a rich single mother v/s poor single mother
  9. Should the government agencies be 100% transparent with the citizens of the country?
  10. Is yoga the key to disease free, healthy and long life?

Got confused with so many expository essay topics?

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