You don’t fight a war without planning. Hell, you don’t ever propose to the opposite gender without some backup. So why do you think that your assignment is a lone ranger? Why not write an introduction that adds a cherry on top? Oh, you don’t know how to write an introduction for an assignment? Kid, I am here. Don’t worry. And as one of the firsts of this care-taking relation you and I have developed, I will tell you how to write an introduction for an assignment for various assignments.

But why do I need an introduction? My professor knows about the topic, what is the point in explaining what he already knows?

That is an excellent question you have asked. Really, exemplary. See, a lot of students or I would say that almost all the students think that the purpose of the introduction is to tell about the subject or topic you are writing about. And thus, you think that why am I wasting writing an introduction about something he already knows about. Before you can learn how to write an introduction for an assignment, you must learn why should you write an introduction. The purpose of the introduction in an assignment is –

To focus the attention of the reader on the subject.

Be it any assignment, you don’t write whatever comes into your mind. There is always a problem statement involved around which the assignment solution is framed. How to write an introduction for an assignment tells you that this problem statement is the subject. And the purpose of the introduction is to bring the reader’s focus on this subject.

To provide background information on the topic.

The assignment should not be written with whatever that comes to mind. You need to think and converge the readers into the topic. Before hopping into the train of how to write an introduction for an assignment and talking about the future, you have to tell the past. This is why you have to provide background information, a little bit of history, about the topic.

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To engage the interest of the reader.

Your search for a perfect guide to writing the introduction will not end unless you learn how to engage your readers. I will tell you how to write an introduction for an assignment but it will be of no use if you are not able to engage the readers. Give them something to hope for and they will cling to your assignment.

To summarise your main argument into one idea.

There is always, and I stress always, one primary or key argument that is born out of the problem statement. Learning how to write an introduction for an assignment is incomplete unless you learn to summarise your key idea into the introduction. Think of it as a movie, you are creating a mental opinion of it on the basis of the first few minutes.

To tell the reader to brace themselves for what is about to come.

Everyone loves surprises. But if I am telling you how to write an introduction for an assignment, I will not talk about Harry Potter first and suddenly tell you here are 5 ways to write an assignment introduction. No. You have to prepare your readers. Familiarise them with the turf they are on. And prepare them for what they are about to read. Keep it lubricated, smooth and simple (*wink*).

How To Write An Introduction For An Assignment – Top 5 Ways

1. Be blatant and straightforward.

You can start an introduction by being straightforward about the topic at hand. Instead of going round and round in circles and repeating the same thing in a different manner, you can write it once and be done with it. This will save you wasting word count on the same argument. Instead, you can include various points that are also important for the topic. For example, I am telling you how to write an introduction for an assignment for an essay on management theories. You can begin by writing “There is ‘x’ number of management theories. And to talk about how change management takes place in an organisation, we need the help of only 7 major change management theories. The focus of this assignment will be Lewin’s Change Management Theory”.

2. Tell a story to start the introduction.

The introduction can be started by using an example or an event that is related to the topic. Such story type introductions are interesting to read and they engage the readers. You can tell the readers some information and also give fuel to the creativity monster hidden inside. Here is an example of how to write an introduction for an assignment as a story for a reflective journal. “I had always read that nursing is a profession which is honourable and noble. But after going through the experience myself, I realised how true it is. Yet, there are instances when I see that even this selfless occupation is not distanced from stereotyping and biases. I remember the case of Barney v State of Queensland & Anor (2012) where an employee refused to change shift because she would have to work with the “black fella”. Such incidents affected me deep and thus, I decided that this reflective essay will focus on how have I contributed to this racism and how can I improve upon this.”

3. Use “Quotes” to start the introduction.

Quotes always impact the reader and give a boost to the content you have written. It shows a sign of intelligence and dominance from the writer’s part. Therefore, you can also start off your introduction from a quote by a famous personality in the domain you are writing about. You can also use the quote in between the introduction to support the argument or the key idea that you have highlighted. In an example of how to write an introduction for an assignment using quotes, you can write as “Aristotle said that “There is no genius without some touch of madness.” This is why I always wondered, why do we categorise a person as mad simply because they do not see the world as we do. Is it justice to tag them as outcasts because they see with their minds what we cannot see with our eyes? This mental health essay to explore whether mad people should be treated differently or embedded into the society will explore why do we tag people mad, what is normal and crazy and how madness is different from mental illness.”

I think you got a fair idea on how to write an introduction to an assignment. Still have doubts?

I am available here to guide you whenever you need assignment help. I can guide you and can help you in preparing the best assignment introductions, be it an essay, report, dissertation, case study, reflective journal or any other assignment. If you are not able to formulate your introduction that will make the professor stick to you like glue, you can always ask me for guidance. Or you can send the assignment details to the customer executives through the online form and send a message that you need help in preparing the introduction. Other than that, if there is any other section that you are having any problem with, you can tell me in the comments section below and the next blog will be about that only.

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