There is a difference between successful people and not-so-successful people. Is it so?

They also have the same body that you have, 2 eyes, 1 nose, 2 ears, 1 mouth, 1 brain. They also work in the 24 hours that you work in.

So, what makes them better than others?

How are they more successful than others?

Here I am going to tell you 7 habits that successful people implement in their lives and you can too.

1. Waking Up Early

A lot of people who are counted in the list of successful people like to wake up early in the morning. The expression of “Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise” is apt for the human race.

I know that you have so many things to worry about like PUBG, Fortnite, Dota and others. Waking up early is the last thing that you would do even if the world is falling into an apocalypse.

But they say that to control money, you have to first control yourself. Master your mind and senses. The first step to this is to wake up early in the morning.

2. Meditating in The Morning

You don’t need such extreme conditions to achieve nirvana in your life. To meditate in the morning and empty your mind, you don’t have to pack your bags and take a trip to the Himalayas right now.

The people who meditate in the morning have been found to have positive energy in their body. Meditation leads to the removal of negative vibes. It also boosts the concentration and allows you to focus on the tasks at hand throughout the day without any laziness and with energy.

Meditation is also a powerful tool to settle any dispute within yourself. It creates a balance in your mind, clear the thought process and improves the decision-making capability of the person.

As a student, I am sure that you would definitely want the power to make great decisions, always.

3. Making A List of Daily Goals

I am sure that most of you have exactly this on your to-do list for today. But know that you don’t become successful by doing nothing all day.

Jay Donne, a millionaire of 26, says, “I always keep a diary with me. After a shower in the morning, I always think of at least 5 things that I am going to achieve that day. They are even absurd sometimes like having dinner with my neighbour or taking out the trash. But these small things tell me that I am still the same Jay in there somewhere. Also, I know that there is something that is not going to waste this day of my life.”

Boy, I am so motivated reading this. I am going to start keeping a daily to-do list on my desk now. What about you?

4. Sunday Is A Lazy Day

The successful people have often said that they take one day off a week to recharge themselves. This day is most preferably a Sunday. This means that you work the other 6 days of the week.

People have the urge to work and not leave any task unfinished and that makes them work on Sundays as well. You should learn that there should be one day where your brain can relax and your body can be what it wants to be.

Lay lazy, order in food, binge watch your favourite series again, go out shopping. Spend time with yourself and those close to you.

This spending time with family also creates an empty space in your head where new ideas can be born.

5. Stay Organised

Students have a habit of complaining. They are proficient in finding faults in everything. They also feel proud in telling others “I am a mess.”

What are you, nine? You are a grownup and grownups do something about that. Being messy is not a solution. You have got to take hold of the reigns once again and organise yourself.

“I like to keep everything where it is supposed to be. I can find all my stuff even in pitch black darkness. You will find my refrigerator, my bedroom ceiling and even the car with sticky notes. I write down whatever goal comes into my mind and paste it where I can see it dangling over me. These small things add a lot of value to my daily life and keep me efficient in my tasks”, says Marie Ann, a young entrepreneur.

6. Talk with As Many People as You Can

Not in the way that the other person thinks you are blabbering nonsense that they are not interested in. Have meaningful conversations with your friends, discuss new ideas and brainstorm the problems that surround you.

Robert Miles, a recently retired CEO, says “When I was in university, I and my friends were always busy discussing ideas. Hell, I even used to talk to people I met on the bus and the subway. Now when I look around, everyone is busy with their smartphones with no idea of what is happening around them. The dying communication is leading to dying ideas and opportunities. I got my first job by talking to a complete stranger I met on a bus who later went on to become the partner in my business.”

7. Start Listening More and Speaking Less

When you listen, make sure that you do not make a face like Cardi B is making, please.

Listening is the key to countless opportunities. More than you can even imagine. Start listening to more and more people as you can and try to speak as less as you can. Create your reputation as an active listener and a conserved contributor.

What will happen? Whenever you will speak, you will have the details of what everyone said and will formulate a common answer about them all. People will listen to you. You will be like Tyrion Lannister but you will say “I listen and I know things”.

I hope that you all learned something of value today. Feel free to drop in your comments and tell us what habits do you have that makes you better.

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