10 Things You Need to Know About CDR Writing

January 07, 2019
Author : Katie Crawford

CDR writing is an easy task as long as you know what and how to write. When I say this, I do not mean that you should know how to write in English and how to frame sentences. To write a good CDR, there is a multitude of things that you need to know and remember as well. Here, I have answered the top 10 questions that students ask about CDR and that are necessary things for your CDR writing.

1. What is a CDR?

You don’t know? Don’t worry, I am going to tell you everything. Competency Demonstration Report is a document through which the Engineers Australia judges you. They see if the person applying to the xyz job is actually capable of it or not. If the person is eligible, does he have all the necessary skills and knowledge that is required for the successful execution of the job or not? CDR writing is the most important step of this assessment by Engineers Australia.

2. What jobs can you apply through a successful CDR?

Don’t write you need this job because you have a baby though. Engineers Australia identifies 3 major occupational categories which form the engineering practice in Australia. They are –

  • Professional Engineer
  • Engineering Technologist
  • Engineering Associate

CDR writing is also available for the candidates who are migrating to Australia under an additional recognised category called Engineering Manager. The professional engineer has a required qualification of a 4-year bachelor degree in engineering and 12 years of schooling. The engineering technologist has a required qualification of 3-year bachelor of technology degree in engineering and 12 school years. To become an engineering associate, apart from CDR writing, the required academic qualification is 2-year Advanced Diploma or Associate Degree in engineering with 12-year schooling. For an individual to become an engineering manager, he or she should have an academic qualification of a bachelor degree or higher in engineering or an engineering related field.

3. What do I need to do show my English proficiency?

You are applying for a job through CDR writing, good. But you also need to show evidence of your English language competency through any of the following tests –


4. Who all need to write a CDR to apply for these jobs?


Okay, I will tell you only because you asked nicely. CDR writing is not applicable to –

  • The natives of Australia
  • The candidates who have completed their engineering degree from an Australian university
  • The candidates who have completed their engineering degree from a country that is signatory member of either Washington Accord, Sydney Accord and Dublin Accord.

CDR writing is for all other candidates who have completed their engineering degree from a university that does not fulfil any of the above 3 conditions.

5. What should be the aim of the CDR?

Fulfil the aim of the CDR and Engineers Australia will be this happy. A good CDR that is able to convince Engineers Australia should have both of the following –

  • The technical engineering knowledge related to the occupation you are applying for; and
  • CDR writing highlighting how that knowledge will be applied in the selected work.

The aim of CDR is to allow Engineers Australia assess a candidate on the basis of undergraduate qualification and graduate competencies.

6. Is it important to give information about the selected occupation?

Yes, it is important to give information while selecting an engineering occupation in which you are seeking assessment while CDR writing. The Engineers Australia identifies 4 primary categories of engineering professions and your assessment will be done for an engineering job lying in those categories only. The Engineers Australia do not guarantee an outcome in the nominated occupation. The outcome is determined when the CDR is assessed. The information of the ANZSCO occupation for CDR writing is available with Australian Bureau of Statistics.

7. What all should be there in the Continuing Professional Development?

The Continuing Professional Development or CPD is an important part of the CDR. As the name suggests, it means that you are keeping yourself updated with the developments in the field of engineering after your graduation. CDR writing includes a section of CPD which include details of –

  • Formal postgraduate study
  • Conference(s) that you have attended or have delivered paper(s) at
  • Short courses that you have completed
  • Technical inspections that you have attended
  • If you have ever prepared any course material
  • Any service to the engineering profession
  • If you have undertaken any private study

8. How should a career episode be written?

Like this. CDR writing is incomplete without a properly written career episode. This section forms the most important part of the CDR assessment. You can say in a way that the entire CDR hangs on the whether your career episode is good and impressive or not. A career episode is an account of your education and/or work experience. In CDR writing, every career episode focuses on a specific period or an aspect of engineering. The aim of writing a career episode is to show how the engineering knowledge and skills are useful in the nominated occupation. The career episode can be based upon –

  • Engineering task undertaken in the engineering program
  • Details of a technical project you have worked on
  • The specific position you occupied in an engineering job or currently occupy
  • Any engineering problem that you have solved CDR writing should be done keeping in mind that it does not have too many technical materials.

9. How much to write in a career episode and how many episodes should be included?

It is advised that each career episode should be between 1000 words and 2500 words. This means that it should not be less than 1000 words and not more than 2500 words. CDR writing should have each narrative between this allowed word limit only. Every career episode should clearly tell the application of your engineering knowledge and how it will be used in the job you are targeting. Clearly mention what you did and how you did. Emphasise on your role in that. Use power words like I investigated, I designed, etc., in CDR writing. Engineers Australia asks the candidates to not include too many details. Some candidates paste excessive photos, calculation, and tables which are not needed. Remember that each paragraph in the career episode should be numbered. For example,

  1. Career Episode 1

1.1. Paragraph 1 1.2. Paragraph 2 1.3. Paragraph 3 CDR writing done this way allows you to easily formulate a Summary Statement.

10. Who can help and guide me in writing a great CDR that improves the probability of selection?

Writing a CDR is a task that people think they are proficient in until they are assessed. Also, once your CDR gets rejected by Engineers Australia, you cannot apply again for a good time period. So, it is not advisable that you take any unwanted risks with the CDR writing process. My Assignment Services and I have formed a team of professional CDR writing experts who have been a part of Engineers Australia. We know very well what is looked for in a CDR and how to write the best one. Finding your CDR writing task too difficult and boring? Want to know how can you improve your probability? Want to talk to an expert to guide you through this process? Talk to me. Do you want to let an expert take over the wheel and do the difficult work of writing? Send me the details through email here or by filling the form here.

Our Experts can answer your Assignment questions instantly.

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Katie Crawford

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