Are you an international student studying far away from the comfort of your home?

Are you a student who has nothing in this strange country and on this foreign land?

Do you face various challenges in your daily lives simply because you an international student?

We asked our students to share with us the most common problems they face simply because they are an international student in a foreign country. Some were hilarious, some were emotional and some were spot on. So, here is a list of the top 6 that we clubbed from the responses.

Speaking English That Is Never Heard Before By The Locals

English is the most commonly spoken language in countries like the USA, the UK, Australia, etc. If you are an international student in these countries, you need to be good at oral communication in the English language.

If you cannot speak English in these countries, even basic tasks will be hindered. I mean, how would you ask for directions if you are going somewhere? Or how will you tell the chef that this is the best food you have ever eaten or the worst food that even your god won’t smell it?

I am sure that students who are not able to speak English properly have experienced this at least once. You think that you are speaking such marvellous English that your mom would be proud and suddenly someone tells you to speak in English.

That’s embarrassing, I know.

Staying Alone For Holidays With Nothing To Do With Your Life

It is not possible that you fly back home every time there is a long weekend around the corner. But what are you going to do when the friends who live nearby have all left for their homes and you are sitting by the window? The only interaction you have is limited to the cleaning lady who comes by to sweep the room once in a day.

Your days pass by with Netflix and Amazon Prime. The only thing you get really good at during those few days are drinking beer, lying in bed, binge-watching TV series and having an existential crisis.

I don’t why but I am sure that all you international students reading this blog have felt exactly like George Costanza. If you don’t know who he is, you need to binge-watch Seinfeld the next holiday season.

Being broke because you spent recklessly.

Depending on where you are, you will either feel like the king of the world and the next kin of Bill Gates. Oh, sorry, Jeff Bezos is the latest richest man in the world. Anyways, you will feel that you have all the money in the world when you will convert everything that you buy into your own currency.

Or you could also feel like a desperate peasant from the late 18th century who is in a bonded labour for generations.

Almost every international student suffers from the problem of being broke and you, my friend, are no exception either. Finding yourself in a new country you feel like exploring and end up stretching the limits. These limits hurt when it is only 15th of the month and your bank balance is already counting its last breaths.

Tolerating people making fun of your “different” name.

When you are in your home country, your name is pretty cool and people love it. But here it is an amusement for your classmates and newfound friends. They find your name humorous and crack jokes related to it. They do that in the beginning if not all the time.

You try to tell them what your name means and why your name is so beautiful but who cares? This is a different name and they have got something to make fun of for a few days.

Yes yes, this also happens. People give you nicknames or they totally forget your name and call you with some other name that you never heard before. Hang in there, kid. They will soon get bored and will either give you a new name or will memorise your actual name correctly.

Putting up with the stereotypes of the people because they read an online blog or saw a movie.

The place you are going to is not the same as you thought it will be from the movies. You will be greeted with disappointments and people who you thought were friendly but are little devils.

“Hey, you are from India. You must be so sad about leaving your parents far away. I read that you guys are really close with your parents and cry a lot when leaving home.”

“Why are you going to Israel? Isn’t that country a dangerous war inflicted zone?”

“Why are you buying that Labrador? Aren’t you all Frenchs crazy about poodles?”

Every time you are stereotyped, Deadpool throws up. Shouldn’t people understand that every person is different and that their country and they are not at all like they have been portrayed in the movies? Stereotyping is really frustrating and I am feeling angry now.

You get really excited when you meet someone from your home country.

Meeting someone who is from the same country as you are is such an exciting moment that you need to spend time alone to calm down your nerves. And when the person is from the same city, boy, you get way over your head.

The excitement is so much that is gets difficult to carry it around inside and you need to let off the steam like Jonah Hill.

Saw Your Own Reflection?

Well, you are not totally alone in this new world and especially when it comes to writing the tiring assignments when you have so much to do and so much to explore. Here I am extending a hand towards a new friendship where I promise that you will never have to worry about these assignments anymore and we will handle it all. Sounds good?

Also, do not forget to tell me what problems do you face as an international student in the country you are studying in in the comments section below.

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