Among avid readers, book reviews can be something not less than magic. We have built a society that is quite evidently based on recommendations. These recommendations could be for a vast range of interest topics; be it a movie, places to visit, restaurants to eat, and obviously what to read.


There are many authors who write book reviews and websites such as Goodreads, BookishFirst, etc., who are associated with providing recommendations for your next read. Therefore, we are writing this blog to give you the necessary guidance on how well can you review a book and recommend your personal favorites to people.

What is a Book Review?

A book review is written to serve three main purposes:

  • Description
  • Analysis
  • Evaluation

Book reviews convey your personal opinions by descriptively supporting evidence from the corresponding book. These reviews are purely based on reading, immense comprehension and perfectly analysing. Many universities often hand out such assignments to students so as to develop their skills such as critical reading, analysis, and creative writing. In such cases, this guide is written with the assistance of many professional book review writing help experts and will prove to be a lot of useful for students!

Helpful Points To Remember While Writing A Book Review

Points to consider While Writing a Book Review

Let us have a look at the points to consider if you are planning yourself up to write an excellent book review:

The Plot is an Essential Element

It is quite natural that if a reader comes to your review, he would want to know about the background of the book. Now, if you are writing about the plot, you just need to make sure not to give away too much, instead, write only about the main features that can hook your readers.

Beat the Spoilers to Death

Spoilers are considered the enemy of the readers and watchers. This is where you have to act smart and continue to share your analysis for your readers. Always ensure you don’t rob your readers of the plot that they were going to enjoy and always avoid the spoilers.

Find Your Hook To Bind Your Readers

You need to think of two prime hooks while writing a book review assignment or in general. Firstly, how you can make your reader scroll and actually read the entire review. Secondly, in cases where there is a positive review, how can you persuade your readers to pick up the book and read it.

Clear Opinion Always Matters

Sometimes a writer may forget to provide his own insight in the light of describing the plot. This is a mistake which you have to avoid. Clear your thoughts and give your honest opinions about whether you like the book or not by providing instances from the book itself.

Highlight Your Voice

You have to show your presence by diving deeper into the reading taste of your readers by means of your review style. You should be unique and try to share your passion with your followers and readers. By making it personal and sharing your viewpoints, your readers would actually love it.

The System of Rating

Many book reviews help experts say that the rating system proves to be quite effective in making you understand in brief regarding how you felt about the book. You should think about the way you can rate different sections of the books or an overall rating of the book.

Always Consider The Reviews That You’ve Read Somewhere Else

You should visit a good website and read about the reviews for the corresponding book that you are going to review on. You would need to ask yourself whether or not you like that review and has the writer showcased enough elements or not. Think of the reader's perspective that whether they will like a little humor in the middle of your review or would they prefer a serious tone. These techniques can be utilised in making your review even more successful.

The Elements Of Praises And Critiques

If you want to write an academic book review, then it is important to explain both your praise points and critique points in order to provide your readers with a whole picture. For example, if you are writing that the book has good characters, then it will not serve any purpose. Try explaining what makes them great.

Audience Has The Centre Spot

You have to let your readers know why they will like this book. Try to be specific rather than playing the generic role. Always keep in mind that if the book does not fit your personal reading taste, then it is a probability that other readers might like it who have a similar taste of that book.

How To Write A Book Review - An Easy 3-Step Process

To make it interesting, there are three main steps involved in writing a book review. They are:

  • Providing a summary - Write a brief about the story and a background theme. Tell them about its main character and the central idea that is revolved in between.
  • Presenting your evaluation - This section covers your personal opinions about what you think of the book. You should highlight which elements worked in the favor and which ones did not work.
  • Recommend - The part is all about the ratings and recommendations whether you will recommend this book to your readers or not.

If you come across any queries regarding how to write a book review or in need of a few samples and solved examples, then you can ask a professional book review help expert. They can better assist you by giving a few examples and samples in which you can build your structure.

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