How to Write A Movie Review: A Full Guide

How to Write A Movie Review: A Full Guide
October 07, 2019
Author : Celina

Movie making has been a tremendous and color world filled with ecstatic wonderland, joy, and fantasy. There have been many professional writers who write movie reviews to make aware of their audiences about it. We have continuously seen epic movies and academy award-winning movies that give a sense of inspiration and value. Writing about these movies is simply termed as a movie review. However, let us take a detailed look into this. Movie-Review-3

What Is A Movie Review?

The task of writing a movie review is no longer sustained with professionals. Instead, many universities often give their students to write about a particular movie to develop comprehension and writing abilities. However, a movie review is all about writing an objective review of a particular movie with the main aim to assess and define the positive and negative aspects within it.

Purpose Of Writing A Movie Review

The task of reviewing a movie is expressed in four functions:
  • To inform
  • To analyse
  • To convince
  • To entertain
With the priority task remains to inform your readers about the quality and content of the film, it all depends on conducting a film analysis. If you want to know everything related to how can you conduct your film analysis, we have everything in store for you. A movie review is all about creative writing. If you are sure about a particular movie to the fact that your audience should go and watch, then you need to be persuasive in your writing to convince your readers about your evaluation. This can also happen in the cases of whether you want your readers to stay out in watching poor movies. The power of persuasion combined with expressions is all that you need.

How You Can Prepare Yourself For Writing A Movie Review?

Like any other content, your reader might not like an exaggerated material put up in 10 pages. Therefore, many professional movie review assignment help experts think that an optimum word count of a standard movie review should not exceed 1000 words. Now it comes to gear up yourself for the writing task. Here’s what you can do:
  1. Select a particular movie, if your professor has not assigned you one. Try to find a renowned film if you are writing a review for the first time.
  2. Watch the selected film. The task of writing a review can make you watch to 2-3 times because writing a complete analysis in one view is almost an impossible task. The first time is like trying to go for some background information; the atmosphere and the overall impression the movie is trying to capture. A second viewing is about looking at the specifics such as editing, sound, acting, and cinematographic. You have to carefully go through research if the film covers some historical events or issues.
  3. Note down some notes about important scenes, top-notch details and key moments. These will serve as a starting point for writing your review.
  4. If the movie has achieved some prestigious awards, don’t brag about it to persuade your readers to go and watch it immediately. However, express these awards uniquely.
However, if you are looking to read about movie review examples, then you need to look at these five questions which need to be included in your movie review.
  • If the plot of the movie is based on a real-life event, fantasy or novel?
  • Was the writer became successful in writing a clear and captivating plot?
  • Who is the target audience of the corresponding film?
  • Was the casting successful in justifying their roles in portraying their characters?
  • What is the overall general atmosphere of the movie? Is the rhythm smooth or dynamic?
Of course, these questions are not enough to write a fabulous movie review but it will surely give you the necessary head start of what you need.

Steps To Be Included While Writing A Movie Review

Writing a movie review can be a long and straining job. However, putting these steps in mind is sure to keep you busy in such an immense task and produce quality writing.

Starting with a catchy introduction

Your introductory paragraph should be your highlighting part which gives you the necessary information about the title, genre, name of the director and the release date of your movie. The introduction should be catchy and creative. If the movie has some prestigious awards to its name, mention them. Your introduction is a point that will grasp your readers until the very end and play a huge emphasis role.

Weigh your evaluations

If you think your readers might not have much time to read your whole review, at least provide them with a few touchpoints of your evaluation at the very beginning. Movie reviews only work by laying out your cards in the open table and then trying to win the game.

Write a creative brief plot summary

A brief plot summary is an ability to provide three to four major events without giving the conclusion part of the film to your readers. Avoiding the spoilers is where you need to adhere to.

Overall Atmosphere

The purpose of writing a movie review does not lie on the point that what you saw in the movie, instead you have to tell them what you have felt in the entire movie. A good description of the emotions that you felt and your thoughts awakened by looking into the scenes is where you will make your followers buy your movie review.

Purpose of the movie

Try answering this question - “Why this film was even made?” If you have answered this question perfectly well, then you can exceptionally write a perfect movie review for your audience. Try to dig deeper and simplistically convey your thoughts as possible.

Some film-making details

The next part of the steps on how to write a movie review is including some details about the film. These could cover some essential elements involved in the movie-making process.
  • Sound
  • Cinematography
  • Editing
  • Visual Effects

Deep Meaning

Keep looking for some key phrases, repeating elements and symbolic things that help your understanding to go on the next level. Try to bring these elements out in your content to unlock all the components done in the process of filmmaking.


Do give your readers about the reminder of what and why this movie impressed you. Adding some personal recommendations will help your readers whether they should watch the movie or not. Try to remember that your conclusion is and will always be the last chance to make an impact. Good luck!

Proofreading and Editing

Good content becomes exceptional only after proofreading. It does not matter how skillful you are and how flawless you write, thorough proofreading in the last can assist you to be presentable and of great value. STEPS IN WRITING A MOVIE REVIEW

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