The study of matter and change is what the diverse world of chemistry entails. This popular field has a lot to offer to students; there are so many areas to study that come under this domain that often it becomes tedious to even name them. Having said that, our chemistry assignment help team of writers has already categorised them into different branches of chemistry based on the things or properties that are common in them.

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Just like any other student who is engaged in this discipline, are you too interested in knowing more about this interesting subject? Worry not, we will take you around the different branches of chemistry in this blog. And if you still feel perplexed about them, then you can always rely upon our samples to clarify each of your queries within no time. This is how we have been able to become the best and the most reliable Australia assignment help organisation all over the world in the last few years.

Let us take a deep dive into the world of chemistry!

Five Main Branches of Chemistry That You Must Know If You Want to Specialise in This Field

As discussed, every now and then, something or the other comes up in this dynamic world of chemistry. For instance, a lot of contemporary fields like Nuclear chemistry, environmental chemistry, Polymer chemistry, bioinorganic chemistry etc have come to be known nowadays by each and every person.

However, if you ask our chemistry assignment help experts, then we will guide you primarily on the five main branches of chemistry that every student must know. These involve:

1. Organic Chemistry

Just as the name suggests, organic chemistry is based on the study of carbon and its compounds. Or in other words, the life and of those reactions that are taking place inside the human body is studied under organic chemistry.

If you get assignments on organic chemistry, then probably you will get assignments on organic reactions, fuel, properties and structure of organic compounds, fuels, polymer, drugs and more to solve.

2. Inorganic Chemistry

All those compounds that do not fall under the category of organic chemistry come under the branch of inorganic chemistry. Every compound that is devoid of any kind of C-H bond can be studied under this branch of chemistry. Some of the topics of interest for students in this category are ionic compounds, solid-state compounds, organometallic compounds, cluster compounds, metals, etc.

3. Biochemistry

As per our chemistry assignment help writers, the field that is most relevant to the world today is biochemistry. This is because this domain deals with the reactions that take place in humans. In this, we get to study a lot about key molecules that are found inside human bodies. These include proteins, neurotransmitters, nucleic acids, carbohydrates, drugs, and lipids.

Often, students consider it as a sub-category of organic chemistry, however, the different kinds of topics like genetics, molecular spectroscopy biology etc make it a separate branch of chemistry.

4. Analytical Chemistry

It concerns the analysis of matter and designing of tools that can be useful in investigating the different properties of matter. Topics in this field include electrophoresis, quantitative and qualitative analysis, chromatography, separations, spectroscopy, extractions, and more.

Students who are engaged in this branch of chemistry mainly design instrumental methods and chemical standards to measure the different characteristics of matter.

5. Physical Chemistry

Just as the name suggests, this is that branch of chemistry that deals with establishing the relationship between physics and chemistry. Some of the topics that students study in this field include quantum mechanics, thermodynamics, etc.

Our chemistry assignment help experts have broadly categorised the entire domain of chemistry into these five branches. Interestingly, we have got several kinds of assignments covering each of these areas, and we have been successful in furnishing students with instant, reliable answers to these assignments right to their doorstep.

Do you want to gain some more knowledge about how we approach these assignments for the reference purpose of students? Well, what can be better than an instant sample to clear all your doubts?

How Do Our Chemistry Assignment Help Experts Approach Different Assignments Covering These Branches of Chemistry? Here’s A Reference Sample for You

In these years, there has been no such assignment from students that we have not been able to solve for them. This has been made possible due to the diverse knowledge that we possess in this field. We host a vats pool of erudite chemistry assignment help writers in our team who not only possess high school degrees in this discipline from a wide range of reputed institutions all over the world, but also have a strong hold over the concepts involved in these assignments after having a great industry experience of over ten years.

To let you know how to write a perfect chemistry assignment, let us put forth one of our most recent assignment samples from one of the branches of chemistry that we have discussed above.

These are some of the most important questions that we have solved for students all over the world.

chemistry assignment solution

As you can see from the above image, these are some of the chemical compounds given in the question. The task is to arrange them in the order of property mentioned on them.

Let us discuss some of the other questions as well.

chemistry question solution

Here, in this question, our chemistry assignment help experts have successfully assisted students in deciding the IUPAC names for these chemical compounds.

These are just a few of the questions that we have taken up here. There are so many questions that students have sent to us in this field and we have never let any of those questions go unanswered from our end. If you have any such questions with you, then you can simply submit the assessment requirement to us. We will work upon them and come up with instant answers for the same right at your fingertips.

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