It is true that we can not easily trace many feminist movements within the political arena of Canada during the early and mid-1980s. However, we can still notice the impact that those movements have had on Canadian society.

The contemporary relevance of feminism in Canadian society can be witnessed in the form of different groups including Equal voice, Native Women’s Association, the Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada, and more.

The activists working for these organizations believe that feminism is not just an ideology; it’s the driving force behind their beliefs and behavior. Sadly, the fact that despite its long history in Canadian society and the way this movement has brought about the changes here, people don’t really know much about the individual women who have recognized themselves as feminists is something that worries us.

Famous feminists in Canadian

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Is There a Relationship Between the History of Feminism and The Future of Feminism in Canada?

Before we proceed with knowing something more about the feminists in Canada, it is quite imperative to trace the connection that the history of Feminism has with the future. It is quite evident how today’s generation is growing up getting more exposure to the feminist movements as compared to the past generations.

Recently, a feminist movement named the “#MeToo Movement” has done a lot for people by pulling out the carpet of privilege for them. While Feminism was something related to just an ideology in the past, it has become a way of life for people in the present contemporary society. One of the examples of this is the coming up of genderless washrooms today. Not just this, we can even see a lot of celebrities openly talking about several fluid concepts falling within the boundaries of gender and sexuality.

This is a clear indicator of The contemporary relevance of feminism in Canadian society, isn’t it? And, this is surely going to increase in the future with people coming out of their closets and openly acknowledging inclusion and diversity in society. Now that women are seen advancing in this society, no sooner it will also become a reality. Therefore, there is a pressing need to remember, glorify and critically assess those legacies that have made it possible for us to think so openly and understand the relevance of feminism in the present contemporary society.

A Short Note On the Women's Movements During 1985-Present

Sometimes, the feminist movements that took place during 1985 and continue till the present are often referred to as the third-wave or the fourth-wave feminism. There were numerous campaigns that women carried out under these women's movements. Some of these included:

  • Employment equity
  • Violence against women
  • Daycare
  • Ending poverty
  • Anti-racism
  • Recognition of women’s diversity
  • Rise of neoliberalism

Whichever be the group, plea for equality has always been one of the most constant issues for which every feminist was protesting. Not just this, in addition to gender inequality, there were other areas as well in which women wanted to get equal rights. Some of these included class, ability, race, and sexuality.

Disables Women’s Network Canada (DAWN)

It was founded in the year 1985 that was protesting for some issues like recognition, services, and respect. Lesbians formed a major part of this group and demanded freedom for same-sex marriages.

At local levels, feminists were seen fighting for transition houses, legal aid, adult education, and more. Later, the AbortionRights Coalition of Canada demanded the freedom of women on their own bodies.

Lesbians and Transhumans

The period during early and mid-1985 also marks the growing acceptance of lesbians in feminist movements. It helped a lot of LGBT Canadians to get their rights in diverse areas. These matters covered a vast array of topics like employment, adoption, education, marriage, immigration etc. During this time, a lot of Lesbian politicians like Liberal Kathleen Wynne and Libbie Davis also entered the political arena which clearly signaled the shifting public attitudes towards Feminism in Canada. 

This way, the feminist movements grew rapidly and people could witness the relevance of feminism in their world as well. This is a short brief on The contemporary relevance of feminism in Canadian society.

By now, the significance of such movements must have dawned upon you. Naturally, you might be inquisitive enough to know more about this topic. Well, there is never an end to feminism and the role it has played in shaping the ideologies and beliefs of people in Canada and all over the world.

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relevance of feminism solution

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