When talking about robots, there are always split opinions ranging from ‘robotics’ is the future or “the robots will take over the world someday.” You might’ve thought the same at some point. However, the common denominator of both ideas is that robotics entails huge scope for future innovations, and its need is indispensable.

In fact, robotics is a major component in today’s manufacturing industries. The development of the first robot in the 1950s was a huge achievement in the technology field, and there were no stopping researchers from exploring further. Hence, arrived robotics - an extensive field that branched out from engineering and computer science.

Did you know that the word robot has its origin in the Chez language? It originated from the words ‘robots’, which means forced labour.

Moreover, as discussed above, the other side of the spectrum believes that robots will replace humans. The exact notion is a reality now; the most common example is mobile robots. Such robots have the potential to move around and do various tasks autonomously. All they need is a command and a matrix to execute various tasks.

Although it is a reality, humans are still in control, so you can calm down before we move further. Let’s go over the types, functioning, scope, and some advanced mobile robotics examples.

types of mobile robots

What is Advanced Mobile Robotics?

A mobile robot is like any other electronic device in your home. The only difference is that a mobile robot can function autonomously or without much human interaction. Their functioning is controlled via software and a performance matrix. Kinematics, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and computer science or programming are the main attributes of developing a robot.

Such robots have inbuilt sensors, actuators, controllers, and power systems that enhance their functionality and stand out from regular machines. Mobile robots are capable of accessing their surroundings and enhancing their configuration accordingly. Machine learning has been a popular tech trend recently, and it is also used in advanced mobile robotics.

The first-ever robot was invented by George Devol in the 1950s. - Wikipedia.

Mobile robots are being adopted in various industries. The manufacturing unit of various products utilises such robotic technology to increase production accuracy. From the unmanned rovers used in space missions to the mobile vacuum cleaners in our houses, the range of implications is vast and is still expanding.

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How are the Different Types of Mobile Robots Classified?

Mobile robots are mainly classified into two groups: their functioning environment and how they move around. Here’s the classification and sub-types:

Classification based on the working environment

  • Robots with a linear joint connected to a rotatory arm are generally called polar robots. These can be most commonly seen in the manufacturing unit where they are efficient in material handling. Such robots work in a demanding environment, so they are made to be resistant and study.
  • Ariel robots are a few of the popularly used advanced mobile robotics examples. Drones and remote-controlled helipads are exclusively used as defence tools.
  • Unmanned Ground Vehicles or land robots can be seen in space missions, often sent to other planets to collect information. They are also used as agricultural tools for preparing the fields.
  • Robots are also useful underwater, called AUVs (Autonomous Underwater Vehicle), useful in collecting marine life data.
  • When we think of a robot, the first thing that comes to mind is industrial robots. Such machines are designed to work in the different product manufacturing units, from manufacturing to delivery; they got it all covered.

Robots are also used for defusing bombs, called crude robots, and they’ve been in use for more than four decades - Facts.net

Classification based on mobility

  • Legged robots range from one-legged (pogo stick) to eight-legged or hybrids. We’re most familiar with two-legged robots; android robots that possess a human appearance are quite popular in the robotics industry.
  • Robots working as military armoured vehicles, unmanned ground vehicles or construction vehicles use a track for motion, called tracked robots.
  • Robots that use wheels to move around are called wheeled robots. AUVs are the most common example used for navigation and material handling.

These are mobile robots classified based on their working environment and mobility. Robots are everywhere, from the escalators built with motion sensors to the latest driverless cars; all have been developed and advanced with human input. The future of robotics holds more intriguing and astounding innovations.

5 features of a mobile robot

What is the Scope of Advanced Mobile Robotics?

These are the top five robotics trends in 2022:

1. RPA (Robotic Process Automation)

It is a form of technology that allows robotic devices to automate various tasks that may seem mundane or repetitive. ELTA Courier is currently using this technology in Greece. Mobile robots sort thousands of parcels and mail in a day.

2. RaaS (Robotics as a Service)

Just as it sounds, mobile robots are used for daily tasks or to simplify them. Mobile vacuum cleaners, automatic wheelchairs and android servers in restaurants are a few examples.

3. AMRs (Autonomous Mobile Robots)

These robots are similar to RPAs but are exclusively used in manufacturing units and warehouses. They are designed to move autonomously and do not need constant supervision. Such advanced mobile robotics examples are drug delivery bots in hospitals and robots in product processing units of any manufacturing industry.

4. Multi-Purpose Robots

Such robots are designed to carry out various functions. Also called cobots or collaborative robots. They are built to take care of many operations at once. The epitome is military robots - designed for surveillance and security.

5. Delivery Robots

These robots are in the swing, designed to take the shortest path to deliver things quickly they come in hand for many industries used. Currently being used in hospitality, logistics, manufacturing and defence industries.

As Mellon's Robotics Institute predicted, robots are predicted to replace humans in the workforce by 2040.

These are the top five ongoing trends in the robotics industry, specifically mobile robotics. Robots are fundamentally designed to ease human labour, and these robots or cobots are doing that successfully.

Robotics is a field that still has miles to go. Amidst the ongoing innovative process, we are learning through trials and errors. One of the world’s leading social networking platforms, Facebook, shut down its own AI due to the system developing a new language intangible to humans. Such errors are rather a lesson than a mishap to build a constructive tomorrow using such technology rather than planning the world’s doom.

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