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October 29, 2018
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Not just students, every single human being likes it when their work is made easier. This is the aim of My Assignment Services in forever, to help the students in their assignments because they are too busy to invest their 100% time into the assignment writing process. Students love it, even more, when the same is offered to them for a lower price. This again is the aim of My Assignment Services, to offer the same assignment help to the students but at a lower price. However, there is one teeny tiny bit of problem. It's that this offer is only valid for one day. Yes, we know the disappointment. But, don’t worry. Our army of assignment experts is ready more than ever to offer the same standard of assignment writing help, the same quality of service, the same confidence and the same trust that students of Australian universities have displayed in our abilities for the last 8 years. Therefore, it was decided that students need some motivation in their too boring life surrounded by assignments, laptops, energy drinks and stress relieving material. What is the best way to provide you with the kick you’ve been looking for? To offer the assignments at a lower price. So, what do we do? We give a flat 50% discount on all our services! Yes, half the price we would charge you on any given day.

One Day Sale – A Good Gesture

We have always maintained the policy of students first every time we got an assignment. We are here to make your academic journey smoother and easier. Hence, we decided that what would we be doing in that direction if we did not take any action at the time when the students need the assignment help the most? We know that your professors are raining down assignments on you, you have to focus on that part-time job as well and have to attend to several daily tasks as well. Therefore, we are rounding up all the services and asking you to collect all the pending assignments that are due for a long time. This is a golden opportunity for you to get them all done without too much effort. We are well-aware that writing a top class assignment can be difficult. The complex nature of the assignment is not an easy thing to get around. The assignments have to be planned, thought well, laid out in different stages, and need to be completed within a deadline. Also, the budget of students is as broke as their hope to write the assignment that will fetch them the respect of their professor. So, why not let the experts take the wheel and steer you clear of the strict complexities and technicalities of the assignment. Assignment help was cheap at My Assignment Services. But now, it is going to get cheaper for full one day as all the services are going to be available at a flat discount of 50%.

Get Your Weapons Ready

The assignment experts are all set for 30th October. Mark the date in your calendars and bookmark the link of the sale in your browser. Register yourself on and keep yourself ready for this sale. Follow these simple steps below and you will be all well.

  1. Visit the website
  2. Enter your name. Please do not toy with us by writing names like Sherlock Holmes, Robert Baratheon or Barry Allen, unless you actually are named so.
  3. Fill your email address where we can contact you. It will be better if you are using an email address that cannot be tracked by even CIA.
  4. Give us the name of the assignment, the subject it belongs to and your assignment’s question file. Do not worry, it is a top secret between us. Even Valek couldn’t make us talk.
  5. Mention the deadline of the assignment. Check again and again so that you are not at fault if we miss the task.
  6. We also need the marking rubric of the assignment, if available.

We believe in the larger the party, the more the fun. So, we ask you to spread the word and ask everyone to get ready with their assignments. The sale is about to drop at 30 October, we repeat, 30 October. With only one day available, we expect you to exploit this offer to the fullest.

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