With the onset of globalisation, the world has been divided into three categories. The first one is the developed countries, the ones who think they have reached the pinnacle of human evolution at a much greater speed than others and that they deserve to rule the world as per their command. The second ones are called developing countries. These people are still evolving, trying to reach the evolution peak that developed countries have achieved years ago. Their journey was tough, but it is ending. The last ones are where privileged people like us do not give much attention to. Yes, they are the poor countries, called the Least Developed Countries in the official terms.

So, what is the need to study a subject like this? It’s because Maternal and Child Health in Developing Countries help students to learn how they can contribute to reducing the disease rate in women and children. As per the UN reports, the infant mortality rate has decreased from 49.1 in 2005 to 35 in 2017. That’s a significant decrease. The students have to evaluate, the nutritional and cultural effects on maternal and child health. Also, the same can be checked with social influences. Furthermore, the Maternal and Child Health in Developing Countries assessment answers help you understand why a good family planning is important for the females. Also, the students learn through this the importance of a childbirth care to ensure a safe motherhood.

What Do You Learn?

The students pursuing this course will learn a lot of skills and develop competencies that will help them advance in the professional world.

The students will be able to –

  1. Measure the international, country and local factors that directly affect the health of females and the children in any developing country.
  2. Evaluate the scale, the recurring trend and the causes of morbidity and mortality.
  3. Measure the recent intervention plans to promote the antenatal, obstetric, maternal and child health in a developing
  4. Investigate the various health programs being run by the government which target to improve the neonatal, infant and child survival rate.
  5. Critically evaluate the theories of program development that revolve within the boundaries of targeted maternal and child health care problems.

Why Take Assignment Help?


Examine the neonatal health situation in a developing country of your choice, with particular attention to the magnitude, patterns, and causes of neonatal mortality in that country. Your assignment will also critically review current public health activities in neonatal health being carried out in the country.

There are many students who get stuck with the technicalities surrounding the assignment. For example, if the assignment asks you to evaluate the neonatal health situation in any developing country, you have to pay attention to the magnitude of the effect, the patterns and the various causes of neonatal mortality in that country.

Furthermore, some students use too much of definitions in the assignments. This is avoided when you take online Maternal and Child Health in Developing Countries assignment help. The experts say that the definitions have already been discussed in the lectures. So, devoting a large section of the word limit to the definitions should be avoided.

Furthermore, the causes of mortality comprise of medical and social causes. Therefore, the causes should be a balance between them and also take into account the underlying parameters and factors of health. Here also, it should be kept in mind that these causes are not forming a majority part of the assessment answer. While you don’t have to ignore them, you also have to establish a relationship between these medical causes with the underlying determinants.

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