As rightly said by Thomas A. Edison, “ I have not failed, I have just found 10,000 ways that won’t work”, if we start looking failure as a new opportunity to learn and grow, we would not feel bad, right? There are numerous factors associated with students being unable to secure good grades in academics, be it the mental, psychological or even emotional problems that students face in their lives.

Not that students fail deliberately, it is just some mere incidents or reasons which drive them towards failure. In this blog, ourassignment helpexperts will be tracing certain common reasons due to whichstudents fail to score good grades in academics.

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In Canada, hundreds of students fail every day. There might be something that is causing this failure, isn’t it? Though there can be a plethora of reasonswhy students fail to score good grades in academics, we have narrowed down the broad list into 3 main categories.

Let us talk about the top 3 reasons which restrict students from reaching desirable grades.

1. External factors

The first category in which we put the reasons for the failure of students is the external factors. These are the ones which are beyond the control of students. Following are some of the external factors that have a crucial role in undermining the scores of students in academics.

Complexity of the topics

During choosing the course or program, many students do not go through the entire curriculum. Instead of the prospects that a specific course holds, they take a hasty decision and end up taking up the course. Later on, they face problems in clearing the assignments and examinations.

Language barrier

Often it happens that the education providers have some other accent that students don’t understand. This creates a gap between them. Ultimately, students score low grades in their homework.

2. An unsound mindset of students

The prime reason which restricts students from performing well in academics is their mindset. Not just academics, the mindset which you have decides how your life would be. These are the factors that fall under an unsound mindset in students.

Lack of inspiration

It is easier to score well when you have the zeal to do it present in you. When you are demotivated or lack interest, you cannot possibly score well. Thus, the first step is to surround yourself with optimism and encourage yourself.

Fear of competition

Having a healthy competition with your peer group is good as it helps you to work towards aiming excellence. However, being fearful or stressful due to this leads to a negative impact on your brain. As a result, you score fewer grades.

3. Individual issues

A lot of students go through a lot of turmoil in their personal lives as well. These act as barriers in the path of good grades in academics. The factors which fall under this category are given below:

Medical conditions

A lot of times, students undergo several medical conditions which render them helpless in studying for their examinations. Not necessarily, some major medical condition, even the little flu can diver them and reduce their concentration level. Ultimately, they are not able to score well in their tests and homework.

Emotional/Social problems

It has been observed by ourassignment help Canadaexperts that students go through a roller-coaster ride of emotions that are associated with their family or friends. This affects their performance in academics as well.

These were the three common reasonswhy students fail to score good grades in academics. Now, let us talk about the role that our teams have played in supporting students with their issues.

How Do OurAssignment Help Experts Rescue Students?


These are some ways by whichMy Assignment Serviceshelps students combat all the obstacles and secure top-notch grades in their assignments, turning their failure into success.

1. Proofread and edit

We believe that the best way to eliminate even the minutest errors from the homework is to proofread and edit it before submitting it. We understand that students might face a shortage of time in their lives. Hence, we make sure to do it before sending the reference homework solutions to students.

2. We take care of the referencing

It is common to extract information from the work of some other author in an assignment, provided we reference it properly and don’t forget to give due credits to the author. However, it is a tedious process for a lot of students.

Ourassignment help Canadaexperts are familiar with all the different styles of referencing. Hence, no more worrying about referencing.

3. Apprehensive of authenticity? We provide free Plagiarism report!

We have also solved all the tension that students have regarding the plagiarism-free work. With each reference homework solution that we provide, we also send a free copy of the Plagiarism report. This way we validate our original work.

4. We are available 24*7 and offer live one-on-one sessions with experts

Students may contact us even if they have a query at midnight. We are available during the odd hours of the day to offer live one-on-one sessions with experts. Students have availed our assistance even at the time when they needed it urgently.

Our Experts can answer your Assignment questions instantly.

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