In this fast-pacing world, the learning environment has become much more dynamic than it used to be a few years back. Naturally, there exists a huge difference in the learners that we have today as compared to those who are from the generation of our forefathers. Maybe this is the reason why the worldwide E-learning market is projected to be over $325 Billion in 2025.

Undeniably, technology has revolutionised every sector in the world, including education as well. This is why it is entwined into our culture- it impacts all our activities; how we live, learn and work. In this blog,My Assignment Servicesbrings forth some pointers that will demonstrate the role of technology in the lives of students.

The Technology-Integrated Educational-Process

Although thesignificance of technology in educationcannot be denied, the use of technology came to the surface with the special needs of students. For instance, initially, for all the students who were visually impaired, brail machines were introduced. Similarly, for autistic students, technology was used to enhance their learning with the use of special programs.

However, in the modern-day scenario, technology has become a necessity. Initially seen as a tool, nowadays technology has become a catalyst to foster change in the educational system.Before proceeding ahead, have a look at theinfographic on educational technology.

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Let us now talk about how infusing technology with education has helped students in education.

Top 6 Benefits Of Using Technology In Education

Some several universities and schools are still dependent on the traditional methods of teaching. However, a majority of them have understood theimportance of technology in educationand thus, shifted to digital learning.

This is because it has been observed that when an element of technology is added in the normal methods of teaching, it enables the education providers in designing innovative lesson plans and monitor the development of students at every stage. Similarly, the students who learn through technology are the ones who gain an upper hand by fostering a lot of skills that eventually help them reach their future goals.

1. Students can get easy access to educational resources

The world has already become techno-savvy, so why not integrate it in the classrooms as well? Using smartphones and tablets not just mean hovering over social-networking sites.

With the use of technology, students can access a plethora of educational sites for equipping themselves with the latest information on several topics. With the use of technology, students stay focused and also gain a better understanding of the concepts or topics that might seem boring otherwise.

2. Technology revolutionizes the learning experience

Imagine a three-hour lecture that you have to attend today. Doesn’t it feel too monotonous to concentrate for three hours at a stretch? And if the same gets lecture gets integrated with artificial intelligence, wouldn’t it be easier for you to hold back your attention?

With the advent of technology, a lot of professors have been successful in developing innovative teaching plans for students that have helped students retain their attention for a much longer time in the classrooms.

3. Students can take their own time and learn

A lot of professors face several educational boundaries that are now being mitigated with the help of technology. The main reason why technology is prime for students is that it helps in enhancing individual learning. Initially, students had pressure to learn everything that has been taught in the classrooms where now you can take your own time to learn the concepts.

Not just this, a lot of changes have also taken place in the way education was being imparted in the past. For instance, face-to-face lectures have been replaced with online classes, distance learning and cloud campuses.

Most importantly, do you think it would have been possible to sustain in the present situation ofCOVID-19 outbreakif technology wouldn’t have invaded?

4. Technology bridges the gap between real life and textbooks

Gone are the days when students just had to focus on the lessons that were taught from different textbooks. Now, as technology takes its course, teachers are easily able to transport the students to real-life situations.

For instance, a professor in Geology can take her students on a virtual tour of Grand Canyon National Park or say, a history teacher takes his students to a virtual tour back into the pages of history. In a way, technology has helped in superseding the physical boundaries of the classroom and bridges the gap between the curriculum and the real world.

5. Makes student ready for the new generation

As the world has become dynamic, to thrive in the present times and also in the coming time, students must focus more on gaining practical knowledge.

To pace ahead in this new generation, it becomes imperative for them to gain a command over several technological tools which include teleconferencing, electronic calendars, electronic whiteboards, etc. And now that these are already a part of the curriculum, students won’t face many problems in the future when they work in modern offices.

6. Adds an element of fun into the boring classroom lectures

Students are so into technology that outside the classroom, they always are connected to technology in some way or other. Imagine a situation wherein games can be introduced in the classroom.

Who doesn’t like playing games? Yes, with technological teaching methods like game-based learning (GBL), education professionals deliver their lessons via interactive games nowadays. And in this process, an element of fun also gets added up. Isn’t it interesting?

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