Imagine you are given the task of explaining what happens in the famous 'The Merchant of Venice' in just about 20 lines; what would you write? Naturally, you will only focus upon the main highlights of the play and, for some time, eliminate the extra details. You would need to follow this approach as summing up an entire play consisting of more than 2000+ sentences in just 20 lines is nearly impossible! That will be a ‘precis’ example.

use of precis writing

As per our professional writing help experts, the answer to what is precis writing is simple. It is one of the most common skills that every student, mainly a literature student, must possess. For brushing up on this skill, you can get in touch with our experts who have gained mastery in this field. My Assignment Services is the largest online platform for getting your hands on professional academic guidance in Australia. We have samples ready for you as per your requirements with us. This way, we have become one of the most favourite firms of students worldwide.

This blog will provide you with a brief overview of all that you need to know about precis writing. Let's get started.

What Is Precis Writing? Here Is What Our Experts Say

The word 'precis' originally comes from the Latin word 'praecisus' and the french word 'precis', which means shortened. Interestingly, this word is pronounced with a silent 's' (pray-cee).

In other words, it means writing a summary or abridged version of the entire document. It must contain only the most essential information about a play, novel, or passage and eliminate the unnecessary details. Precis writing aims to provide readers with a gist of the main essence of what has been talked about in the entire academic document. There are certain things that you need to look after while writing a precis of the document, some of which include:

  1. We must not add our viewpoints in the precis
  2. The tone of the precis must be the same as the passage of play that we are describing
  3. Events that are not essential to the central theme of the work must be eliminated.
  4. It must be as concise as possible but without changing the essence of the work
  5. The entire story must be depicted in a miniature form, with the characters' expressions kept intact.

This will be more clear with the precis example that we will be discussing in the next section. We maintain a dedicated team of experts who have been trying their hands on providing reliable, professional writing guidance to students here in Australia and all over the world for the last ten years. Hopefully, you have got a brief understanding of what precis writing is, don't you? Let us now proceed with one of the examples that we have recently designed for one of our valuable students.

How to Write a Precis? Here's a Precis Example

Nothing is better than a precis example to help you understand this form of writing better. So without further ado, let us present some of the excerpts from the solution that we have curated for our clients in recent years.

precis writing sample

This is one of the precis we have crafted for one of the students a few weeks back. As you can see in the above image, there is no such information in this that is not required. First, our experts have enlisted the two main points from the passage that they received for this, and then later, we develop the precis on those two points. Coming to one of the following examples to explain to you better what is precis writing,

precis writing summary

In the above image, our experts have tried to give you a brief overview of how we produce such precis for the reference purpose of students all over the world. Notice how concise we draft such precis. There is nothing more than just vital information in it. We have eliminated all the other data that could have been cut off from work. And, just by going through these 3-4 sentences, you will get an idea of what all must have been discussed in the entire play or passage.

By now, you must have got a basic understanding of this. With practice and a little guidance from our professional writers, you will soon be able to clear all the doubts still left in your mind. We are also available to cater to your doubts 24*7 via live sessions at your convenience. Just come to us with your doubts, sit back while we work upon them and provide you with instant answers to all your questions.

Still, Confused with What Is Precis Writing? Get Our Assistance Today

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