When you are given the task to draft a synthesis essay by your professor, it might seem to be a mammoth task. Fret not, as our professional essay writers are just a click away from you. So, what is a synthesis essay? The road to producing impeccable synthesis essays passes through knowing what it actually means first. To put it simply, the word ‘synthesize’ means to join the dots together to combine one whole that is connected to those different dots together. As a matter of fact, a large number of college students get to write a synthesis essay as their homework assignment every now and then.

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In this blog, our professional essay writers will give you a brief overview on synthesis essay structure. My Assignment Services is the largest online platform in Canada that is known to bestow students with reliable academic assistance on a number of topics and subjects for the last ten years. We maintain a vast repository of samples with us that you can hover over before getting started with your work. Whatever be your query, our professional essay writing help experts will work upon them and resolve them immediately for you. This way, we have evolved to be the best assignment providers in Canada.

What Is A Synthesis Essay?

Often referred to as the written discussion of ideas’, a synthesis essay involves garnering information from various sources to synthesize them to corroborate with the main thesis statement. The reason why students require essay help from us to complete these essays is that they often get perplexed on which source to choose to extract information from. Also, there are different types of synthesis essays that confuse them.

These include:

  1. Argumentative synthesis essay
  2. Background synthesis essay
  3. Literature review synthesis essay

You can get through these essays easily when you know the appropriate way of doing it. So, let us now proceed and provide you with An Overview on Synthesis Essay Structure that you must follow to complete these essay homework assignments. If you get stuck at any point, then we are here to help you come out of the chaos.

Do You Know How A Synthesis Essay Structure Looks Like? Here Is What Our Essay Writers Say.

There is a basic way of organizing the different elements of a synthesis essay so that readers can get the information in a legible way. So, how to structure your synthesis essay? Here is how we do it. You just need to stick to any one of these structures to secure top-notch grades in them.

1. Climatic Order

In this structure, the purpose is, to begin with, the least important argument and proceed to the most important one. It is a well-acknowledged fact that readers remember the last point the best, isn’t it? Thus, the most critical point comes in the end. The main essence is saved for the last.

2. Chronological Order

Excluding the argumentative synthesis essay, this structure can be used for all the other kinds of synthesis essays. In cases, where your arguments build one after the other, the chronological order is the best to use. Also, the chronological synthesis essay structure can be used to write cause and effect essays.

3. Logical Order

In cases where the first idea is more complicated than the next, we suggest students go for logical order. Even this structure is not applicable for the argumentative essay structure.

4. Anticlimactic Order

In this format, the least important ideas come in the end. This structure is the most useful in the case of argumentative essays, where the ideas develop from the most important ones to the least.

5. Problem/solution Order

Just like the name suggests, in this structure, we first talk about the solution and then proceed to give the solutions to those problems.

6. Comparison and Contrast Order

In situations where we need to draw some similarities and differences between two given events or situations, we prefer to structure it in this format.

These are the synthesis essay structures that our essay writers have been using to guide students through their assignments. If you’re not familiar with any of these, then you can always come to us for guidance. We will be happy to help you anytime at your convenience. For now, let us provide you with a synthesis essay sample to give you a glimpse of how we work on them for the reference purpose of students in Canada and all over the world.

How To Produce An Impeccable Synthesis Essay? Here’s A Sample For Your Reference

synthesis essay sample

This is one of the excerpts from the solution that has been drafted by our essay writers. As shown in the above image, we have gathered information from various sources and combined them together after synthesizing the information. However, this is not the complete solution. You can talk to our essay writers if you would like us to help you complete these types of essays. We would do it happily for you.

We’re also available 24*7 via live one-on-one sessions for you so that you can reach us instantly with your doubts and we are able to resolve them immediately for you.

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