Are you a student who is caught up with so many things that you cannot get time to write an assignment? Are you searching for what is management analysis and hoping that you will get an answer to your queries? Do you want to know how to write the management analysis report should you ever be given one? Then jump right in here.

Knock knock.

Who’s there?


Assignment who?

Assignment deadline.

One thing that every student dreads is to write assignments at the last moment. Yet, that is exactly what we all do. Do not worry, I am not going to blame you. Even I used to the same thing when I was your age.

But since I am now older and wiser than you, I know a few things that you do not.

Do you want to learn them? Come on, let’s go there!

Management Analysis Is Not Rocket Science

That does not mean that management analysis is easy. Remember, I said that it is not rocket science because rocket science is something different altogether. Okay, sorry, I know that it was a bad one.

You all know what is an annual report, right? It is an annual review that the company releases. So, in that annual review report, there is a section called Management Discussion and Analysis.

That is not it. In this section, the management addresses the performance of the company over the past 12 months for which the report has been published.

Who conducts this analysis?

Technically, the power of analysis lies with everyone. Even the gatekeeper can analyse the performance of the company in his own viewpoint. But professionally, this job is done by the top management officials. Why do they do it? Because they know the various qualitative and quantitative performance measures to be used for this analysis.

What are the components of management analysis?

There are various components of the management analysis that the management officials (aka students writing the assignment) have to look after. They are -

  1. Financial statements
  2. Systems and controls
  3. Planned actions to address any challenge
  4. Past actions to counter challenges
  5. Compliance with laws and regulations
  6. Future goals of the company for the upcoming year
  7. Future approaches to the new projects

What happens when we do not include management analysis in an annual report?

You are probably wondering who decided that the management has to include a section called Management Discussion and Analysis in their annual report. And who bothers if I am running a company and I decide “Who cares, I am not going to do any stupid thing like an MD&A in my annual report.”

Very logical doubt. So, kid, if you ever decide that you do not have to do that stuff, do not write an annual report. Ever heard of the Australian Securities and Investments Commission? Yes, they say that writing a Management Discussion and Analysis is important and hasto be included in the report.

Not only them but the Australian Accounting Standards Boardalso says that when you are presenting a report to the shareholders, including a Management Discussion and Analysis is a must.

What are you doing learning management analysis?

This unit is taught in the course of Sustainable Management & Marketing. As per the university, the purpose of this course is to make the students aware of the key dimensions of management and marketing in diverse organisational contexts. Therefore, it is essential that you know how to read a company’s annual report.

Informed by the need for sustainable value creation in contemporary organisations, the students also explore how external and internal environments influence management and marketing behaviour and practice.

And that is exactly why you have to learn how to conduct a management analysis. You will get to know all the details about sustainability through this management analysis of the company report.

As much as I liked this discussion, I have to leave you now.

See, no hard feelings, kid. But I got places to be and I really do not like being late, just like My Assignment Services does not like getting late with the assignment delivery. That is why I must leave you here to brainstorm with yourself and find questions to the answers while I go on to guide other students who also need my help.

And if you are stuck somewhere and want me to explain, just call me out. I am available right here. There is no need to panic when in doubt. Just hit me up and I will be there to resolve your query in no time.

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