CSL Limited Sustainable Management Assignment Answer

CSL Limited Sustainable Management Assignment Answer
March 01, 2019
Author : Charles Hill

Hi there! I am offering the students a chance to get answers to their CSL limited sustainable management assignment. The one where you have to make a report. Yes, that is the one. Do you want to know how to prepare that report? A management assignment help expert is right here to tell you exactly how should you write your CSL assignment. Are you ready? Shall we begin? Here goes nothing!

Part 1 - About the company

Scourge through the company website and its Wikipedia page and wherever can you search for. In a nutshell, CSL is short for Commonwealth Serum Laboratories. It is a leading Australian biopharmaceutical group which has a global presence in 20 different countries. CSL is engaged in research and development, manufacturing, marketing and distribution of various biopharmaceutical and similar products. Some of the products of this company include blood plasma derivatives, vaccinations, anti-venom (antidotes) etc. These are used in different types; for genetic research, medical and manufacturing applications and drugs. The company invests for the development of the medicines based on protein so as to treat serious diseases and serve the global community in better ways. CSL came into being in 1916 with its headquarters in Victoria, Australia as a government agency for vaccine manufacturing. In the year 1994, the company was privatized and renamed as CSL Ltd.

Part 2 - Industry trends

Since the company CSL is engaged in biopharmaceutical trade, the industry is biopharmaceutical. To analyse how well CSL is doing with respect to the trends in this industry, you have to work your way all the way down to the basics. Identify the other players in the market and compare CSL with them. Use secondary literature to study the growth of the biopharmaceutical companies and the industry as a whole. Oh, and do not forget the money part. That is also important, okay? When you talk about the whole industry, you also talk about the dollars. Biopharmaceutical companies are seeing positive growth in the global market. The worldwide revenue of this industry was around $390.2 billion and after 10 years this figure has reached to mark of $963 billion dollars. How do I know this? I read a research article analysing the growth of this sector. But the companies are facing challenges due to customer awareness, customer expectations for new and innovative health services, customer needs for new security of their lives, new drug regulations, drug importing and exporting rules in some countries political trusts, and technology advancements. Again, I know this because I studied an article exploring the challenges faced by biopharmaceutical companies.

Part 3 - Planning and strategies

Sustainable strategic management is the core of this assignment. So it should be the core of CSL Ltd as well. With that in mind, analyse the company’s main strategy for sustainability to meet the needs of the enterprise and stakeholders while protecting and enhancing human and natural resources for the future. Take a dig at how the concept of sustainability is reflected in its vision, mission and core values. The strategic policy of the company is to reduce the impact on the environment, develop more and more therapies for making human lives better, assist the global communities for developing human lives in a better manner and through its strong collaboration of stakeholders, employees and suppliers make a healthy and safe business environment.

Part 4 - Human resource management

Here, you need to talk about how the human resource management of CSL Ltd aims to provide a positive working environment for its employees and contractors. Point out of whom the HRM is composed of. For example, it might contain executive management teams and a senior HR professional who is accountable for ensuring the right HR practices within the organisation. Highlight what is the main HRM strategy. Here is a tip, every HRM aims to guide the employee team for better organisational output and personal growth.

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