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For most of us, the meaning of writing a formal essay is to employ overtly complex vocab, in addition to using pedantic language. But writing one needs a formal and consistent writing style and tone throughout the essay. However, if you ask us, there are several other dimensions to it. To unfold this, students require help with essay writing. My Assignment Services maintains a separate panel of expert essay writers, for catering to the requirements of students, covering a wide range of essays. In this blog, we will give you a completely comprehensive guide for drafting impeccable essays. Using these, even an amateur writer can bring out dazzling bright essays and get a step closer to their dream grades! So, let us begin.

Want To Know How To Produce Stellar Essays? Stick To These Steps!

Formal essays can be categorised into several types such as an analytical, expository, a persuasive, a narrative essay, etc. It all depends upon the subject and parameter that the professors would consider gauging the assessment. But before we proceed, let us give you a brief knowledge of the things to avoid in essay writing with the help of this infographic. things to avoid in an essay The next time you start writing your essay, pay attention to these things, and do not include them in the essay. Here is a completely comprehensive guide to writing impactful essays that have been drafted by our essay writing help experts to assist students:

Choosing a befitting topic for an essay that is formal

You might have come across one of the most oft-repeated lines whenever writing an essay, which is the topic that you choose must be both interesting and formal. There’s a reason behind this. As per our essay help experts, most of the students who approach us with their queries on essay writing topics are the one who prefers complex topics as compared to choosing an easy way out of choosing topics that appeal to them. You have to write a long essay on the topic, thus, it needs to be one that best suits your interest. Also, the amount of research that you can conduct on that specific topic counts. Some of the most popular topics for essay writing assignments that we have suggested students are as follows:

  1. Being successful in today’s modern-day generation, about be thorough with one’s own culture.
  2. Who’s more concerned about gender inequality? The Millenials or the predecessors?

Befriend the thesis statement in your essay

The thesis statement or the main argument acts as a brief preview of what all you are going to talk in your essay. Naturally, it will either claim or opine the idea that you will be defending throughout the essay. Also, there has to be a pertinent angle or spectacle through which you will be evaluating your topic. According to our essay writers, if you adhere to the following points while writing the thesis statement in an essay, then you have automatically befriended it.

  1. Addresses the questions directly that have been put in the essay
  2. It is highly debatable. This will make your essay more engaging
  3. It should touch upon an event that has influenced you or the topic that you have chosen.

Craft an impactful introduction

The main query which students have raised to us is “how to write an essay introduction”. To answer this, our essay writing help experts first aware of the aim of the essay introduction. It is to attract the attention of the readers and direct them to the thesis statement. Also known as the “hook”, there are certain strategies that are followed by essay writers. These are:

  1. There must be a proper definition of the topic. Ideally, if you explain it in your own words, it is the best.
  2. Make use of the expository information for your readers
  3. To pique the curiosity of your readers, you must add a hook sentence.

Next comes, weaving the body paragraphs with evidence

As per the guidelines for writing a formal essay, there have to be several well-defined arguments that support the main idea in the essay. Our essay writing help experts incorporate interesting facts, anecdotes, examples, and other minute details about the topic in the body paragraphs. The more comprehensive research you have conducted, your body paragraphs will be more credible. Following are the steps to write the body paragraphs in an essay:

  1. Have a separate topic sentence for each paragraph. This will serve as a summary of that paragraph.
  2. Our essay writers adopt the P.E.E structure of paragraphs. It stands for the point or presents the argument, evidence that is collected from credible sources, and explains the evidence concerning the thesis statement to demonstrate the connection between them.

Focusing on the formal essay convention

There are several essay conventions that you need to distinguish while writing the essay. For instance, when you write a formal essay, you must avoid the use of “I” or the first-person narrative to eliminate verbosity in your essay. Similarly, you simply cannot use SMS or any kind of slang or SMS language in a formal piece of writing. It has to be strictly professional and formal. So, make sure you take care of the pre-existing essay conventions to produce impeccable essays.

Maintain a close watch on the vocabulary you are using

The vocabulary that you use in your formal essay is the deciding factor for its success. You must restrict yourself to use only standardised English that is bereft of any digressions, colloquialism like weird, kinda, cool, etc, cliches like think outside the box, contractions like won’t, haven’t, can’t, etc and abbreviations like ASAP etc. Also, our essay writing help experts suggest students stay away from any kind of flowery or artificial terms that are not needed. In addition to this, there must also be a certain limit to the usage of technical jargon in the essays.

The use of transitions must be seamless

The use of transition words is to bind the essay into one single unit and establish coherence in the work. So, they might not seem to be forced. If the meaning of the sentences used before and after the transition words convey the same idea, then the use of transition over there is futile. Examples of the transitions that our essay help experts use are “in contrast” and “on the other hand” etc. In addition to these, make sure to free your essay from all the redundant phrases and terms such as “past histories”, “innovations” etc. Last but not the least, just like our essay writers, make it a habit to wind up your essay with a concrete conclusion that lingers upon the mind of the readers, and they are forced to think of the solutions to the problems that have been posted in the essay.

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