Writing a diverse essay is an important part of your college application. The essay shows you as a unique individual, and a strong essay increases your chances of getting selected for admission. This essay is not only a way for you to enter an institution but also highlights your unique background. The way you express yourself in the essay can make a huge difference in the long run for you to be in the institution. However, some students find it difficult to understand and write properly.

We will provide you with a diversity essay example so you can understand the nature of this essay accurately. It is important to develop a comprehensive understanding of what these essays are. If a student fails to do so, they might end up writing it wrongly or not writing it at all. This essay is an opportunity for you to introduce yourself in a way that makes you stand out. However, what are these essays, and what does diversity mean to you? What purpose do these essays serve for students and instructors? Let’s know more about it now.

Diversity Essay Effective tips for expressing ideas

What is a Diversity Essay?

A diversity essay is a writing assignment for the undergraduate and graduate to asses their understanding and experience of diversity. This depends on the purpose of the writing for the person who is writing - an undergraduate or a graduate student. For the university application process, an undergraduate writes these essays. On the other hand, for purposes such as graduate school, scholarships, or similar, a graduate student writes it.

What Does “Diversity” Means in Here?

The word diversity is interpreted differently and in an inappropriate way. This is in no way detrimental to your image or pave the way for discrimination. This is more like a cultural diversity essay where students shed light on who they are and what makes them unique. This provides a context to assess how an applicant’s background, along with their experiences, can contribute to the diversity of an institution. The word diversity includes different aspects of an individual, such as:

  • Race
  • Ethnicity
  • Religion
  • Gender
  • Disability
  • Sexual orientation
  • Nationality
  • Socioeconomic status
  • Background (immigrant or someone else)
  • Current residence (geographical location)
  • Familial background and/or circumstances
  • Extracurricular activities and skills related to the background

What Purpose Does These Essays Serve?

A diversity essay provides the reader with information on the applicant and their background. It allows the university to evaluate how well the applicant understands the concept of diversity. This essay also considers the factors that contribute to the diversity in their institution. It can be any personal information about the applicant, such as what kind of culture they are coming from or what life experiences they had that shaped their perspective on diversity.

To provide an overview on what this essay done for both university and students, let’s look at some of these basic purposes this essay serve, as per our experts in essay assignment help.


The first basic purpose of this cultural diversity essay is to provide students with an opportunity to demonstrate their skills. It allows students to represent themselves as an individual and highlight their experiences based on diversity and equity.


By writing this essay, students provide the opportunity to understand how their unique and specific backgrounds and experiences can contribute to the positive environment of the particulate university and the community within.


One of the most important aspects of the essay is to promote an inclusive environment. A diversity essay provides an opportunity for students to learn about the importance of respecting each other’s individual differences.


By having students write this essay, the administrators and hiring managers, along with any admission committee, assess the students. They focus on how well any applicant aligns with the values and goals of the institution within their community.


The essays provide students with a sense of self-awareness and encourage them to develop a deeper understanding. Students learn to identify their strengths and how well they can contribute to the diversity of the university.

How to Write a Diversity Essay Efficiently?

By providing students with a diversity essay example, we will now dive deeper into how to write an efficient essay. Writing this essay requires a sense of self, deeper perspectives, and even knowledge of your background. However, it also requires a certain sense of awareness about yourself, the kind of person you are and the life you have led. Writing this essay will also require you to conduct research and then reflect on your thoughts.

Here is a brief explanation of how to write one with effective writing, as explained by the essay writing company providing expert guidance on the writing process.

Reflect And Highlight Key Themes

Think about your personal experience that have an element of cultural, socioeconomic, racial, ethnic, and others related to your identity. Highlight key themes such as occupational differences, overcoming adversity, moments of growth and learning in the community.

Bring your Story to Life in Writing

This is the process that requires you to show your skills in diversity essay writing in order to create a compelling narrative. Take help from the experts for brainstorming but make sure you illustrate a personal experience that highlights your individuality and also engages the reader.

Focus on your Personal Experience

The narrative of your story should be about how you learned about yourself in that community. It is less about the kind of actions other people choose to do than what you did that made you contribute to the positive contribution to your community.

Express Yourself Clearly and Honestly

Do not try to frame a false picture about yourself with cliches or exaggerations. Be authentic and genuine in expressing your views, feelings and self-reflective thoughts.

Here is a diversity essay example -  “As a lesbian Jew from a lower socioeconomic background, my journey has been one of resilience and empowerment. Despite facing challenges, I’ve embraced my identity and advocated for LGBTQ+ rights and Jewish heritage. Since I was a teen, financial struggles have taught me empathy and resourcefulness. Now, I’m committed to paving the way for inclusivity and social justice. I’m excited about [University Name] ’s commitment to diversity and eager to contribute to its vibrant community.”

Let’s Reflect on Your Thoughts Together

Writing about your cultural identity and personal experiences can be an overwhelming task. But fret not! Our experts can help with essay writing and create a narrative that will engage the readers. The professionals in our team are experienced writers and academic experts who know how to assist students. With our assistance, you will have many other value-added benefits aiding in your academic success. Register now!

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