Traditionally, risk has been viewed as something that cannot be eliminated or avoided. But, a business cannot possibly sustain with the risks, if not managed properly. Every business pursues certain risks to achieve the projected growth and this drives its performance. Thus, in this situation, certain strategies are developed for risk management in an organisation. Over the years, several students have contacted our management assignment help experts to know unique ideas on how to apply risk management in business. In addition to the excellent academic assistance that we have provided to students, My Assignment Services has also helped them with a range of relevant and comprehensive reference assignment solutions that have enabled them to do their assignments easily. Do you know the steps in the risk management process? Before proceeding, let us know the 6 essential steps in an effective risk management process. 6 Risk management phases Now that you have got a basic idea about the risk management process, our management assignment writers will enlighten you about some unique ways to apply risk management in business.

5 Types Of Risks That An Organisation Can Face

Before managing the risk involved, it is important to be well-equipped with the different types of risks that organisations usually face. As per our experts, four types of risks are involved in the functioning of an organisation. To manage them efficiently, you can approach us. The 4 types of risks are as follows:

1. Strategic risk

While every organisation works on a business plan, with time, every plan gets old and needs to be updated. This is a strategic risk. This kind of risk is characterised by the strategies becoming less-effective. As a result, the organisation has to strive hard to attain the set goals.

2. Compliance risk

The second type of risk that the organisations come across is the compliance risk. Some certain rules and regulations are applied to every firm. As the organisation grows, the rules change and often they aren’t complied to. For instance, your organisation is working in the US and it is planning to expand and enter the UK. Therefore, there is a need to be aware of the new rules that were not applicable in the initial scenario.

3. Operational risk

As per our management assignment help experts, operational risks are those risks that stem within the organisation, unlike the aforementioned risks that stem from external sources. Operational risks are those unexpected failures in the everyday activities within the firm. For instance, a server outage or a sudden technical failure can fall into the category of operational risk.

4. Financial risk

Though there are certain financial factors that impact every risk incurred, this category involves only those transactions that are related to the money flow in the firm. Mostly, when a business organisation is involved in international trade and business, they come to terms with financial risk. A lot of assignments are rolled out to students on financial risk management which is why they seek our management assignment services to understand them better and write flawless assignment solutions.

5. Reputational risk

Reputation is the key to every business organisation. In situations wherein, the reputation of the business organisation is damaged, naturally, there will be an effect on the revenue as well. So, there is a definite need to prevent all kinds of Reputational risks and manage them efficiently for smoother functioning of the organisation. Now that we have a decent knowledge of the 5 types of risks, we can work together on managing these risks. So now, our management assignment help experts will be sharing a few risk management strategies that you can use to manage the risks that you face.

5 Effective Risk Management Strategies that have saved a lot of organisations!

The main reason why students rely upon our management assignment help services is that we are efficient enough in handling all the queries of students and give relevant answers to all of them within no time. We’ve been doing this for ten years. Having possessed several PhD degrees in business, management and finance from a plethora of reputed universities across the world, we know all the effective risk management strategies that help to eliminate risks and progress. So, here is a list of those strategies that are an answer to all the queries like “how to manage risk in a business”.

1. Understand the limitations

Mainly, the risk management process constitutes of certain steps like recognising, segregating and monitoring risks. However, there are loopholes in every stage. Therefore, it becomes important to know and understand these loopholes to remove them from the process. Once you are done with this, you can effectively manage all the risks that you come across.

2. Deploy lucrative award systems

As per our management assignment help experts, there is a lot of pressure that business managers go through every day, to achieve the fixed goals. This is where lucrative rewards work. Therefore, one of the most effective strategies to manage risks is to introduce bonuses, promotions, compensations, etc. This drives people in the desired direction and encourages them to carry out the risk management process efficiently. Once, the employees get motivated, they will perform well on a day-to-day basis.

3. Foster the appropriate culture

Often, it is found that most of the organisations are led by individuals who do not have great tolerance power. This is a risk for the organisation. In this situation, the best strategy to manage risk within a workplace would be to create the right culture. A culture wherein, learning is valued and self-preservation is the key. Establishing clear channels for communication can also come handy in managing risks in the organisation. In addition to this, we also suggest students lead by example in their assignments as this way, employees would know the expectations that they are supposed to fulfil.

4. Follow rules and delegate responsibilities

When an organisation is not functioning in an organised and systematic manner, it poses a great threat to sales and profits. Thus, our management assignment help experts advise students to establish a coherent structure for delegating responsibilities within the employees. This will enable them to decipher the instructions, charters and the protocols involved in the functioning of the organisation. Also, this would enable them to understand the corporate hierarchy that is followed within the workplace.

5. Establish a connection between internal audits and business

Carrying out internal audits within the organisation regularly is important for the risk management process to be carried out efficiently. This enables us to meet the objectives of the organisation easily. Thus, our management assignment help experts suggest students involve internal audits as a method of managing risks in a business. However, carrying regular audits is not an easy task. For this, the main requisite is to be aware of the type of risks that are involved in the organisation. After this, knowing financial stakeholders is also necessary. So, these are the 5 risk management strategies that have been very effective in managing risks in an organisation. Other than these, we have also guided students with their assignments and provided comprehensive reference assignment solutions to them. Are you unclear with any of the aspects of your management assignments? Then, you can straightaway seek our management assignment writing services.

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There is an abundance of management questions that students have brought to our experts and we have successfully catered to all of them. Just like we have let you know about the 5 unique ideas on how to apply risk management in business, we have the answers to all your queries. My Assignment Services offers a broad range of value-added services to students, one of which is the live one-on-one sessions with experts. In case, you get stuck with any of the questions while writing the assignments, you can simply talk to us and get them cleared instantly. Other than this, our management assignment help experts are available 24*7 at your disposal. Speak to them today and get your queries answered instantly!


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