One of the most crucial sectors in any assignment writing is IT assignment writing and project management assignment writing . And when these both combine as IT project management assignments, the task gets more difficult than students can imagine.

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One such assignment of Virtucon and Globex scenario is explained in this blog post.

Measurable Organisational Value

This lies in the first part of the assignment. Here, you will discuss what the aim of the project is.

As understood by the question file, the project is an online management portal for a company called Globex. The portal should allow the company to improve the management of the volunteers working with them. Then you need to identify the specifications of the system that will be developed. In this case, the system will be a portal that can collect the duties and tasks of all volunteers.

Virtucon/Globex scenario also highlights that Virtucon and Globex have been clients for too long. Therefore, Virtucon decided to do this project for free. Since they are not charging any fees, the project managers at Virtucon have to ensure the delivery of the most cost-effective method.

Identify Desired Areas of Impact in the Order of Priority

  1. Operational
  2. Social
  3. Strategy
  4. Customer
  5. Financial

Then you will move onto discussing what will the system implement in the case of Globex. IT assignment helpexperts say that this system will make way for a significant outcome in terms of delivering better services to the client.

This would ensure that customers are able to attain better outcomes when using Globex. This will add better customer service value to the company along with availing new growth and development opportunities internally.

Listing out the Metrics

If you want to write Virtucon/Globex scenario answers, you need to identify what will be the outcome of this project.

This outcome can be an analysis of the rise in efficiency in terms of the management process in Globex. Also, you need to see the impact this new change will have on the organisation. For example, after the new system, the manual labour applied for volunteer management will no longer be needed.

Using this data, take a dive into how this system is overcoming the faults in the process and how can the company save cost in a project costing and project management.

1. Timeline of the project

This is one of those sections in the assignment that students prefer to take project management assignment helpin.

Write when the initial stage will begin. Identify how long the project will run and when will the closure be signed. The most preferred way of showing the project timeline in any assignment is to draw it in a Gantt chart.

This also allows you to work with measurable organisational value and how the system will be running in the future.

2. What is the Scope of the Project?

Before you can begin to write what the scope of this project is, you should know what actually scope is.

Scope essentially identifies the elements that would be included as well as excluded from the project so that the project organisation becomes much clearer and at the root level, the functioning of the project becomes seamless. Ultimately it enhances the managerial and execution processes of the project.

Discuss what will be achieved by Virtucon through this project and what the implications of the new system will be. This also takes into account the purpose of the project.

3. Scope Management Plan

Well, this part is also something that will be even more clear when you take a personalised mentoring from assignment help experts.

The story in a nutshell here is that you should lay down each and every detail of this project.

The Virtucon/Globex scenario assignment answers are incomplete without the key objectives of the system. Some of them are -

  • To develop a centralized system for the management of employees and decrease the time duration required for it.
  • To develop the system so that it helps maintain the scheduling and listing tasks for Globex effectively.
  • To eliminate manual labor and make the system completely automated for volunteer management during RALS.

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