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February 13, 2019
Author : Syd Howell

EDU20001 Developing Literacy assessment answers investigate the role of literacy in early learning environments. To answer these assignments, you have to familiarise yourself with the children’s language development and how this corresponds to teaching and learning in literacy for young children. Sounds too typical, doesn’t it? I know, just like I know how typical the assignments of such a subject are. Therefore, I present to you EDU20001 Developing Literacy assessment answers.

What is the Aim of this Unit?

When you are writing an assignment, it is essential that you understand what the unit’s aim is. Using this knowledge, you are able to shape the assignment in the right direction, the one that the professor wants. Your EDU20001 Developing Literacy assessment answers should show an understanding of the ways in which children acquire skills, knowledge and attitudes. These parameters have to be related to a wide range of literacies, enabling students to develop appropriate skills and strategies to support children’s development of literacy.

Your EDU20001 Developing Literacy Assessment Answers

  1. Describe the difference between English and literacy in relation to teaching and learning.
  2. Evaluate reading and writing processes and their relationship to curriculum and policy.
  3. Develop and evaluate a range of learning experiences and resources to engage children in learning appropriate to their strengths, interests and needs.
  4. Review and compare literacy programs and resources designed to assess children’s communication skills, particularly oral language, reading, writing, grammar skills and phonemic awareness.
  5. Evaluate methods and tools that support children with a wide range of skills in literacy.
  6. Develop and evaluate a range of strategies using ICT (Information, Communication and Technology) to enhance literacy teaching.

Essay Writing Assignment Question

The question asks you to write an essay. Very well, an essay is what you shall write.

Learn how to write an essay.

What to Write in EDU20001 Developing Literacy Assessment Answers?

You begin by introducing the role of literacy in personal growth and drawing attention to what literary skills are. Taking a shift to the role of literacy in education’s primary phase, you will discuss what the role of teachers is in preparing and implementing strategies to develop reading and writing skills in the students. The focus of the EDU20001 Developing Literacy assessment answer will be to display reading and writing strategies for the teachers that will develop reading and writing skills among the students. Then comes the body of the essay where you will now discuss the strategies. The most common of the strategies are Reading and Writing. In the reading section, our EDU20001 Developing Literacy assessment answers focussed on two key strategies that were audio-assisted learning and word recognition method. For strategies for developing the writing skills in the students, the experts kept their focus on using mentor texts and color coding. After these strategies, the next focus-worthy section of the EDU20001 Developing Literacy assessment answer is the critical analysis of these proposed strategies. The critical analysis takes an exploration into whether the proposed measures are going to help in developing the reading and writing abilities of the students. For that, the advantages of the audio-assisted learning were identified. The steps like listening to audiobooks are expected to improve their vocabulary. EDU20001 Developing Literacy assessment answers also explore the improvement in fluency through word recognition. Similarly, the writing strategy is evaluated using the mentor texts and color coding. The advantages of using mentor texts to develop the cognitive ability of the students. The next section is an evaluation of the strengths of the strategies. The reading and writing strategies and their framework for the students’ development is measured. EDU20001 Developing Literacy assessment answers refer to a number of secondary sources for their strengths and evaluation. The final step in this essay is to support the evaluation from the use of examples from the Australian curriculum and other relevant curriculum and policy documents. Once done, end your EDU20001 Developing Literacy assessment answers with a conclusion that summarises the overall discussion.

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