If you are looking for various communication models and methods in nursing, then you are welcome to attend this class. Do you have an assignment where you have to identify the communication models in your practice, reflect upon that and then suggest some improving measures? Do you have to explore how a recognised model will help in improving your nursing practice? Well, hurry up then. The class is about to begin.

Class, Do you know What is Communication in Nursing?

Communication is a way in which humans make sense of the world. It is generally a two-way interactive process where two or more people are involved in verbal, non-verbal, face-to-face, or non-face-to-face methods. Communication in nursing is the way nurses communicate with patients in order to offer them a better healthcare service. Quality care is the one that is safe, effective, given on time, patient-centered, and efficient. It is quite obvious that you would not be able to achieve all these parameters until and unless you are communicating with the patient.

Professor, Why do Nurses need Communication? We can Mind our Own Business,Right?

Yes, we can be like that. There are a lot of people who are doing nothing more than getting their job done. But for kids, being a nurse is much more than getting the job done. We cannot afford to simply go in the patient’s ward every day, take a look at the readings, give medicines, and come out. As a nurse, we need to communicate effectively with people of various cultural, educational, and social backgrounds. Our communication has to be effective and caring. No, that does not mean you approach a patient and say, “Awww, what a terrible accident you had. I am so sad for you.” Your communication has to be professional as well.

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How many Theories of Communication are there, Professor?

In a simple identification, there are 2 fundamental communication theories in nursing that we should all be aware of. Are you ready for that?

Kid, Ever heard of Peplau’s Interpersonal Relations Theory? No?

This theory’s prime focus is on the relationship between a nurse and the patient and what effect it has on therapeutic care. The communication taking place in such a situation is complex. This is because we have to take care of factors like environment, attitude, practices, etc. There are 4 stages of the relationship here -


The treatment begins and the patient asks questions and receives explanations. The patient develops trust in the nurse to deliver him a safe and high-quality healthcare service.


The patient and nurse work together. They understand each other, have trust and accept each other’s role in the process of getting better.


The patient uses all the healthcare services and exploits the nurse-patient relationship to meet his treatment goals.


The needs of the patients are fulfilled because of effective communication. The patient is all better now and the relationship ends.

There is another Theory called the Dyadic Interpersonal Communication Model. Know that one?

This communication model in nursing works around the dynamic interactive process that occurs between two involved people. It is a simple one - there is a sender and a recipient. There are external elements as well which include perception, emotional elements, attitude, and physical components. This model focuses on the factors that can alter the message or the way the message is delivered. The sender of the message encodes the information. The decoder or the recipient must identify the message and process the information. The dyadic interpersonal communication model focuses on the need for clear communication and what factors affect communication.

Professor, I Want to Know How these Models Improve our Nursing Practices.

On the whole, our focus is to provide person-centered care to the patient. Now, for person-centered care, it is essential that we give them a feeling of individualism. That is possible when a nurse communicates with the patient. You have to make them feel that you are there to listen. Second thing. When a patient thinks that they are receiving your full attention and care, they will be more prone to share their treatment goals, and their needs and will share symptoms with you that is going to make your care delivery better.

Oh dear, Looks Like I am Running Late. I am Afraid We must End Here.

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