Attention all passengers. The flight SNPG903 assessment task 2 answersflying from scratch to a fully fledged solution is waiting for you. This is the final call for boarding. If you are a student enrolled in a course where you have to analyse the caring culture within your speciality area of practice and propose a potential project, hop right in.

All aboard? Ready to explore how to write the caring culture in a critical care nursing assignment answer?

Let us begin.

Step 1. Begin with an introduction

When you hunt a prey, you do not straight away take the shot, do you? You first observe the environment, build up the tension, see the pattern of the prey and plan your move. Then, when the right time comes, you pull the trigger. That is exactly what you need to do in your assignment’s introduction.

The introduction is the part where you discuss the nursing field. The need of the nursing practice. Then, give a brief of what you are going to discuss in your report. Then, you will discuss what is the importance of collecting and analysing patients stories so that you can improve your quality of healthcare delivery.

Step 2. Discuss speciality area and changes

Here, you will focus on the care unit you were involved in. I am taking the example of an intensive care unit. So, pardon me if the explanation is more inclined to that area.

You need to tell what you will do in this report. For example, I focussed on the development of a general intensive care department which became a full nursing development unit.

Remember, when you make any claim, you have to specify what studies are you going to use for the analysis and support. Tell who were the authors of these studies, their career designation at the time of study and what sources did they refer to collect their data and analysed them.

Step 3. Start writing about the special years

In my case, the year 1989 was a special year for critical care units because we started operation. I talked about the staff shortage issue and why the unit was not fully operational. I discussed the retention rate and recruitment status.

I reflected on my own observation of the staff. This included the specialist nurses, the other staff members and how the junior staff had to perform.

After explaining the entire situation, I talked about how the senior staff trained the junior ones, how professionalism was developed in the limited employees and how were the patients treated.

Step 4. The New Nursing Development Unit in 1995

Here, I was talking about patient centredness because that is the unit, right? I started with the changes and how the people who were retained through these 7 years realised the change. Those who had left and returned received a surprise to see that the things have changed. And my achievement was a focus on patient centred care. A leadership structure that was developed was discussed in this section.

The reasons for the improvement in the patient centred nursing was discussed here. I talked about various factors that were strengthened and how other factors led to developing the skills of the employees.

This part will be quite long. Due to the dearth of time, I had to miss out on a few things here. But do reach out to professional nursing assignment writersat My Assignment Services to learn more.

Step 5. The Difference in Individual Behaviour

The retention of old and acquisition of new staff was analysed. I even conducted a survey asking them if they will leave their current job or not. The reasons for not switching to a new job were identified so that we can work in the identified areas.

The secondary literature supports my findings. Like, I identified that the critical thinking ability of the nurses should be put to a test. The inquisitiveness of new members was not left unseen. The stakeholders always ensure the staff is motivated. This is achieved by constant remuneration and team building exercises.

Sorry, but I got to run. And if you want to know more, you can request a full solution.

I know that you are angry. I know it is not fair for me to not give you the entire solution and leave like this. But I am bound by time, pretty one. I have to go. But do not worry because we will see each other again.

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