A dissertation is not an enjoyable task. It is not a long piece of an essay that can be written on any topic that you might like. Before you hop on the train and start looking for the best MBA dissertation topics, youshould check if the topic meets the subject you are pursuing. The task of dissertation writing is a boring thing to do that is necessary for the degree. Here, I have laid out a few tips that will help you choose the bestMBA dissertation topics. Then I will tell you a few trending topics that you can choose from.

3 Things You Should Remember While Choosing MBA Dissertation Topics

Choosing a dissertation topic is not something that students love and would kill for. But when you know how can you choose the best of theMBA dissertation topics, you surely do not want to let go of the opportunity. The 3 things that you should know and be prepared for when you go on a hunt for the dissertation topics are -

It is okay to chooseMBA dissertation topicsthat are not new

I know you will face some really tough calls where you have to choose the topics. Youwill wonder, “this topic has been used up before and what can I do with that? Also, the professor has said that every topic must be unique that will blow the minds of the readers. My MBA dissertation topics need to be unique, I got to think more.” It is perfectly okay if you are choosing a dissertation topic that has been used before. There is no harm in that. The problem is when you do the exact research as the person whose topic you are referring to.MBA dissertation topicsthat are derived are acceptable; you need to be unique in your research and investigation.

Make sure that your dissertation topichas secondary data available

It happens a lot of times that students choose a dissertation topic they think is cool. Then comes the portion when they have toanalysethe secondary data for selected MBA dissertation topics and infer results. Then they roam back and forth of the professors to get their topic changed. To avoid this, always make sure that the topic you are choosing has sufficient secondary data available. This secondary data should not be left to be searched at a later stage. When you arefinalising your MBA dissertation topics, ascertain that you have secondary data with you.

Remember to use quantitative study wherever you can

Quantitative data is any data that has numbers associated with it. I know that you despise using numbers and want to stay with theoretical parts wherever you can. But there is a reason why I say that MBA dissertation topics of quantitative study are better. This is because when you are just about written text and data, the readers get bored. But when I say that this blog is being read by 100 students like you every hour out of which 50% students are international students, I can infer that my MBA dissertation topics are reaching approximate 50 students every hour. Now when I show some fancy calculation of Number of students reading per hour = 100 Number of universities in Australia = 43 Number of students in every university = 100/43 = 2.32 Target rate per hour = 500 students Target per university students = 11.63 Target achieved = (2.32 - 11.63)/11.63 = -80% Looks fancy and interesting, right? That is how your MBA dissertation topics should be chosen. Use quantitative data and keep the professor interested in your dissertation.

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The moment you have been waiting for has arrived. Here are your top 40 MBA dissertation topics

Human Resource Management Dissertation Topics

  1. An analysis of employee empowerment to enhance the job satisfaction with employees
  2. Doesflexible working hours improve employee retention and acts as an employee recruiting tool?
  3. How is theorganisationaffected when a team resigns simultaneously?
  4. An investigation of the effectiveness of HR policies on employee retention rate
  5. Role of effective human resource management in start-ups v/s establishedorganisations.
  6. Policies foremployee errors in manufacturing industries - a case study of Toyota
  7. Do rewards and incentives make employees more docile?
  8. The role of human resource managers during a merger or acquisition.
  9. What factors lead to the resignation of an employee?
  10. Is Uber Eatsexploiting the food delivery employees in Australia?

MBA Dissertation Topics in Operations Management

  1. Analysis of supply chain in B2C industries v/s B2B industries.
  2. How has the efficiency of supply chain and logistics improved with the use of robotics?
  3. Is inventory control still the backbone of an effective operations management?
  4. Whatwill be the effect of using Artificial Intelligence in inventory management?
  5. How real-time communication betweenmulti-sitemanufacturing improves the project management - an analysis of Lamborghini manufacturing.
  6. Is it better to produce new products or upgrade the existing ones?
  7. How has new product development changed after 3D printing techniques?
  8. The effect of dynamic pricing in Australian companies
  9. Risk management in the pharmaceutical companies in Australia
  10. How can logistics be improved for delivering fresh fruits and vegetables?

MBA Dissertation Topics for Business Management

  1. Influence of organisation culture on innovative initiatives from employees
  2. What is the role of environmental issues on business activities?
  3. An analysis of leadership and its impact on business growth in Google.
  4. HR policies and how they can soothe process of change management
  5. Should there be a minimum female percentage criterioninorganisationsto promote women empowerment?
  6. How effective is “customer is always right” policy inservice-basedindustries?
  7. What effect will a closed economy have on theorganisationsin Australia?
  8. How useful is a cultural diversity for business growth?
  9. How corporate espionage and embezzlement hurt a business’s reputation?
  10. Brand image and its role inrecruitments and employee retention.

MBA Dissertation Topics for Marketing

  1. Use of social media techniques v/s traditional marketing techniques
  2. What is the role of introducing community-specific products?
  3. Comparison of consumerbehaviourin Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth.
  4. What will happen if ethicallimitations are removed from marketing?
  5. The role of celebrities on influencing the customer’s decision-making.
  6. Studying the role of product packaging on the customer satisfaction rate in Australian retail sector.
  7. What is the effect of premium pricingstrategies - analysis of Apple Inc?
  8. Role of the internet in customer decision-making ability.
  9. How can we improve customer loyalty - a case study of Honda MotorCompany.
  10. What matters more, loyal customers or more customers for anorganisation?

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