50 Response Essay Topics Straight Outta Compton

50 Response Essay Topics Straight Outta Compton
January 22, 2019
Author : Celina

A response essay is the one in which you explain the response to the question that you read. In a way, it is a reaction video explained on paper. For the students, choosing response essay topics is not an easy thing. he response essay does not always come with a topic. There is a problem statement that is given and you have to form your topic on the problem. But what will help you when you are unable to choose the best one out of hundreds of response essay topics? You’ll find the answer after finishing reading this blog.

There are two types of response essays

The first one is where you have to summarise a text that was given to you, a video that was shown or any image. The second type is the one in which you have to give your response to the problem statement; what you think and why you think that. The response essay topics vary in accordance with the type of response essay you have to write.

How to write a response essay?

You can choose as many good topics that you want. But, unless you are aware of how to write a response essay, you cannot do anything worthwhile with the response essay topics thrown at you.

As the legend goes, begin with the introduction.

This is the part where you grab the attention of the reader. In your case, the professor. The aim of the essay is shared here. For example, you are writing a response essay on what you think about Rachel Dawes’ decision to choose Harvey Dent over Bruce Wayne. Response essay topics should also resonate with the key idea. Your introduction should clearly state what you are discussing. Not a word for word like this example, but the idea should be clear. The introduction clearly discusses the purpose of the essay and what you are trying to achieve by the time the reader is done.

Response essay topics are no good without a captivating body.

The first thing to do here is to summarise what you read or saw or experienced. Do this in the first one or two paragraphs. Here you are just summarising the text you read. Do not pass any judgement. Then you come to your response. Response essay topics are not meant to be blank claims. You might as well name it a rant. For example, “I did not like at all when Rachel Dawes dumped Bruce Wayne and chose to be with Harvey Dent. I feel angry at such a selfish girl.” is not a good response. Your response essay topics are not a rant, remember? “I felt angry when Rachel Dawes dumped Bruce Wayne because I thought it was a selfish move. While Bruce had donned the armour of Batman rising above personal commitments, he only expected similar dedication from Rachel.” This is a good response. Choose your response essay topics carefully and what you write. Try to mention your own experiences in response to the text you read. State your stand whether you agree with the idea or disagree and why.

Conclusion should be such that the GOT finale would seem little in front of that.

he conclusion is just the final piece of response essay topics. This is where you summarise your entire essay. Oh, and do not forget to connect the conclusion with the introduction. The introduction is what you aimed to answer in the essay. Give final touch here, say what all you achieved and what did you not. On the basis of chosen one out of response essay topics, the professor has framed an opinion of what will be achieved at the end. Thus, if you are not giving them what they are desiring, you are going to lose marks big time. Ready for the big bash? Here are your 50 best response essay topics!
  1. How do you feel with the increasing environmental problems.
  2. Can children become aggressive because of playing violent video games?
  3. Why the general population people disrespect the homeless people?
  4. Advantages and disadvantages of playing video games
  5. Name the latest book that you read, what character did you like and why
  6. Can horror movies cause psychological imbalance?
  7. Why was feminism introduced and how it has changed over the years?
  8. Is it right to differentiate people on the basis of their race?
  9. How would you propose to end terrorism?
  10. Is death penalty a justifiable punishment for rape?
  11. What effect is air pollution having on present generation.
  12. How is drug abuse growing among young adults?
  13. The role of working mothers on the development of child.
  14. Stay at home husband and their role in child growth.
  15. Should there be an age restriction to play PUBG?
  16. Illegal immigrants and their fight for the status of legitimate citizens.
  17. Poverty reducing measures and initiatives around the world.
  18. What effect will one month in a jungle have on the human brain?
  19. The positive and negative effects of cultural diversity
  20. How has the world economy changed after 2010?
  21. Why educated men and women commit crimes?
  22. Measures to stop bullying.
  23. Effect of smartphones on children and young adults
  24. Effect of global warming in Australia
  25. Response to the health issues faced by the people in Australia due to increasing pollution
  26. Is fashion same as style?
  27. Seeing the world economy, should immigration be declared an international crime?
  28. Is Fifty Shades of Grey (2015) an overrated movie?
  29. What do you feel about the Batman Trilogy by Christopher Nolan?
  30. To what extent can a theory be held true?
  31. Sexual abuse and its impact on a child
  32. “Money cannot buy happiness but it is better to cry in a Ferrari.” How true is this statement?
  33. Effect of employee satisfaction on employee retention
  34. Is there any such thing as victimless crime?
  35. What factors do you think makes a person commit crime?
  36. Is the speech “I Have A Dream” by Martin Luther King Jr overrated?
  37. Can self-driving cars be prove to be a boon for road safety?
  38. How important it is for people to work?
  39. Should the power of Review Board to ban films be limited?
  40. Challenges faced by a single parent in raising a child
  41. Why are rich and poor treated differently in the society.
  42. Is modern art waste of money, time, colours and canvas?
  43. Watch a movie based on true events and explain what you feel.
  44. Is it better to write in third person or first person?
  45. Should children be made to read against their interest?
  46. Should education be made free of charge for everyone?
  47. If everyone is employed, will it mean zero crime?
  48. Law making, should the decision rest with a single person?
  49. The problems and challenges faced by child stars later on in life.
  50. Is success of women a result of feminist ideas or their hard work?

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