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Once you are done with the backbreaking task of writing your dissertation. Now, it’s time to write up your dissertation abstract. If you’re here, it is possible that you’re not quite sure what you need to cover in this section or how to go about writing it. Fear not! We will explain it all in plain language, step by step, with clear examples.

Strategically, it is advisable to write your abstract for your dissertation at the very end, after you’ve completed your research. However, it's important to note that many universities and colleges ask for an abstract before you begin work on your dissertation. This is not to burden you but to measure your learning and understanding of the topic. In such cases, you must form an abstract dissertation based on your preliminary research and planned research approach. However, in this web blog, we will discuss all the precise details of the abstract. So, continue reading with us to get detailed information.

What is a Dissertation Abstract?

The abstract is an imperative part of your dissertation. Presented at the start of the dissertation, it is likely the first substantive description of your research paperwork read by an external examiner. It should be an opportunity to set appropriate expectations. The dissertation abstract is a summary of the entire dissertation. It presents your dissertation's primary components in a highly condensed form. An abstract often functions as a stand-alone text, together with the dissertation title. Absent the full dissertation text, the abstract appears in a bibliographic database announcing your research presentation will never retrieve the full text or attend the presentation.

What does a Dissertation Abstract Include

How Long Should an Abstract Be?

The word length of dissertation abstracts international might vary from university to university and from program to program. Ideally, the word count should be between 300 and 500 words. Before submitting your dissertation, make sure to recheck the word count requirements set by your university. An abstract is included on a separate page in a dissertation. It should come after the title page and the acknowledgements before the table of contents.

Why Abstract Is So Important When Writing A Dissertation?

The primary key to preparing a flawless dissertation is to properly acknowledge all of the efforts you have put into your research work to complete your abstract. A student will always remember to include proper keywords and subject headings for the dissertation work with the aid of an abstract. The reader can discern from a well-written dissertation abstract using the right data. Writing an abstract for a research dissertation provides imperative details about a topic or problem that interests the reader. They are a quick way to assess whether a piece of research is valuable and pertinent to the assignment.

Readers can pick whether it is worth reading the whole dissertation report by skimming the abstract, which concisely summarises the objective, findings and methods of a particular study. As a result, reading the abstract comes before reading the entire document. By reading an abstract, you can avoid wasting time that would otherwise be spent reading everything.

What Are The Types Of Dissertation Abstracts?

There are two types of abstracts. Let’s check them out one by one:

1. Descriptive Abstract

These abstracts are typically found in psychology dissertations and humanities and social sciences publications to provide top-notch thesis help to the readers. They are brief and contain imperative information such as background information, a precise aim, an introduction paragraph, and all the material.

2. Informative Abstracts

These abstracts are generally used for dissertations in science and engineering. Therefore, you must compile a summary of all the reports about the information you mentioned in your dissertation. The most useful abstracts include important components such as background information, primary purposes, methodology, findings, and conclusions.

When To Write An Abstract?

  1. A dissertation abstract is essential when submitting a dissertation, research paper, or other coursework to an academic journal.
  2. Typically written at the end of research, it should not read as an extension of the research or disjointed but rather as a complete standalone piece.
  3. The abstract plays a vital role in academic communication. It should be prepared to grab the reader's interest, provide a compelling overview, and encourage them to read the full paper. Universities may request an abstract before approving a dissertation topic to ensure the student has a clear research plan.

How To Structure Your Dissertation Abstract?

Here are some dissertation abstract example to structure your abstract in a proper way:

  1. As the abstract would be around 300-500 words in length, it is better to divide it into 2-3 paragraphs.
  2. Three paragraphs might not be recommended as the abstract is very short.
  3. The primary aim of the research should be mentioned in the first paragraph or the introduction paragraph of the abstract.
  4. When preparing the abstract, avoid directly stating the goal. Instead, provide background information about your area of research in two to three lines.
  5. You could begin your dissertation abstract by stating the problem statement.
  6. The background details of the existing literature provide the reader with information about the location of your dissertation.
  7. According to your arguments, the background information or short literature review will follow the problem statement and vice versa.
  8. The problem statement specifies the gap in the existing literature
  9. Following the problem argument, you should propose what research question you aim to answer.
  10. The last paragraph mentions the study's results, outcomes/conclusion. In this part, you could make suggestions for future studies.

Tips For Writing An Abstract

Here are a few impressive tips you must know before working on your abstract dissertation.

1. Finish Your Paper

Because the abstract serves as a summary of your research paper, the initial step is to finish your dissertation before beginning to write the abstract. Although you may already know what must be included in the dissertation, completing the paper first is advisable. This way, you'll have a clearer and more confident understanding of your ideas, enabling you to write a more concise summary in the abstract. Utilising the dissertation's abstract will provide the necessary information for your dissertation abstract, further boosting your confidence in your research.

2. Review All The Needs

Since every dissertation can have a varying number of word count, the students need to understand the right needs for the abstract. The length of your dissertation will determine how long the abstract should be. Also, you must understand the proper word order and spaces between words to prevent discrepancies in your answers.

3. Consider Your Audience And Readers

Abstracts are supposed to let the audience know whether they want to continue reading your abstract dissertation. It is imperative to consider this while you write them.

4. Explain The Problem

Your research seeks to recognise and address this exact problem. To mention them correctly, you must understand your abstract's major arguments, claims, and key areas of study. Whether it is a general problem or a particular one, it must be noted in the abstract so the reader can understand it before reading the rest of the dissertation.

5. Give A Perfect Conclusion

Finally, at the end of your dissertation abstract, you have to address all the key findings and results of your dissertation.

Let’s Conclude!

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