The clinical situation is surrounded by faults and flaws. These lead to incidents that can hamper the healthcare delivery. Therefore, the nursing students are taught about various methods through which they can analyse an event. And to develop this skill in them, they are given assignments.

I know how tedious these assignments can be.

It is one thing to apply the London Protocolin a real-life case and another thing to apply it in an assignment question.

Hence, in this blog post, I am going to tell you exactly how you can write your assignments using the London Protocol.

The London Protocol- What Is It?

Some golden years ago, a group of people suggested a method to investigate an incident in the clinical setting. That was called ‘Protocol for the Investigation and Analysis of Clinical Incidents’.

But some people suggested edits. So, after a few edits and modification, the revised edition was called ‘The London Protocol’. The objective of this protocol is to put in place a comprehensive, detailed and thoughtful investigation and evaluation of an incident which goes farther than the traditional way of identification of fault and blame.

Role of reflection in The London Protocol

In a world full of blame and “I did not do that.” we need to start focussing on maybe I did that. That is why The London Protocolfocusses on the results obtained from the reflection more than the issues arising from the casual meeting’s brainstorming and a quick assessment by a group of “experts”.

How The London Protocolassists reflective assessment?

  1. It happens sometimes that we straight up declare an event as an effect of a particular action. We can also judge that so and so was the immediate cause of the accident. But, when we dig deep through analysis, it is found that there were a series of unfortunate events that led to the outcome.
  2. The London Protocol helps in a structured and systematic approach. Such an approach aids in ascertaining a comprehensive examination and promotes the formal reports when required.
  3. If a regular approach for an investigation is followed every time, the clinical staff who are interviewed will find the process less frightening than the conventional approaches.
  4. The London Protocol uses methods that promote a wider spectrum of openness. It allows people to rise above finger pointing and the routine procedure of allegations and assigning blame.

Your assignment’s approach

It seems I drifted far off from where we started off. Anyway, let us come back to the track. Here is what you have been waiting for. The moment is upon us.

What you need to do.

You have to identify a patient’s narrative that is related to the quality and safety of healthcare. This narrative can either be from your own experience, something that you remember or may be extracted from published literature.

Once identified, you have to give a summary of the story and describe the situation. You have to analyse the care that was given to the person by analysing the case using a framework, like The London Protocol. Here, you will use the components of clinical governance and discuss how these components can be used to deliver better care to the patients.

Learn the components of clinical governance here!

How to answer the question.

You have to begin with the patient’s narrative where you tell when did the said event happen and how did it unfold.

Then, you will mention the approach you are going to follow while analysing the case in hand. For example, I wrote the assignment by choosing The London Protocol.

After this, you have to explain the incident. Right from the moment to when the patient was admitted in the XYZ ward of the ABC Hospital to the part where a measure was taken to address an issue and it fired back, explain it all.

In the next section, you need to explain what would the ideal approach be for such a situation. Here you need to apply all the bookish knowledge and textbook worms. Here, you will take the support of the secondary literature.

Once the ideal approach is discussed, shift your area of focus to the learning outcomes that you will achieve at the end of it all. Here, you need to relate how does the ideal approach for case analysis helps in assessing the situation better for you as a nurse.

In the end, you need to connect it all with the components of the clinical governance that discusses each and every component.

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