What actually is a satirical essay?

Well, the easiest definition will be that satirical essays are a take factual information in a humorous way. The most common type of satirical essays are the ones that are written for political candidates during the election season. The aim is to find interesting information and presenting it in a fun way.

You can think of an example. Well, the section of ‘This Week in Unnecessary Censorship’ in Jimmy Kimmel Live!, an American talk show is a satirical part. Watch it, you will get it. He presents the factual information and adds a touch of humour and satire in it.

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Can I get personal while writing a satirical essay?

See, when you write a satirical essay, your objective is to give your reader some fun. You have to provide them with content that is fun, humorous and satirical when read. But all this has to be done around the facts. You cannot change the facts. No, sir.

When you say is personal, I will say personal, I refer to hitting the right nerve. That is what is needed. You need to spin the subject as you want it to and give your perspective on the issue. Do not dwell on laughter only because after all it is an essay, you have to prove a point.

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How can I choose my satirical topics?

The first step of running is to walk. The first step to write a satirical essay that is going to be an international hit and will be read in the next General Assembly at the United Nations is to choose great satirical topics.

A topic that you are interested in will be more fun when you are writing. If you are passionate Batman and I ask you to write about Einstein Rosen Bridge, you are going to find opportunities to beat me up after school. The best subjects to write about are the ones which your audience can relate to. If you are a Sheldon Cooper in a class of Pennys, then you might want to keep your intelligence to yourself.

The most common topics are the ones that are related to the current happening. For example, you can target Warren Mundine stepping down from his role as the chairman of a firm who is a federal Liberal candidate.

Make sure that your topic has irony in them. For example, Jack Daniels Liver Hospital would be an irony. I mean, on one end you are selling the product which is damaging the liver of the population and then you are inaugurating the hospital to cure them as well.

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Is it necessary to make a point in the essay?

See, kid, the essays have one and only one purpose - to make a point to the readers. No matter how you have to write or what format you are following, you need to make a point. The humour has to be distributed and scattered across the essay. Do not concentrate it on one place.

Before you start writing the essay, think about these basic questions -

What do you I think about the topic? Is it stupid and absurd or a really out-of-the-box imagination?

How do I feel about the subject I am addressing? Do I hate talking about it or love it?

Is there any irony in the topic I have chosen?

Is the topic funny or really idiotic?

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50 satirical essay topics!

  1. Why students spend more time with virtual friends than with real life friends?
  2. Why getting an education is the most important thing in the world?
  3. Here is why I denied my mom’s Facebook friend request.
  4. School is a waste of time in the 21st Really?
  5. How being at maths made me a genius in other subjects as well.
  6. Kids, parents, pets and rants.
  7. Why I hate my parents, yet, love them?
  8. Freedom of speech - a hologram in the air?
  9. Why I get excited when election season comes.
  10. Why do aliens always attack New York city?
  11. I think that every country should build walls on their borders and here is the reason.
  12. 13 reasons why Britain made a good decision with Brexit
  13. Proof that The Great Wall of China was built by aliens.
  14. Why Obamacare is the best healthcare plan in the whole world?
  15. Terrorists can be broken through comic books
  16. Communism and capitalism are direct opposites of each other.
  17. What will happen when Captain America becomes the next president of the United States of America?
  18. Are gun laws really effective in Australia?
  19. Animals should always have fundamental rights like humans.
  20. The worst fight I have ever seen in a soccer match
  21. How will steroids help the athletes if they are legalised?
  22. Women are better than men in every field. Here is why.
  23. Teen moms - a rising trend in the USA.
  24. Why becoming a homeless person for a few days is a fun idea
  25. I followed a complete stranger’s advice and here is why.
  26. 10 reasons why I am an annoying person and I love it
  27. If you ever go on a bad date, here is how you can bail out
  28. Things to do to ensure the guy will never ask you out again
  29. Why breaking up through texts is a better idea
  30. How to convince your girlfriend that she is wrong?
  31. Is global warming a serious issue or a joke?
  32. Making the environment greener without recycling anything.
  33. Why will it be fun to live on a planet completely alone?
  34. Since the burial grounds are being filled, should we stop dying?
  35. How to criticize your boss and get away with it?
  36. Google is saving your life since you are a kid. Here is how.
  37. Why will robots be better workers than human labour?
  38. I am convinced that robots will take over the world. And here is the proof.
  39. The forgotten one - the curse of being the middle child
  40. Why being a stay at home mom is the best job in the world?
  41. The customer is never right.
  42. Do bears really like honey or is it just that Pooh became a trend?
  43. Why does not the real slim shady stand up?
  44. How can you eat as much as you want and not put on weight?
  45. Just another witch in Salem, a story.
  46. Why Bob Marley is my role model
  47. How to make them know that you know that they know?
  48. Is it better to be famous for stupid things or being hidden like a commoner?
  49. The easy way to win an argument when you are backed into a corner.
  50. Russia can become America’s best friend.

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