Why Should You Consider Studying Nursing In Australia?

May 12, 2022
Author : Celina

Are you an empath that aims at helping people and being the change in people’s lives? Well, you should definitely consider pursuing nursing. It is one of many Nobel professions that help you with the same and make a lucrative career along with. If you plan on pursuing nursing in the world’s best universities, then Australia is the destination for you.

You can pursue a short term diploma to a long term graduate course in Australia. If you are not yet sure about nursing but plan to test the waters, then you can enrol in a short term course and later upgrade it to a graduate degree with a specialisation. Yes, the Australian education system offers such leeway to all students.

Did you know that the work week in Australia is 38 hours long? Nurses and Midwives work for 33 hours. Most nurses work for an average of 33-38 hours which does not include the overtime opportunities.

Australia has world-class universities that offer the best theoretical and applied learning with hands-on practising at a few of the world's best healthcare facilities. It is one of the highest paying jobs in Australia, with an earning of as much as 1500 AUD a week. Empath or not, you'd definitely want to be involved in a profession that feels rewarding at the end of the day.

Tag along as we answer, why nursing? And how beneficial it is to study nursing in Australia for international students?

8 reason to pick nursing career

But, Why Nursing?

Nursing is a field that entails many perks and benefits, a good income is definitely of them, but there are various other reasons why you should consider taking up a nursing career, like:

  • Nurses might even be in more demand than doctors. Hospitals are always understaffed, and the pandemic has increased that requirement by manifolds.
  • Throughout your nursing career, you will learn various skill sets that will further broaden the horizons for your future career development opportunities.
  • Travel nursing has been in the vogue recently; you can pursue your passion and travel the world simultaneously. Despite the short-term work opportunities, you will get paid bountifully.
  • Regardless of your reason for pursuing a career in nursing - salary or travel opportunities - you will have a sense of accomplishment and be a part of the greater good in the world.
  • The nursing course may be expensive depending on the institute you choose, but the upside is there are several options, and you can even opt for an online nursing course that'd cost you way less than in-person classroom learning.

An average enrolled nurse makes more than $61,000 a year, i.e. $31 per hour. Meanwhile, experienced nurses make up to $78,500 each year in Australia. - Talent.com

The thing about pursuing a nursing degree is that you’ll never feel that you aren’t learning effectively. As a matter of fact, you will have to develop skills more than just your curriculum. One thing nursing entails is that you’ll become a skilled professional at the end of your course. Skills which are also more useful on a regular day than just at work. So, why should you study nursing in Australia?

Nursing students are required to prepare case studies of the various cases they observe and read about. Case studies cost a higher grade as they are to be submitted in a proper format with all the procedures, medications, cure and final observation. Get nursing assignment help at affordable prices; just fill out the form.

Why Enrol In A Nursing Program In Australia?

Ranked among the top five countries for offering good quality education with 70.5/100 on the quality index. Australia has one of the world's best education systems; you will never have to fret about the quality of education you gain here. But, there are various other reasons to pursue nursing in Australia like:

Education System

Australia is the world's third most preferred destination for pursuing nursing after the US and Canada. But, it might just be the most affordable - 22000 courses to choose from among 1100 universities offering a range of budgets. You can pursue a short term course to a long term graduate degree; such varied options are only available in Australia.

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Australian Living Standards

Australia has been constantly ranked #1 by World Population Review as the world's best county to live in, and it still ranks at #8 in 2022. A culturally diverse population, low crime rates and efficient resources are the key factors that make it suitable for international students.

Advance Healthcare System

Ranking as the world's 11th wealthiest country, Australia offers the best healthcare facilities for its citizens. Ranked #3 as the most advanced healthcare system globally, Australia offers great learning and employment opportunities for international students.

Did you know that there are over 450,000 midwives and nurses in Australia? That makes it the largest healthcare sector.

In-Demand Career

According to the forecasts of APNA (Australian Primary Health Care Nurses Association), the current nationwide demand for nurses is over 85,000, which will increase to 123,000 or more by 2030. So you mustn't worry about employment as nursing is in very high demand.


The Australian government heavily promotes their education system and spends 200 million AUD each year on scholarships for international students to study nursing in Australia. Not only can you get an affordable course but also earn a scholarship.

Career Diversity

Due to the advanced medicare system, Australia has various facilities for the citizens that range according to age, personalised patient care and even R&D scope. You will get a career diversity like no other country in the world.

Australia offers a wide range of opportunities for pursuing a nursing course as well as abundant career opportunities. Each penny you spend on your tuition will be worth the skill you learn throughout your course that further entails a well paid, fulfilling career.

top universities for bachelors in australia

What Is The Scope Of Nursing In Australia?

Australia is a developed country with a profound education system. The demand for nursing in Australia is huge. The country offers the best nursing training and skills. Courses that support employment in various areas of work. You will have a secure career in the nursing field in Australia.

Another reason you should consider studying nursing in Australia is to get employment in various health care areas like hospitals, schools, aged care, community healthcare, neonatal care, etc. Nursing students in Australia are provided flexible shifts to help them practice and finish their degrees simultaneously.

Australian Medicare is paid by the government via the taxes or Medicare levy paid by the citizens. High-income taxpayers pay a surcharge of 1-1.5% on their Medicare Levy - Services Australia

Australia is also known to have good living standards, education opportunities, and work rights. Nursing has great scope in Australia to build a good career and a, thus, a better life. Once you gain education and experience from the top universities and health care facilities in the world, you can become a registered nurse in no time. So, it is of great benefit to studying nursing in Australia for international students.

Nursing is a field that requires theoretical and practical knowledge, and you may learn all the practical skills through practising as a nurse. Still, the theoretical skill demands various assignments be finished and delivered. You may face issues when working on your assignments due to a lack of adequate resources and material; fill out the enrollment form to get nursing assignment help and contact our experts today.

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