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Before you read about The Purple House, you must first understand the prevalence and risks involving the Western Desert Kidney Health Project. Class 2 diabetes and kidney disease-associated risks are long-prevailing among the non-Aboriginal and Aboriginal communities in the remote areas of Western Australia.

The WDKHP reports showed a higher risk for T2DM, and renal illness than the ABS (Australian Bureau of Statistics) forecasts for all non-Aboriginal and Aboriginal age groups, out of which Aboriginal women are at the highest risk. Such statistics are not from the last decade but are from the reports published by ABS in June 2020.

According to the reports published by ABS, In 2017-18, over 230,800 Australians, i.e. 1.0% of the population, had kidney conditions. The prevalence of chronic kidney illness has stayed fairly stable since 2011-12.

The Purple House (est. 2003) has been continuously working towards the relief and cure of people in the remote areas of the Australian Western Desert. The aboriginal communities have twice the risk of T2DM and were forced to migrate to foreign lands while seeking treatment for final stage renal failure.

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what does the purple house do

What is the Purple House Story?

If you wonder how this initiative came to be? CEO Sarah Brown AM currently governs the Purple House organisation, but it was originally established by the people from the Pintupi community residing in the Western Australian desert. The one you read now is just another retelling of the one available on the website (Our Story, Purple House).

At the beginning of the new century and a decade, Papunya Tula painters from the Kiwirrkurra and Walungurru communities developed four magnificent pieces of paintings that were displayed in the New South Wales art Gallery. They raised over 1 million AUD, which helped them establish the Purple House.

“Making all our families well.” - The Purple House’s Mission.

The aim was and still is to make all community families well. Originally known as the Western Desert, Nganampa Walytja Palyantjaku Tjutaku Aboriginal Corporation has now become the Purple House that runs from its headquarters located in Alice Springs. The Purple House initiative in healing all the community's families and providing a culturally safe space for all.

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the purple house core values

What Strategies Did the Purple House Use to Empower Communities and Individuals?

As the saying goes, complex problems require complex solutions, and hence, the Purple House’s initiatives did not just limit to monetary aid or stagnant solutions. Rather, they are taking several measures to make people well; literally, and here’s how they are doing it:


A person whose kidneys fail will be on haemodialysis for an indefinite period, three times a week. The Purple House has set up eighteen dialysis centres at remote locations. It enables the people residing in these sites to get help and even return to their native land.

Purple Truck

The purple truck is an on the wheel dialysis machine, reaching out to people in the final stage of renal failure who are too old or ill to move around. When people can’t come to get help, Purple House has made help available to them on the doorstep. You may also explore this section in-depth through the attached purple house case study solution.

Social Support

People often have to move away to towns like Alice Springs to get dialysis, which can mentally be draining. Many are from the most untouched areas, so such experiences are scary for them. The volunteers or Malpa (helper/friend) at these centres offer moral support to the ill and care for them like a family during the treatment.

The Purple House completed 20 years after its establishment in 2020. They also started new initiatives in their new location, especially for aged care.

GP Clinic and Primary Health Care

The treatment at Purple house is not limited to Dialysis; there are also general physicians, physiotherapists, and podiatrists to treat the patient’s condition before it gets serious or anything intense that needs long term treatment.

Return to Country

The Purple House initiative helps people from the remote areas of Australia or the cross-border residents get back to their families. They are assisted with short-term visits to their families during the treatment process.


Since many of the individuals in the Purple House treatment facilities are from remote areas where they didn’t get an education, they are also provided education at the treatment facilities.

Bush Balms

The products are made from natural ingredients/plants to help cure many. It also provides employment opportunities as bush balm was curated with the knowledge possessed by the native aboriginal people.

Patient Preceptors

The Purple House has also created a team of people who suffer from renal failure or T2DM to help develop the best facilities and cures for other patients. Their expert advice has helped develop and improve the care facilities by manifolds.

A second Purple truck is on the streets this year, and more locations for the Purple House have opened in the past few years. The future for the Purple House looks bright, and the resolution of the initiatives is still as strong as ever. Let's shine a light on the future scope of the Purple House in the next section. You'll explore each initiative in-depth for your purple house case study.

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What Does the Future Hold For the Purple House?

The Purple House strategic plan for 2019-2020 (Purple House Strategic Plan, Feb 2019) consisted of a three-stage plan for helping the communities and healing families. The three main areas of development are :

The Purple House coordinates with CARV (Central Australia Renal Voice) (est. November 2013) to connect patients to effective dialysis treatment, social support and accommodation for better healthcare.

  • Ngurra means On Country, Helping people return to their native land or country.
  • Good life for Kurunpa Wanka and the patients to have a healthy and culturally safe life with their families and communities.
  • Tjukarurru Wangkantjaku, Doing everything in the right way helps the patients, their families and the stakeholders.

This three-stage strategic plan includes many added initiatives like aged care, palliative care, social support, advocacy, sharing knowledge, food governance, and indigenous employment. The Purple House has many more geographies and more care areas to conquer. Their initiative has advanced healthcare for the aboriginal communities by decades which is a successful collaborative effort by the aboriginal communities and the government. You may refer to the attached purple house case study solution in this blog.

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