LAWS1008 Contract Law is an intensive course that the University of South Australia (UNISA) offers to all the budding lawyers who have their niche in contract law. The assignments which are rolled out to students studying this course are an amalgamation of relevant legal procedures and terminologies that are crucial in contract legal cases. So, if you have come across aLAWS1008 Analyse a case assessment in your curriculum, then you can just sit back and relax while our law assignment help experts are on it. In this blog, we will discuss on such assignments in detail. My Assignment Services is a trustworthy firm that won’t let any of your queries without being answered.Let us see how to analyse a contract law case quickly and easily.

What is Contract Law?

Contract law is that section of legal procedures that deal with enforcing a legal agreement between two or more parties who are bound by separate legal obligations. These are the sections which are the major ones in this law:

  1. Formation
  2. Privity of contract
  3. Construction
  4. Vitiating factors
  5. Discharge of obligations
  6. Remedies

Other than making you a perfect law practitioner in the field of contract law, this course fulfills other aims as well. When you studycontracts Aand its associated coursecontracts B, you get an opportunity to gain immense knowledge on contracts law so that you can resolve all the related issues and cases. In addition to this, after the successful completion ofLAWS1008, it would be an easy task for you to provide a basis to go ahead with all the similar courses wherein you would need to try your hand on applying a variety of principles dealing with contract law. Before we move ahead with the discussion about the assignments, it is imperative for you to be well-equipped with all the concepts and topics that you would be needing later for the assignments. So, let us talk more about them.

Important Topics For LAWS1008 Case Analysis Assignments

Analysing a case is a complex process that depends on several legal concepts. Ourlaw assignment writersare experienced individuals who have handled more than 20,000 assignments, which is they know all those concepts. Talking about this particularLAWS1008 case analysis assessment, the following are the concepts that you should know before you proceed with analysing cases that are based on contract law.

  1. Formation of contracts
  2. Estoppel
  3. Agreement
  4. Consideration
  5. Intention
  6. Enforcement of contracts
  7. Formalities
  8. Privity
  9. Implied terms
  10. Express terms
  11. Oral statements
  12. Incorporation of terms

Assessment modes under LAWS1008

Have a look at the mode of assignments that you will need to face when you get enrolled in this subject. Two types of assessments would come your way.


The first assignment that contributes 40% to the overall marks is thecase analysis assignment. In 2000-words, you are required to analyse a given case and include proper referencing that has to be by the Australian Guide to Legal Citation, Melbourne University Law Review (4th Ed,2018). We will be talking more about this assessment in the blog later.


At the end of each trimester, you would be required to undertake an examination which carries 60% marks in this subject. While you can go on preparing for the examination, our law assignment helpexperts can guide you with the assignment task.

A Quick Approach ToLAWS1008 Contract Law Analyse a Case Assignment

Several sections need to be included in this assignment. Our professional panel of experts would now brief you about each of them.

  • Major issues

The most imperative step for analysing contract law case studies is to set the major issues that you would be elaborating on in the assignment. This is how ourlaw assignment helpexperts innumerate the issues as per the case. major issues in LAWS1008 case In this context, the exchange of emails is something that binds both parties. For this reason, we identify all the required elements for analysing the case. After this, we move ahead talking about the material facts and legal principles that assist us in writing the assignment further.

  • Material facts

The trickiest part which acts as a hurdle for students in the LAWS1008 case study analysis assignment is to highlight all the material facts and evidence. The reason being, the authenticity and credibility of the evidence used to analyse the case. material facts in LAWS1008 case This is how our law assignment writers cautiously pick up the evidence from the case. The chosen evidence is in such a way that you will be able to understand the case scenario from them easily. Only when you have accurate material facts and evidence with you, you will be able to formulate the legal issue and provide solutions for solving them.

  • Remedies

Based on the chosen evidence, the next step is to give appropriate resolutions for the problems raised by the facts in the contract law case. After analysing theLAWS1008 contract law case, ourlaw assignment helpexperts suggest the following remedies that the respondents want for themselves: remedies for a contract law case These are the possible solutions that help us take the analysis forward.

  • Discharge of obligations

As discussed earlier, the exchange of emails is a crucial point that binds the two parties in a contract law case study. So, the next step is to talk about the emails that have been exchanged by the associated individuals in the given case like this: discharge of obligations In chronological order, ourlaw assignment helpexperts highlight all the important dates when mails have been sent by both parties. This way, we discharge the obligations while analysing this particular case.

  • The decision of the case and the legal principles used

With the help of facts and evidence raised in the law case study analysis assignment, the judges come to a certain decision. Using relevant legal principles, we justify the decision. For instance, the legal principle that we used here is “decisive issue to resolve the raised concern of the parties was ‘intention of the parties’ which can be determined by the language that is used by the parties in the light of the surrounding circumstances”.

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