Neurophysiology is a course that has gained popularity in the recent few decades. Thousands of students are studying this subject to be well-versed with the emerging understanding that neurophysiology highlights.

For all the aspiring nurses who have a knack of trying their hands in neurophysiology, the University of Sydney offers the perfect course for you.Graduate Certificate in Medicine (Clinical Neurophysiology)is a great option that you can go for.

And if you have already enrolled yourselves in this subject, then probably you are on a lookout for the reference answers of your assessment, aren’t you?

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Let us know the subject and the type of assignment under this a little better in this blog.

What IsClinical NeurophysiologyAll About?

Clinical neurophysiology is a broad umbrella that entails a lot of areas in it. A student has completed studying this course knows how to provide safe healthcare services to their patients who have been diagnosed with neurological dysfunction, critical illness and systematic diseases.

With the help of intraoperative monitoring of the nervous system, students are taught to save the nervous system of patients during the risk procedures.

As the nervous system is what regulated behaviour and mental health in a person, it acts as a pivotal force driving the health of an individual. This is why a lot of students have brought several assignments on this topic to ournursing assignment helpexperts so that they can get guidance and solutions.

Points To Keep In Mind While Drafting Your Nursing Critical Review Assignment

Primarily, the form of assignment that is rolled out to students mostly under this subject is a nursing critical review. Before we proceed to give you the quickest and easiest way of writing a critical review in nursing, we would like you to have a look at some of the points that ournursing assignment writerskeep in mind while writing one for students.

These are:

  1. First of all, you need to be clear with the approach, which includes the criteria that you would choose, deciding the length of content to be included etc.
  2. Preparing notes is one of the vital steps. If you can prepare accurate notes, you will have clear questions to be answered, the aim of the author, the method that you have to use, accurate evidence to back up the argument, key findings and its significance.
  3. In the end, ournursing assignment helpexperts evaluate whether their critical review is beneficial for other practitioners and researchers or not. In this process, we also consider the merits and demerits of the same.

Easiest Approach to a Nursing Critical Review Assignment

Now that we have a base set for the assignment, let us proceed with the nursing critical review.

With the help of a referencereport on behaviour changethat has been recently drafted by our experts, it will be more clear to you.

Behaviour Change TReport

In this report, students are required to choose a behaviour that they can notice in the population they live in. Following this, an evidence-based approach has to be followed for writing a critical review on behaviour change.

For writing this report, ournursing assignment helpexperts consider the following things:

  1. The rationale that helps us focus on the change of behaviour in a specific population.
  2. Drafting the nursing critical review which is based on several theoretical perspectives to back up the behaviour change in the population.
  3. Potential barriers at different levels and different ways of overcoming them. These levels can include neurophysiological, interpersonal as well as the individual levels etc.
  4. Justification of the theoretical approach as well as on the main areas of intervention.

How Our Nursing Assignment Help Experts Write The Report On Behaviour Change?

After letting you know the most vital aspects of a nursing critical review, now we are good to go. Let us talk about each of the sections that ournursing assignment writersinclude in this report.

1. Introduction

In the first section, our experts draw the attention of the readers towards mental health, in context to the neurophysiological approach. There is a correlation between mental health and behavioral change that is established in the introduction section itself.

In this part, ournursing assignment helpexperts introduce a lot of theories such as the psychodynamic theory etc. In addition to this, all the intervention that we propose to make for curing the problem (Depression in this case) in the entire critical review is mentioned right here (cognitive-based therapy).

2. Rationale

Rationale comes right after the introduction section, wherein the problem (Depression) is discussed in detail. Credible and authentic statistics and figures from WHO are referred to back up the instances where depression has impacted patients in the population.

With the help of thecognitive model of mental illness, our experts understand the problems that the patients are suffering from. This way, a connection is drawn between the thoughts and behaviour of the patients.

Also, the three levels of cognition are highlighted which include core beliefs, negative thoughts and dysfunctional assumptions. With these, the link between the rationale and Behavioural change in the population becomes clearer.

3. Critical review

This is considered to be the most important section in the review. With the help of certain theories, ournursing assignment helpexperts give a clear picture of the reasons for Behavioural change in the population.

For this assignment, we used thecontemporary theory of emotionsand thetheory of classical conditioning. If you are unaware or unclear about these, then you can seek guidance from us. AtMy Assignment Services, we host a panel of professional nursing experts who are thorough with all the requisite nursing theories and models that help us to support our viewpoints in the critical review.

4. Barriers

Talking about the barriers is a crucial step for such assignments. In the last section, ournursing assignment helpexperts consider several levels to elaborate upon those factors that come as barriers in the process.

At the individual level, stressors and comorbidities and motivation serve as barriers. Talking about the interpersonal level, lack of support and childhood trauma could be the barriers. At the neurophysiological level, perceived absence of problem is what ournursing assignment writersconsider barrier. At the organisational level, staffing serves as the barrier.

5. Conclusion

In this last section, we give closure to our nursing critical review assignment. A lot of Behavioural aspects have been highlighted in the critical review. These include depression, suicide and aggression. In addition to this, our experts also bind the entire assignment with cognitive mental therapy.

This is just a brief of the entirenursing critical review assignment. If you wish to get the complete reference assignment file for the same, then you can simply turn to us for help. We would be happy assisting you with comprehensive assignment solutions for the same.

Confused About How to Begin Writing the Report On Behaviour Change?

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