After striving hard through the entire high school life, now that you have finally reached your dream university, essay writing is something that you would need to be good at. Most of the time, students are asked to stick to the five-paragraph essay format for their essay assessments. Are you aware of it? “Can you write my essay for me?”, a lot of students have turned to My Assignment Services with this query. We have helped them understand every aspect associated with this essay format. In this blog, we will clarify it further with an ultimate guide to the 5-paragraph essay format.

What Is The Five-Paragraph Essay Format?

It is a prose composition that consists of an introductory paragraph, 3-body paragraphs and a conclusion in the end. This is the format that almost every university worldwide adheres to. The real purpose of rolling out these essays to students is to make them ready to present their thoughts and views logically, together with suitable and credible evidence to support them. “Can you write my essay using proper grammar”? Yes, Of course, we can. Grammar is an integral part of all the assignments, especially an essay assessment. There are several points to consider while drafting an essay if you wish to present your thoughts legibly. Some of the aspects include:

  1. Commas and semicolons
  2. Dashes and hyphens
  3. Abbreviations
  4. No use of split infinitives
  5. Use of active voice
  6. Parallel construction

Here are 3 essay writing tips on grammar, punctuation and style that have been combined by our essay writers for you. Go through these and then draft your essays. We’re sure that it won’t be a problem for you to stick to the five-paragraph essay format when you have gained command over this grammatical nitty-gritty. 3 essay writing tips Now that we’ve talked about the most 3 grammatical aspects in an essay, we can finally proceed to discuss the format for writing an essay. This is the answer to the question that students bring to us most of the time. Let us now give you a comprehensive guide to the 5-paragraphs essay format.

Unravelling the Mystery of the Five-Paragraphs Essay Format!

Since the inception of essays, the answer to how to write a 5 paragraph essay fast has always been a mystery. But with My Assignment Services, none of your queries would remain unanswered. So now, our essay writing help experts are going to solve the mystery of the five-paragraph essay format. As discussed, there are three components crucial for this format. These include an introduction, the body paragraphs and the conclusion. Therefore, our essay help experts will now throw some light on each of these sections and assist you in understanding them so that it becomes easier for you to draft an essay in the five-paragraph essay paragraph format. Let’s begin.

Step 1: What’s a good essay introduction?

There are so many different ways to write an essay introduction. But how to define a perfect essay introduction? If the introduction that you write accomplishes certain goals, then you can call your introduction a good essay introduction. The goals include:

  1. To attract the attention of the reader
  2. Give a brief explanation about the topic of the essay
  3. Make claims in the thesis statement

So, if these goals are achieved with the essay introduction, then half of the battle is already won. We all know that an essay introduction is a foundation for an impeccable essay. This is the reason it is also known as the hook that is used as a bait for the readers. With this, you can easily attract the readers towards your essay. Hence, it is always a good idea to use a captivating hook in the introduction to pique the interest of the readers so that they read the entire essay. Our essay writers use descriptive words, some interesting facts, an anecdote or an intriguing question as the hook. After the hook statement comes to the explanation of that statement. It acts as a bridge between the hook statement and the thesis statement (the last statement in the introduction).

Step 2: Work upon the three body paragraphs

Ending the introductory paragraph with the thesis statement leads to the body paragraphs. The thesis statement must be such that it is easily able to assert and convey a certain claim. The three distinct arguments will now serve as the central themes for the three body paragraphs. Coming to the body paragraphs, there are three body paragraphs in this essay format that are based on three different ideas that support the main argument in the essay. Our essay help experts write each of these paragraphs by stating the supporting idea followed by the topic sentence. And both of these sentences are backed up with suitable evidence. In addition to this, our essay writing help experts also make use of several examples that validate the thesis statement followed by transition words to take the readers to the conclusion. So, remember the pattern for the body paragraphs is: “statement, supporting ideas and the transition statement”.

Step 3: Constructing a robust conclusion for the essay

After drafting the introduction and the three body paragraphs, we finally conclude. Here, you have to summarize all the highlights of your essay and re-iterate the thesis statement. Make sure that you do not introduce any new idea here that has not been discussed in the essay. As per our essay help experts, the first sentence in the conclusion must be devoted to restating the supporting ideas that have been used in the body paragraphs. This is because indirectly the thesis statement would get re-iterated then. After this, the main highlights of the essay must be discussed to propose solutions for the problems that have been discussed in the essay. At last, you can simply pose a question or use an anecdote to leave the readers pondering over some new solutions for the problems in the essay. So, this is it for this blog. We hope this comprehensive guide to the five-paragraph essay format will help you in crafting the best essays and triumph out with flying colours. In case you are not clear about any of these, then you can always bring all your doubts to our essay help experts via the live one-on-one sessions.

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The main reason which makes students sceptical about essay writing services is their soaring prices. This is why a lot of students who have turned to us are apprehensive about the cost. Realising this, My Assignment Services has initiated huge lucrative offers and discounts for students in all types of essays. Bring in all your essay-related doubts to our essay help experts and get praiseworthy reference essays from us at pocket-friendly prices!


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