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What are the most powerful sections of an essay? Most certainly, they are the essay introduction and conclusion. While the introduction attracts the attention of the readers in the beginning, the conclusion leaves them to ponder over the solutions to the problems that have been discussed in the essay. Only when a reader is attached to the beginning, he/she will spend some time reading the entire essay, isn’t it? This is why My Assignment Services offers custom essay writing help to students to guide them through each of the sections of an essay. This way we make it possible for them to craft praiseworthy essays easily. In this blog, we will talk about ways to make your essay attractive with special attention to the introductory paragraph and the conclusion. But, that doesn’t mean we’re undermining the importance of body paragraphs in an essay! Let’s give you a brief knowledge about how body paragraphs in an essay should look like. How should an essay body paragraph look like_ As you might be aware of the five-paragraph essay format, writing three body paragraphs is a must. And if you were confused about what all to write in the paragraphs, then we hope this infographic has cleared all your doubts regarding this. Are you not aware of this essay format yet? Go through our blog to know more about how to structure an essay in the five-paragraph format. After giving you a brief knowledge about the body paragraphs, it is time to move ahead and talk about how to make your writing more interesting.

An eye-catching introduction and a powerful conclusion: The essence of an interesting essay!

A flawless essay is just like a strong building that is made up of several bricks. So, let us get on with this construction procedure and know the steps to writing better essays. As discussed, the two most imperative elements in this construction process are the introduction and the conclusion. Essay writing is always incomplete without these quintessential parts. Why? This is because an introduction acts like a teaser for the readers and gives them the relevance of the entire essay. Similarly, having a robust conclusion serves as deal sealers that have an everlasting impact on the readers. Now that both of these elements have such huge responsibilities, our essay help experts make sure to make them as powerful as possible. An attractive introduction and an assertive conclusion can make the entire essay for you, so let’s dive right in and see how to write a standard essay, focusing on them.

How To Write Impactful Essay Introductions?

Writing a captivating introduction is not a cup of tea for every student. It is not done in a snap and requires you to squeeze creative juices and combine it with fruitful research. The main purpose of an introduction is to grab the attention of the readers and make them want to read the whole essay. Also, by reading the introduction, readers get a rundown of the main ideas in the essay. So, here are 4 ways to write an engaging essay introduction:

Use startling information

As per our essay writers, incorporating fascinating information is the best way to bind the readers with the essay. Writing an essay is a brain-stimulating task and when you are devoting so many efforts in it, you would want your readers to see the hard work, won’t you? To do this, you can use startling facts that reveal some information. This would not only make the readers curious but will also glue them up till the last to find the answers. However, it has to be kept in mind that the information you use is credible and authentic.

Use a variety of essay hooks

There are seven essay hooks which are used by our experts when providing custom essay writing help to students. These are: The interesting question hook

  • Quotation hook
  • Declaration hook
  • Description hook
  • Statistic hook
  • Story hook
  • Metaphor or simile hook

You can use any of these hooks to present a better essay introduction, as and when the essay demands. Over the years, our essay help experts have catered to a variety of essays, in multiple subjects. So, according to the topic and subject, we choose different hooks and make the introduction interesting. Once the reader wants to read the introductory paragraph, the job is almost done!

An anecdote is a good option

An ‘anecdote’ is an articulate and interesting story about a person that reveals a real-life incident. It gives a personal touch to the essay and engages the reader easily. Interestingly, we all keep using anecdotes in our lives, even without knowing. Using short and captivating anecdotes can do wonders for the essay introduction. So, try using one in your essay and see how you’ll be able to engage your readers.

Have you ever thought of using dialogues?

Though unconventional, using one or two dialogues in the introduction enforces relevance with the readers. However, the dialogues used must be such that it can convey the point easily. If you use dialogues unnecessarily, then it would become more of like a script-writing, rather than an essay writing. The point to be kept in mind is that you must not use more than two-three dialogue exchanges in the introduction. Now that we are done with the essay introduction, let us quickly talk about the essay conclusion.

How To Write a Solid Essay Conclusion?

However impactful your essay is, if it doesn’t have a robust closing statement then it won’t be enough to fetch you with a desirable result. Not only does it provide a solid closure to the readers, but also acts as a tool to reach the solutions for the problems that have been discussed in the essay. You must remember that the purpose of the conclusion is not to sum up the main highlights of the essay, but to wrap up the work with a personal touch. The length of the conclusion is usually three to four sentences. However, every word that you write must have a meaning and powerful enough to convey the essence of the essay. Here are two ways to write strong essay conclusions.

Do not introduce any new idea

The purpose of the conclusion is to reiterate the ideas that have already been talked about in the essay. A lot of times, students forget this and bring in new ideas in the conclusion. As a result, the readers get directed to a new area that the essay isn’t conveying. On the contrary, our essay writing help experts focus on sticking to the main thesis statement here which helps readers to stay focused on the points discussed in the essay. Therefore, make sure to just summarise the main points in the conclusion and give a brief closure to the readers. This will leave them pondering over the solutions to the problems that have been highlighted in the essay.

Add an element of rhetoric

By rhetoric, we mean the ability to convince or persuade the readers about a certain claim. In the entire essay, a conclusion is the most rhetorical section. Adding an element of rhetoric here with proper emotions will give a personal perspective to the essay and provide something to think to the readers.

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Through this comprehensive guide on how to write better essay introductions and conclusions, we have ultimately provided you with some ideas on how to write an interesting essay. My Assignment Services has solutions to all your essay-related queries. What you need to do is simply call, text, or email us and we’ll resolve them. To place an order today or to avail custom essay writing help from us, simply fill the form available on our website!


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