BSBINN108 Lead Innovative Thinkingis an important unit for management students. Studying this unit prepares students to gain the required skills for generating, leading and thus, sustaining in the stringent innovative organisational boundaries.

The assessments that students are given help them in becoming competent individuals who are efficient enough in leading innovation in flexible industries and communities. Every organisation has different practices that depend on multiple factors like complexity, size and core business operations and studying this unit assists them in understanding all of these parameters.

AtMy Assignment Services, ourBSBINN801management assignment helpexperts have successfully guided several students on this unit and helped them write better assignments. In this blog, let us throw some light on the most imperative aspects of these assignments so that you know what all to include in these assessments.

BSBINN801 Lead Innovative Thinking Assignment Solution

There are two assessments that you will come across when you get yourself enrolled inBSBINN801. Now, our management assignment writers will discuss each of those assignments in detail and explain to you all the concepts that will be used in them.

Let us get started.

Assessment 1: Short Answers

The first assignment that comes under this unit is an amalgamation of ten short questions which are based on different management concepts. These are some of the concepts which play a crucial role in almost all management assignments.

Therefore, if you are unclear about any of these concepts, then you can simply turn to ourmanagement helpexperts for guidance.

So, step-by-step let us see the questions and how our experts answer them.

contemporary VS traditional theories of innovation

In question one, students are required to trace the gap between traditional and modern theories underlining innovation. Here, the concept of technology has been introduced.

innovation drivers

For the second question, ourBSBINN108 management assignment helpexperts elaborate upon theory andthinking on innovationand relate it with the practical world to establish a connection between the two.

leadership style

While answering the third question in lead innovative thinking assignment, we talked more aboutTransformational leadershipanddemocratic leadership styles. Using these, we explained how these impact innovation in different organisations.

relevance of organisational and industry contact

Here in this question, the significance of organisational and industry contact and the effects it has on innovation is highlighted by our experts.

factors influencing innovation

The fifth question talks about thefactors influencing organisational innovation. Here, ourmanagement assignment helpexperts highlight both internal as well as external factors like leadership and resource management.

risk management in innovation

In this question, we first recognise the model after which we create a simulation for risks. Thereon, we analyse the limitations and get ready for the unknowns. In the end, we work upon those limitations that might hinder the positive effects of innovation.

innovation drivers

For this question, ourmanagement helpexperts mention individuals and organisational culture as the innovation drivers and provide relevant examples to illustrate the same.

innovation enablers

As per our experts, two innovation enablers in an organisation are vision and resources. Using appropriate instances from the work culture scenario, we answer this question.

innovative practice

To answer this question, ourmanagement assignment writersincorporate the practice of brainstorming as well as establishing a connection through networking.

barriers to innovation

In this last answer, ourmanagement assignment helpexperts talk about two challenges and barriers that come in the way of innovation within the different workplace. Lack of funding and idea ownership are explained here by our experts.

Now, let us proceed to the next assessment.

Assessment 2: Case Study

The second assessment has more weightage as compared to the previous one. This is because there are several sub-parts of this task that are centered upon different topics and concepts.

This task mainly focuses on testing students ona customer relationship management system(CRM). For thisBSBINN108N Assessment 2, a study is given as shown below.

innovation case study

Based on this given case study, students are required to select an appropriate CRM system with which they will be able to track their leads and convert them into revenue. For this, you need to perform and complete the following tasks:

1. Perform a role play

In this, your assessor would be playing the role of a CRM specialist. You have to focus on certain roles and responsibilities such as recognising the requirement of your company, research and interact with the specialist to get an idea of the lead generation. Also, you need to understand the significance of a CRM system in the present context, so that you can bring improvements in it.

For evaluating the current CRM in your company, you can use these parameters.

  • Ease of use
  • Capability
  • Cost
  • Supplies
  • Improvement
  • Maintenance and repairs
  • Support
  • System elements
  • Integrity
  • Outputs
  • Value-adding

2. Cost plan

After evaluating the present CRM system in your company, you need to determine several other things like the cost and quantity of types of equipment required in the project. Here, ourBSBINN108 management helpexperts consider bringing in creative thinking techniques to enhance innovation. Also, we talk about innovation drivers and enablers for specific companies.

3. Risk assessment

The next step is to identify and control those elements that pose a threat to the company. For this, our experts make use of a variety of contingency strategies too. Based on them, a risk management plan is drafted.

4. Quality management plan

Now, it is time to design a quality management plan that will help the readers know how you will be measuring the CRM of the company.

5. Communication reporting plan

In this plan, ourmanagement assignment writersidentify the stakeholders and consider various techniques for communicating the resistance that takes place within the organisation. In addition to this, the cost and benefits involved in the process are also talked about.

These steps bring an end to the report that has to be written for the given case study. However, this is not a complete solution. If you wish us to guide you on the same, then you can simply submit all the requirements to us.

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