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SITHKOP002 Plan and Cost Basic Menus Assignment Guide
March 27, 2019
Author : Benny Carter

The students pursuing a professional course in culinary arts need to have the knowledge to create menus for dishes for any type of cuisine. You need to develop the ability to identify the preferences of any customer, to be able to plan a menu and identify the cost of each item for the menu. Get assignment guidance from My Assignment Services.

How to write the assignment?

In unit SITHKOP002, there are various assessments that you need to complete. I will try to define as many sections as I can and guide you.

1. Restaurant location

The assignment does not ask you to mention the street address of the restaurant. No, the location of the restaurant means the locality that the restaurant is in.

For example, the restaurant location should define if it is situated in the rich neighbourhood of Sydney or the place where most of the office goers come for lunch.

What is the point of this?

This will allow you to define what type of customers you are going to serve and what are their preferences. For example, if the restaurant is based in a rich area, the customers you will be serving will be fancier and will expect you to present them with dishes of fancy name.

2. Customer profile of the business

Do not deal with all your cards in the first section because you have a specified place and area to do. Here, in this section, you need to lay out everything that you can about the potential customers that you will serve. After you have mentioned the location where the restaurant is or will be, you need to define what customers you are serving.

For example,

The restaurant will be situated in the Rialto Towers in the Collins St neighbourhood of Melbourne.

Since Rialto Towers is a place in the central business district of Melbourne, the restaurant will be catering to the executive and business class people of Melbourne who are in the elite section of the society.”

Do you get what I am saying?

3. Food preferences of the customers

For this, you need to think outside the box. The ideal way will be to go out and conduct a ground survey for all the people who are coming out after a meal. Or maybe you can ask the waiter for the kind of food that people order and how much their lifestyle affect the type of food they order.

The point is that you need to identify what kind of food does your customer likes. If you are building a restaurant where you are serving an elite business class, you are not going to sell hot dogs.

4. Source of information

Here, you need to tell the reader where did you get the information. No, do not write or When you are writing the assignment, you always take the information you need. You either collect all the data that you need yourself. Or you can choose to rely on the data as shared by some other person.

For example, to prepare the menu, you can collect the data directly from the customers of a restaurant or from the servers or from the company website.

What to do on the menu?

In the menu, you need to prepare 6 entrées, 6 main courses and 5 desserts.

Entrées are served to the customer before they proceed for the main course. In some parts of the world, it is also called as an appetizer. But entrées sounds more sophisticated and cool.

I don’t think I need to tell you what main course and desserts are, do I? Good.

All these items have to prepare in a menu card which will have the costing, the name, correct formatting, etc.

The tough part? Filling out the culinary balance sheet

Creating the culinary balance sheet is probably the toughest part of this assessment and the primary reason why the students prefer taking the help of assignment experts rather than doing it themselves. I am sure you can also feel it.

If you think that you can do it on your own, well, good luck. If you think you cannot, you just have accepted the reality.

This part is more than just creating prices for 1 entrée, 1 main course and 1 dessert. It is more than using different methods of cookery, ingredients, cooking temperature, etc.

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