Your Pocket Guide To à La Carte Menu
March 27, 2019
Author : Celina

The students pursuing their culinary courses have to develop themselves so as to identify the food preferences of the customers. This information is of no use unless you are preparing a menu for them which has à la carte menu, a buffet menu, a degustation menu or any other. My Assignment Services brings to you all the answers you need.

Since we are discussing a pocket guide, we will begin with what is à la carte.

It is a French word which literally means “by the card”. What does this mean? It means the specific items in a meal that are not part of the combo or anything. À la carte is any item which has an individual price instead of being part of a meal à la carte

For example, a Happy Meal combo at any McDonald’s outlet has several things in it. When the same items are bought separately and individually, they are on the à la carte menu.

À la carte is also when you order a dish that is presented exactly as it is on the menu. That means you will choose the main dish from the à la carte menu and then will order sides.

How the menu should look?

Sample à la carte menu

All the à la carte dishes in a menu should generally have a price to the corresponding item. Each item is individually priced and is not dependent on any other item.

The customers can choose as many items as they like from the menu and the bill charged will be on the basis of the individual prices of the items.

What are other dining arrangements?

There are generally two types of meals. The first one is where you have to pay for the individual items and generate a bill. Yes, this is à la carte.

The other one is the buffet, an eat all you can type buffet if I am being specific. This second type of meal is called a prix-fixe. Yes, that’s French again. In this meal type, the customers are offered a pre-set table comprising of various courses. These courses can be appetizers, main course, dessert or any other that you want. These courses are offered for a previously decided set price.

In this meal type, the customers can choose from the pre-set items of each course. Generally, when you are preparing this type of menu, you need to offer the customers three-, four-, or five-course meals.

Generally, you set the price of an all you can eat buffet on per person being admitted to eating. Once the patron pays the restaurant, he or she can visit the buffet at that time for as many times as they want and eat as much as they want.

Things to keep in mind while creating the à la carte menu.

  1. When you are making an à la carte menu, you should ensure that the menu is appealing. The first thing that the customer sees in your restaurant or diner is the menu. Hence, a menu is part of the cuisine as well. Overall, you want the customer to have a pleasant experience which may be tampered with a poor menu design.

  2. While creating the à la carte menus, see that you are giving effective titles to the dishes. The menu headings let the customers browse through the items that you are selling and allows them to pinpoint to the item they want. For example, rather than simply giving the names of the dishes, classify them under headings like “Fresh From The Farm”, “Chef’s Special”, “Our Patented Dishes”, etc.

  3. Creating a menu where you are using boxes to highlight specific items is an effective strategy to lure in customers. When you are writing the à la carte menu, try to mention one dish after every 8-9 dishes in a box. This will make the customers put their sights first on the menu and then on the other items.

  4. The customers might not feel exceptionally good if you are not offering them the dishes in a logical manner. What do I mean by this? Imagine you go to a restaurant and the menu has the sections in this order - Desserts, Beverages, Main Course, Appetizers. How would you feel? Exactly. Offer the menu items in a logical manner as the customer would want to eat it.

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