Almost every form of writing requires editing, proofreading and especially rewriting. Have you ever started writing a prompt or a poem, and after filling up the page, you don't find it going the way you imagined it would? What would you do? Of course, you will start again or maybe give up on it altogether.

University essays aren't something you can decide not to write; your scores for the class depending on your submission. You will eventually have to come back to it. The purpose of the assignment deadline isn't just to scare you; in fact, it's there to provide some time before the final submission. So you can complete your rough draft and rewrite it for the final draft.

One writes only to rewrite it later; the mind
comprehends the material completely only
through revising and rewriting. Quote by
Ted Solotaroff

Rewriting an essay without plagiarism yet again requires editing and proofreading. You might wonder if rewriting an essay is considered plagiarism? What are the steps to rewrite? Read forth to know the answers to these questions.

why consider rewriting your paper

Why Is Rewriting an Essay Important?

Essays are often the most demanding, the easiest task yet. You have to research, draft, write, edit, proofread, and more. But, the language for the essay is very simple, and you can write and rewrite one easily with the resource material. Your professor may give you enough time before the final submission so that you can edit and rewrite your essay.

Here’s why you should consider rewriting your essay:

  • Professors need you to rewrite your essay when they find it unauthentic or not abiding by the university marking rubric.
  • Not many face this, but you often way more than the word limit. Rewriting will help you discard the unnecessary details or the less important pieces of evidence from your paper.
  • You can improve the content flow and even the quality of your writing.
  • Rewriting helps you not just edit but add necessary information you missed in the previous draft.
  • When you rewrite an essay without plagiarising, you get rid of any supposed referencing mistakes and edit your content to eliminate any piracy in your content.
  • You may find difficulty approaching the theme; writing whatever pops up in your mind and later rewriting it helps provide clarity for the same.
  • University essays are somewhere at the top of the hierarchy for essays, and they can't be written in a generic format. You have to enhance your writing and complete all the piece's parts. You may rewrite to ensure the quality of your writing and complete the various requirements simultaneously or alternatively.
  • Especially argumentative essays are something that you will have to write, rewrite and rewrite again. The approach to the theme for such essays is the most important, and your professor may tell you to rewrite it multiple times, so see it coming when it happens.

Rewriting is not something that equates to you being a bad writer. As Dan Moore, the chief editor of the (world-renowned bestseller romance novel) P.S. I Love You, says,

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“Rewriting is art just as important as writing.”

Finishing the first draft is challenging. But in order to create an essay or a scholarly paper that's economically and efficiently structured — and it has to be informative, provides evidence, the writing style is convincing and complete — all such are just the basic requirements. The first step is getting your ideas and words out there on paper, but organising them requires rewriting.

University essays are no less than any scholarly papers that you may come across when researching for your essay. A well-written essay has to be economically structured, well-written and informative; researching is where it gets challenging. You may enrol to get essay writing help from professional academic writers. When you fill out the form, you get free access to our digital library, where you can get free samples, guidebooks, notes and more.

how to rewrite a thesis statement

How to Rewrite An Essay Without Plagiarism?

Rewriting is required in case of plagiarism or if the piece doesn't fulfil the university guidelines. You may feel the need to get through the essay assignment at once, but it does, and it will require more than one draft for you to reach the final submission. Students often wonder if they've already written the content and now rewriting won't be plagiarising?

“By the time a university essay reaches us,
it has become highly saturated. I hope we
can get more original university essays that
hold the voice of a 17-year-old student.” Such
was the statement of Christoph Guttentag,
the Dean of Duke University.

Your essay must be informative and effective,
but it must consist of an original piece of your
mind and a personal idea of the theme rather than
an expert you are referencing in your essay.

Here's the catch, the information and supportive evidence you added in your essay can also be considered plagiarism if not for the bibliography section. So, in the same manner, your professor knows (or you have to let them know) that you are rewriting an essay you submitted. They will expect you to fulfil the lack areas in the previous drafts but not anything drastically different. You may do it like this:

  1. Thoroughly read the original draft.
  2. Note the sections you’d like to keep
  3. Put aside the original paper and start writing a new one
  4. After completion, compare the two and mark your improvements
  5. Finish adding or removing any other details.

One of the main reasons for rewriting is adding or removing ideas and not restructuring. Unless necessary, you must keep the content structure the same and edit just the writing style and some parts of the essay. For rewriting, you must know which sections to rewrite.

Don't just go on writing a new essay.

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How Do You Rewrite a Thesis Statement?

Rewriting an essay or just the thesis statement is the most common form of rewriting that students have to do. A thesis statement is like a plan for a task that students are often required to submit. Your professor just wants to know your approach to the theme, and a thesis statement delivers it in a sentence or two. But you will have to edit it repeatedly before you can even start writing your essay.

The need for rewriting the thesis statement is mostly because your thesis statement might be unreasonably lengthy. Make your thesis statement shorter and not more than a few sentences long. Add synonyms, Restructure the sentences and add other closely related ideas to keep the main essence of the statement.

Did you know that Dr Seuss would sit in a secret
closet containing hundreds of hats and try each of
them until he got ideas to start writing again?

Writing is a task that requires multiple redos and even starting from the very beginning, but you may not need to restructure completely. Even professional writers edit and rewrite their content. Why do you think even the best-selling authors have an editor they work with? Yes, rewriting an essay without plagiarism is mere children’s task when compared to that.

That doesn't mean your essay isn't important. Your writing might have the potential to become a critically acclaimed paper or maybe just get you the best score in your grade. But, you must practice achieving the same. Hence, write, rewrite, edit, read, and, if needed, repeat.

Writing is a task that many know how to do but mastering it requires improving your lack areas. Practising your writing may be fruitful, but an impending deadline says otherwise. Get essay writing help from professional writers and score H.D. Fill out the enrollment form to get help for composing high-quality original papers.

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